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CAPS Pathfinder:
University of Chicago Campus Resources
Thinking about career choices and career planning? Looking to apply to law
school or thinking about working in a law firm over summer?
There are places and people on campus here to help.

Law and Legal Career Info: FAQ
CAPS: Career Advising and Planning Services
CAPS provides career-development services to under-graduate and graduate
students, post-docs, & alumni. Call for an appointment or visit our website for
current information on programming and resources. The Library has resources
for thinking about law as a career and/or in the process of applying to law
schools. Please also see our “job-seeking resources” handout to find out about
our job/internship databases, alumni contacts, and more!

Pre-Law InfoCenter                                   Habeas Corpus
Louis Tremante, Pre-Law Advisor                   Pre-Law Assoc. (RSO)

Valuable information at the Pre-Law Info Center includes
* Pre-Law Guide (Information for undergraduates on academic program
planning, the law school application process, etc.)
* Suggested Questions for Law School Representatives

D’Angelo Law Library
The D'Angelo Law Library keeps firm files with brochures that all students are
welcome to look at. D’Angelo also has a number of books for students (not
necessarily law students) to learn about legal fields and careers. See The Official
Guide to Legal Specialities and other books under these subjects:
    • Lawyers –Specialities and specialists – United States
    • Law – Vocation guidance – United States

The University Library makes many excellent resources available
electronically. LexisNexis provides access to Martindale-Hubbell(R) Law
Directory - Practice Profiles and Martindale-Hubbell® Law Directory.

Selected Online Resources on Careers in Law
Careers in Law Forum
From, a major online career center.

Careers in the Law
A very good guide to careers in law from the Office of Career Services at Harvard University.
Highly recommended.

Bar Association Careers in Law
Information on a career in law from the American Bar Association.

Law Career and job Information
From, a major online career-information center.

Occupational Outlook Handbook: Lawyers
Excellent info from the Bureau of Labor Statistics; includes nature of the work, earnings, job
outlook, and much more.

Paralegal Careers
Detailed information about paralegal careers – preparation, compensation, professional
organizations, the nature of the job – from Hartwick College’s Office of Career Services.

Martindale Hubbell Directory
    • “Find a Job” section allows attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries, librarians, and
        other legal professionals to research open positions by geographic area.
    • Lawyer Locator -- obtain more information about prospective employers.
    • Career advice on resumes, interviews, and other useful job-hunting strategies.
    • Survey of compensation in law firms and corporate law departments.

NALP Foundation: For Law Career Research and Education
An important site. Click on “for pre-law students” for information on choosing a law school,
rankings, exploring your career options, and salaries.

In the CAPS Library …
Career Exploration and Planning: Law
Look for books with BLUE labels that say LAW on them.

    •   Alternative Careers for Lawyers.
    •   Beyond L.A. Law

    •   Careers for Legal Eagles & Other Law-and-Order Types. One of the popular “careers
        for” series.
    •   Careers in Law: A Comprehensive Guide to Career Opportunities in Law and Related
        Professions (VGM Career series).
    •   Judgment Reversed: Alternative Careers for Lawyers. An attorney’s advice on how to
        use your legal skills successfully in another field.
    •   Jumpstarting your Career: An Internship Guide for Criminal Justice
    •   The Lure of the Law: Why people become lawyers and what the profession does to them.
    •   Princeton Review’s Pre-Law Companion: What Law School Grads Wish They Knew
        Before They Started. Best courses, internships, and summer jobs.
    •   Proceed With Caution: A Diary of the First Year at One of America's Largest, Most
        Prestigious Law Firms
    •   So You Want to Be a Lawyer: A Practical Guide to Law as a Career.
    •   What Can You Do With a Law Degree? A Lawyer’s Guide to Career Alternatives Inside,
        Outside, & Around the Law

Law School
Look for books with PURPLE labels for info about graduate and professional schools

    •   Best Law Schools. Peterson’s. (“The buyer’s guide to law schools.”)
    •   ABA LSAC Official guide to ABA-Approved Law School. Law School Admissions
        Council (American Bar Association). ALSO AVAILABLE ONLINE (searchable)
    •   Essays that will get you into law school. Kaufman, Daniel.
        PLEASE NOTE: This book also exists as an e-book at this URL:
    •   Guide to Graduate Programs in Business, Education, Health, Information Studies, Law,
        & Social Work (Peterson’s, 2002)
    •   How to get into the top law schools. The Degree of Difference series.
    •   Thinking About Law School: A Minority Guide. From the Law School Admission

Access the Martindale-Hubbard Law School Directory and the NALP National Directory of Law
Schools through LexisNexis in the Library’s Electronic Resources.

The LSAT (Law School Admission Test)
Check the website above for test dates, deadlines, financial aid information, resources for
choosing and applying to law school. Download a sample exam and a variety of necessary forms.
Register online. Links to law schools, bar associations, and other legal education sites complete
this site.
     In the CAPS Library:
     • LSAT registration booklets
     • Official LSAT Prep Test with Explanations (A Publication of the Law School Admission

Researching Law Firms
NALP directory: Hard copy and online
The annual NALP Directory of Legal Employers is the most widely used directory in legal
recruiting. The 2002-2003 edition includes information on more than 1,500 employers nationwide
and is an invaluable tool for job searchers, career counselors, and legal recruiters alike. Published

both on-line and in print, this directory includes indexes by location, by practice area keyword,
and by office size. Available at CAPS and D’Angelo Law Library. Lawyer Locator
Use the “Lawyer Locator” to find a lawyer by name. Or click the tabs to search by location/area
of practice, by firm, for lawyers in corporations, agencies of the US gov’t, or law school faculty.

In the D’Angelo Law Library
Firm files with brochures that all students are welcome to look at. The Law Librarians also
recommend, the NALP Directory, and looking at specific firms’ online
information. They have many books on legal careers info, as well.

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