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									                             MICHAEL J. MOORE
                             CURRICULUM VITAE

Career History

1990-Present:       Professor of Finance, Queen‟s University of Belfast
                    including 1993-1998: Director, Queen‟s School of
1984-1990           Economist, Central Bank of Ireland
1981-1984           Ph.D student
1978-1981:          Executive, Industrial Development Authority, IDA Ireland
1976-1978:          Administrative Officer, Irish Civil Service


Primary Degree      BA(Mod), Upper Second, in Mathematical Economics and
                    Statistics, University of Dublin, Trinity College, 1975
Master's Degree     MSc (Soc.Sci.) in Monetary Economics and Econometrics
                    University of Southampton, 1976
Doctorate           Ph.D. in Macroeconomics, University College Dublin, Years of
                    Study: 1981-1984, Supervisor: J. Peter Neary.
                    Thesis: "The Theory of Rationing and its Application to

Personal Details

Telephone           028 90973208
Address             Queen‟s University Management School, 25 University
                    Square, Belfast BT71NN, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom.
Email Address


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Papers under Review

“Optimal Retirement and Saving with Healthy Aging” (with David Bloom, Harvard
and David Canning, Harvard),

“Commonality in the ATHEX” (with Peter Dunne, QUB and Vasileios G.
Papavassiliou, QUB),

“Private Information and the Monetary Model of Exchange Rates: Evidence from
a Novel Data Set”. (with Menzie Chinn, University of Wisconsin),

“Private Information in the FX Market” (with Richard Payne, University of

“Is Development Multi-dimensional?” (with Declan French, QUB and David
Canning, Harvard)

“Causation between Health and Income: Evidence from Panel Data” (with Declan
French, QUB)

“For Rich or for Poor: When does Uncovered Interest Parity Hold?” (with Maurice
Roche, Ryerson University, Toronto)

Work in Progress

“Who matters in the foreign exchange market?” (with Richard Payne, Warwick
Business School)

“Fertility over the Life Cycle” (with David Canning, Harvard School of Public
Health and Declan French, Queen‟s University, Belfast)

A Tale of Two Platforms: Inter-Dealer and Retail Quotes in the European Bond
Markets ((with Harald Hau, INSEAD and Peter Dunne, QUB)

“The choice of limit vs. market orders in the foreign exchange market” (with Richard
Payne, Warwick Business School)

Research Grants

Money, Macro Finance Research Group           UK Economic And Social Science
Research Council 1996 £10000

“Growth, Exchange Rates and Competitiveness” Irish Social
Science Research Council 1996 £5740 with Peter Neary UCD and Danny Quah

“Public Debt Management and Fiscal Adjustment in Economies in Transition”
European Union ACE Programme 1997 £12286

“Explaining Puzzles in International Finance using Consumption Externalities: an
Application to the Euro-Sterling Relationship”, 2003-2006, Irish Higher education
Authority, € 282000.

Institut Europlace de Finance (EIF). 2006. €10000. Funding for research into
“The impact of transparency on the liquidity of sovereign bond markets”.

“The Impact of Electronic Trading on International Financial Markets”, UK
Economic And Social Science Research Council, 2007-2010, £100,000.

“Centre of Excellence in Public Health Research”, UK Economic And Social
Science Research Council, £5,000,000, 2008-2013.

“Dealer Behaviour in the Euro-Zone Sovereign Bond Market” UK Economic And
Social Science Research Council, £350,000, 2010-2013.

Research Students

Five current Phd students. Two students completed within last 18 months.

Research Reputation

Examples of Recent Seminars:

Harvard University

National Bureau of Economic Research, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

University of Wisconsin, Madison

Federal Reserve Bank of New York

International Monetary Fund, Washington DC

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

University of Warwick

European Central Bank

Brandeis University, Massachusetts.

Ryerson University, Toronto

Trinity College Dublin

University College Dublin

My papers have been presented by co-authors in the same period at:

City University Business School

University of Pittsburgh

Hungarian Central Bank

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.


I have refereed for the American Economic Review, Journal of Political Economy,
Review of Economic Studies, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Journal of
Monetary Economics, Journal of International Economics, Journal of International
Money and Finance, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis and many
other journals.

Major Visiting Positions

Visiting Professor, University of California, Berkeley, 1999-2000

Visiting Professor, Harvard University, 2008-2009

External Examining

In addition to research degree examination:

      Msc‟s in Finance      University of Wales, Cardiff Business School 1995-

      Bsc Economics        University of Durham 1996-1998

      External Consultant, Quality Assessment Exercise, Department of Banking
       and Finance University College Dublin, April 1997

      Bsc‟s Finance    Brunel University 2001-2004

      Msc Finance     Imperial College London 2002-

      Bsc‟s Business Administration Bath Management School 2005-

      Bsc in Economics    University of Wales, Cardiff Business School 2006-


      Associate Editor, International Journal of Finance and Economics

      Associate Editor Economic Modelling, April 2002-

      Editor, Economic and Social Review 1989-1992

      Guest Editor of Special issue of Manchester School, September 2002

Learned Bodies

      Executive Committee, UK Economic And Social Science Research Council
       Money Macro Finance Research Group, 1994- present

      Executive Council, Irish Economics Association, 1989-1995 and 2002-

      Executive Committee, UK Conference of Professors of Accounting, 1992-

Other Measures of Esteem

    Symposium in the refereed journal Economic Policy, October 2002 on my
     work on international currencies, with particular reference to the euro.

    Elected to Council of Institute of International Trade of Ireland, 2002-

      Honorary Professor, ESERP, Barcelona 1997-Present.

      Appointed to UK national subject (Finance) benchmarking committee,

      Fellow of ISSC (Institute for the Study of Social Change), 2002-

      Member of UK ESRC Peer Review College, 2010-


      Started undergraduate and postgraduate Finance programmes in
       Queen’s University, Belfast

      I have taught Financial Theory (Intermediate and Advanced), International
       Finance and Capital Markets at undergraduate level in Queen’s
       University, Belfast.

      I have taught graduate International Finance and Microstructure Finance
       at Queen’s University, Belfast.

      I have taught undergraduate International economics and Special Topics
       at UC Berkeley

      I have taught graduate macroeconomics at University College Dublin.

      Visiting Professor on Graduate Programme, University of Marseilles, Aix-
       en Provence, Spring 2003.

      Innovative use of Presentation and Group Work. For example, Students
       making group DVD‟s and videos. This is very unusual in a numerate
       subject. It was favourably commented upon in the QAA evaluation of
       Economics and Finance at QUB. The unit obtained a 24/24.

      Excellent teaching evaluations: Almost all features evaluated as good or
       excellent with the majority in the latter category.


      Director of Queen‟s School of Management 1993-1998.
       Major Achievements: Started management at Queen‟s. Expanded School
       to become largest in University. Raised funds for Martin Naughton Chair

       of Business Strategy. Raised funds for major university building
       programme from Irish-American business community.

      Head of Economics and Finance Research Group 2002- . Responsible for
       research mentoring of junior staff. See


      Chairman of the finance committee (1998-1999) in the enquiry that led to
       the development of Strategy 2010 by the Northern Ireland Department of
       Enterprise, Trade and Industry.

      Invited to provide both written and oral evidence to House of Commons
       Treasury Select Committee Enquiry on „The UK and the Euro‟, Oral
       Evidence given on 11th February 2003
      Member of Panel to review economic policy in Northern Ireland, Autumn
       2008-Autumn 2009.


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