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									                      Career Resources
        A Select List of Career & Job Search Resources
For many students entering university, graduation seems a long way
off. Though not ideal, they put off the challenge of thinking through
career direction and options until their third and fourth year as they
approach graduation. For Co-op students, the process of self
examination and job market research needs to happen much earlier
in their university education – i.e., starting in their first year in Co-op
and continuing until they have fulfilled their Co-op work term

Academic Advising and the Career Centre at UTSC provide a range
of resources, group training programs and individualized services that
can help Co-op students be successful both academically and from a
career planning perspective. Get to know the people in these areas
and the services they provide.

The internet sites that follow will inform students about the different
career and employment options that exist in their field. We urge all
Co-op students to familiarize themselves with these sites, take note
of which ones best serve your interests and goals, and visit them
regularly throughout your years in Co-op.

Room AR 213
(416) 287-7561
Academic Advising:

In addition to the services provided by the Co-op Offices, the UTSC
Academic Advising and Career Centre provides a wide range of
career, employment and learning services to all students.

Academic advisors are available to help you make academic
decisions, interpret university policies and develop a personalized
academic success plan. Individual appointments, workshops, and
seminars are available. Learning skills counsellors can help you hone
your study skills, improve your time management and exam
preparation skills and help you reach your academic goals. In
addition, peer counsellors are available on a drop-in basis to assist
you in any learning skill area. Find out more about your campus
academic advising and learning skills services at their website.

By visiting the Career Centre, you can access career and
employment directories and research materials. Through its website,
you can learn about part-time, summer and volunteer work
opportunities during your studies and full-time positions when you
graduate. You can sometimes find jobs that are eligible for Co-op
work terms. Throughout your time at UTSC you can take advantage
of the career planning (e.g., Choosing Your Career) and employment
search (e.g., Résumés and Cover Letters, Interview Techniques)
workshops and seminars the Career Centre offers. If you are
interested in professional or graduate schools, attend the
Professional and Graduate Schools Fair in the fall to talk to school
reps. Find out more about your campus career services at their

INTERNET RESOURCES. The Internet is an invaluable resource for
career information. Please refer to the Arts & Science Co-op website
for helpful websites under the following categories:

   •   Arts & Culture                 • University of Toronto
   •   Biotechnology                    Student Clubs &
   •   Environment                      Associations
   •   Government                     • Volunteer Opportunities
   •   Information Technology         • Worldwide and Local Job
   •   Management                       Search and Career

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