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					  Thank you for choosing                                                                                                 Please keep handy for
  EastLink Internet Services.                                                                                                       future reference.

  For Self Activation:
  There are a few simple steps you are required to complete in order to activate your Internet service. If at any time
  during the process you require assistance, please contact EastLink Technical Support at 1-888-345-1111 option 4 for
  NS, NB, PEI, or 1-866-737-7662 option 3 for Newfoundland/Labrador.

  Email Address and Password Reference Screen:

                                                                                       Account Settings: When you complete STEP 2 of the
                                                                                       Internet Activation Process and arrive at the Configure
                                                                                       Email Settings screen, please note your account
                                                                                       information in the spaces below and keep handy
                                                                                       for future reference.

   Your new account number is:
   Your new email address is:
   Your new email password is:
   Please keep this information in a safe place for future reference.

  Safe Surfing with EastLink Internet Security Services:
  Getting protected has never been easier with security services from EastLink. Ensure you have the latest advances in
  protection from viruses, hackers, spam and objectionable content.

                                            $1.95/month for all four services
                            Spam Control                                                        Firewall
                           Helps you stay free from spam email.                                 Protects against hackers and lets you
                                                                                                keep your private data to yourself.

                           Parental Control                                                     Anti-Virus/Spyware Protection
                            Protects your children against                                      Protects your computer from viruses,
                            unwanted Internet content. Includes                                 worms and rootkits. Includes real-time
                            a web surfing time lock for children.                               protection against spyware.

  To add EastLink Internet Security Services, call an EastLink Customer Care Representative at 1-888-345-1111 option 2 for NS, NB, PEI,
  or 1-866-737-7662 option 1 for Newfoundland/Labrador.

  To download and install your EastLink Internet Security Services, go to to begin the installation process. To activate your EastLink
  Internet Security Services, you will need your subscription number (xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx), which was sent to your EastLink email account after you
  placed your order. Enter your subscription number and follow the instructions on your screen to complete the download and installation and you’ll be up
  and running in no time! Detailed instructions can be found at
                                                                                                                            Please keep handy for
  Internet Help & Support.                                                                                                             future reference.

  Experiencing problems? Before you call EastLink Technical Support, try these simple tips.
  There may be simple solutions to problems you may be experiencing. Here are some of the most common.
  Please visit for more details.

  Try restarting your computer.                                                      There are three cables on the back of the modem, the power cable is
                                                                                     the one that pulls right out (it does not unscrew, nor does it have a clip).
  If you are having problems with your Internet connection, a good first step
                                                                                     Leave the power unplugged for five minutes. Plug the power cord back
  is to restart your computer.
                                                                                     into the cable modem. Wait for five minutes. Turn on your computer.
  Ensure that all cables are securely connected.
                                                                                     Reset your hardware firewall or router.
  There should be three cables connected to your cable modem. Ensure
                                                                                     A firewall is a source of Internet security. It is used to block unwanted
  they are all securely connected. Check that the Ethernet cable is securely
                                                                                     Internet traffic from entering your computer or network. In the case of
  connected to your computer (or hub/router/switch). The Ethernet cable
                                                                                     a hardware firewall (also called a router), it is good practice to reset it if
  resembles a phone cord, but the connectors are about twice as wide.
                                                                                     you are having problems. This can be done by removing the power cord
  After tightening any loose cables, you should restart your computer.
                                                                                     from the unit for one minute, plugging it back in, waiting another minute
  Examine the lights on your cable modem.                                            and then restarting your computer(s).
  Many of our cable modems incorporate a ‘standby’ or ‘pipelock’ feature.
                                                                                     Check your software firewall configuration.
  Check to make sure that the usual number of lights on your cable
                                                                                     A software firewall is a program that is configured to allow some programs
  modem are on. If not, press the button on the top or the front of the modem
                                                                                     on your computer to connect to the Internet and block unwanted Internet
  to see if the lighting sequence returns to normal. If the modem was in
                                                                                     traffic from entering your computer. Occasionally, the firewall configuration
  ‘standby’ or ‘pipelock’ mode, you may need to restart your computer to
                                                                                     changes and blocks programs that you want to access from the Internet.
  re-establish your Internet connection.
                                                                                     To determine if it is your firewall that is blocking the connection, right-click
  Reset your cable modem.                                                            on the firewall icon in the system tray (PCs: bottom right of your screen,
  Cable modems, like a computer, will occasionally need to be reset. If you notice   beside the clock) and look for an option to shut down, disable, or exit the
  that lights are not lit up on your modem, this might be the case. In order to do   firewall. Now try the Internet connection.
  this, shut down your computer.

  How to set-up your email settings when a new PC is added to your Internet account.
  INETWIZ (Microsoft Internet Connection Wizard) assists in setting up your Internet connection settings and email settings.
  1. Click Start then run. Type ‘inetwiz’ then click OK.
  2. Choose the option ‘Connect using my local area network (LAN)’ then click next.
  3. Ensure that there are no options enabled (click the check marks to remove them) then click next.
  4. If you would like to set-up your email in Microsoft Outlook Express, choose YeS. If you do not wish to set-up an email account in Microsoft Outlook
     Express, choose nO. If you choose nO, click next then FiniSh. If you choose YeS, click next and continue to the next step.
  5. Type an email name. Your ‘Display Name’ is the name that other people will see in the ‘from field’ when you send them an email.
     Click next.
  6. Type in your ‘Email Address’. Your email address should not contain any spaces or capital letters. Click next.
  7. Set the server type (‘POP3’) for your area (see below). Click next.
  8. Your ‘Account Name’ should already be entered. Move to the ‘Password’ field and enter your EastLink email password. Click next.
  9. Click FiniSh.

  Setting up Microsoft Outlook Express for Windows platforms.
  For more information on this and other email clients, please visit

           EastLink Internet                                                                Incoming Mail Server (POP3):
           Server Information                                                               Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):
                                                                                            Newsgroup Server (NNTP):

  Internet Security Services Help & Support.
  Visit for more information on:
  •	 Top	things	to	watch	for	during	the	installation	of	security	services	–	tips	to	make	your	installation	experience	as	easy	as	possible
  •	 Answers	to	common	questions	about	Internet	security	services
  •	 Links	to	sites	that	will	help	you	to	troubleshoot	any	problems	you	may	be	experiencing	with	your	security	services

  Security Updates.
  Windows updates visit for the latest updates available for your computer’s operating system,
  software, and hardware.

   To add EastLink Internet Security Services, call an EastLink Customer Care Representative at 1-888-345-1111
                option 2 for NS, NB, PEI, or 1-866-737-7662 option 1 for Newfoundland/Labrador.

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