Ducati 748916955996 Fitting Guide by guy22


									               Ducati MH 900 E Header & Collector set Fitting Guide

Before attempting to fit your new Staintune Header and Collector set please read the
fitting instructions carefully.

Header & Collector set supplied with:

2 x Header Lead Pipes                   1 x Loop Collector for under
1 x Connecting tube from collector to   3 x 46, 2 x 50, 1 x 43 Clamps

Tools required to change system

Spring Puller pliers                           4mm & 8mm Allen key
10mm & 12mm open end ring spanners             Heat proof silicone
Staintune mirror finish polish

  1. Remove the standard header system
  2. Clean the muffler ends and smear high temp silicone around the joint and slip the
     muffler connecting tube onto the mufflers first ~ leaving clamps loose
  3. Fit rear header pipe and under bike loop collector loosely again using high temp
  4. Loosley fit front header ensuring all joints have full engagement and clearance at
     frame and engine
  5. Begin to tighten the flanges at the cylinder heads first, then all clamps and joints
  6. Check clearance on swing arm of rear brake line and brake light wire and rotate if
     required on mounting clamp
  7. Wipe off any hand marks as these will leave stains once the system is hot
  8. Ensure the bike is secure and you are in a ventilated area
  9. Start bile ! DO not stand behind mufflers as pieces of high temp and speed metal
     particles may shoot out as items formed during the manufacturing process
  10.Ride safe and enjoy!!

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