Daily Planner mon-wed Term 1 Week 2

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					              Daily Planner                  Week: 2                       Term: 1
              Monday 8 Feb                  Tuesday 9 Feb                  Wednesday 10 Feb
8:15 – 8:45   Roll and Admin                Roll and Admin                 Roll and Admin
8:45 – 9:00   Fitness – Confidence Course   Fitness – Confidence Course    Fitness – Confidence Course
9:00 - 9:45   Assembly                      Maths DAY 2 Week 1 (In         Check in with Red and Blue
                                            Numeracy folder)               Group: Sheets glued in
                                            Walt: Learning to add double   revise
                                            and triple digit figures       Gold: IXL Level 3: Addition
                                            without renaming
9:45 – 10:30 Maths DAY 1 Week 1 (In         Red and Blue Group: With       Red and Blue Group:
             Numeracy folder)               Teacher Adding in Parts        Finish Splitting Numbers into
             Glue Number Test into Maths    WALT Splitting numbers into    parts to make 10s.
             Books Class Activity           parts to make 10s              Worksheets. Then IXL. com
             Place Value simple addition    Gold: Work on Board            Green: Work on board
             Underlined Digit PDF on        Add without renaming           WALT: Learning adding and
             Whiteboard                     Green: IXL Level 4: Addition   subtraction
                                            Finish with Boggle             Gold: With teacher
                                                                           Jumping the Number Line

11:00 –       Star Test (Whole Class)                                      Small Ball Skills
11:45         Scholastic Books (Discuss)                                   WALT
                                                                            1. Learning basic small ball
                                            Set up work and                 2. Learning strategic play
                                            questions for Choices Study
11:45 –       Small Ball Skills                                            Writing: Topic
12:35         WALT                                                         Me Myself and I
                                            Check Maths work from
               1. Learning basic small ball                                Model on board (Use
                                            previous day and today
                  skills                                                   Template) Hamburger
               2. Learning strategic play                                  Intro
                                            Walk through Health and
                                                                           Use graphic organiser

1:30 – 1:45   Walt Learn how to create      Choices: PowerPoint            Citizen Trees
              and save a PowerPoint            1. What is a Choice?        Make a leaf for the tree with
              Presentation                     2. How do the choices       favourite things
              Teaching Points:                     we make affect our      Include Name and “I am a
                   Saving to folder               lives?                  Citizen”
                   Naming files               3. What are examples of
              Choices Front Page                   good choices and bad
              Print Profiles                       choices?
1:45 – 2:50                                 In groups Students are       Early Finishers Maths Games
                                            asked a series of questions.
                                            What choices do you make
                                            and how could they effect
                                            Beep Test Form (Complete?)
2:50 – 3:00   Pack up room. Computers       Pack up room. Computers        Pack up room. Computers

                                            Homework what is a Citizen?
                                            How does that relate to you?

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