Daily Planner mon wed Term 1 Week 5 (DOC) by apperleyg


									               Daily Planner                   Week: 5                        Term: 1
               Monday 1 March                  Tuesday 2 March                Wednesday 3 March
8:15 – 8:45    Roll and Admin                  Roll and Admin                 Roll and Admin
8:45 – 9:00    Assembly                        Fitness – Confidence Course    Fitness – Confidence Course
9:00 - 9:45    Reading                         Maths DAY 2 Week 1 (In         Check in with Red and Blue
               Red Group: With Teacher         Numeracy folder)               Group: Sheets glued in
               continue with “Get Your         Walt: Learning to add double   revise
               Hands Dirty’ (See Reading       and triple digit figures       Gold: IXL Level 3: Addition
               Plan)                           without renaming
               Blue Group:
9:45 – 10:30                                   Red and Blue Group: With       Red and Blue Group:
                                               Teacher Adding in Parts        Finish Splitting Numbers into
                                               WALT Splitting numbers into    parts to make 10s.
                                               parts to make 10s              Worksheets. Then IXL. com
                                               Gold: Work on Board            Green: Work on board
                                               Add without renaming           WALT: Learning adding and
                                               Green: IXL Level 4: Addition   subtraction
                                               Finish with Boggle             Gold: With teacher
                                                                              Jumping the Number Line

11:00 –        Small Ball Skills                                              Small Ball Skills
11:45          WALT                                                           WALT
                1. Learning basic small ball                                   1. Learning basic small ball
                   skills                                                         skills
                2. Learning strategic play                                     2. Learning strategic play
11:45 –                                                                       Writing: Topic
                                               Walk through Health and
12:35                                                                         Me Myself and I
                                                                              Model on board (Use
                                                                              Template) Hamburger
                                                                              Use graphic organiser

1:30 – 1:45    Walt Learn how to create        Choices: PowerPoint            Citizen Trees
               and save a PowerPoint              1. What is a Choice?        Make a leaf for the tree with
               Presentation                       2. How do the choices       favourite things
               Teaching Points:                       we make affect our      Include Name and “I am a
                    Saving to folder                 lives?                  Citizen”
                    Naming files                 3. What are examples of
               Choices Front Page                     good choices and bad
               Print Profiles                         choices?
1:45 – 2:50                                    In groups Students are       Early Finishers Maths Games
                                               asked a series of questions.
                                               What choices do you make
                                               and how could they effect
                                               Beep Test Form (Complete?)
2:50 – 3:00    Pack up room. Computers         Pack up room. Computers        Pack up room. Computers

                                               Homework what is a Citizen?
                                               How does that relate to you?

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