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                     BMW                             CAUTION
                                                     Do not use gasoline that contains
 • F650 GS                                           methanol. Doing so may result in fuel
                                                     system component failure, engine damage
FUEL REFUELING                                       and/or equipment malfunction.

 ê Caution                                            • Gasoline containing METHYL TERTIARY
                                                        BUTYL ETHER (MTBE). Gasoline/MTBE
 Leaded fuel will destroy the catalytic
                                                        blends are a mixture of gasoline and as
                                                        much as 15% MTBE.             Gasoline/MTBE
 Do not run the fuel tank dry. If you do so,
                                                        blends can be used in your motorcycle.
 you may damage the engine or catalytic
 converter.                                           • ETHANOL is a mixture of 10% ethanol
                                                        (Grain alcohol) and 90% unleaded gasoline.
                                                        Gasoline/ethanol blends can be used in your
 •   Place the motorcycle on the center stand.
                                                        motorcycle if the ethanol content does not
 •   Make sure the ground is level and firm.
                                                        exceed 10%.
 •   Open the fuel filler cap.
                                                      • REFORMULATED            OR    OXYGENATED
 •   Refuel.                                            GASOLINES (RFG). Reformulated gasoline
 •   Use only unleaded premium grade fuel,              is a term used to describe gasoline blends
     minimum octane rating 95 (RON), 85                 that are specifically designed to burn cleaner
     (MON), AKI 91 Premium.                             than other types of gasoline, leaving fewer
                                                        “tailpipe” emissions.        They are also
                                                        formulated to evaporate less when you are
                                                        filling your tank. Reformulated gasolines
                   DUCATI                               use additives to “oxygenate” the gas. Your
                                                        motorcycle will run normally using this type
                                                        of gas and Harley-Davidson recommends
 • M-S4 Ducati
                                                        you use it when possible, as an aid to
                                                        cleaner air in the environment.
Gasoline 95-98 RON
                                                     You may find that some gasoline blends
                                                     adversely affect the starting, driveability, or fuel
                                                     efficiency of your motorcycle.             If you
Additives to fuel or lubricants are not allowed.
                                                     experience one or more of these problems, it is
                                                     recommended you operate your motorcycle on
                                                     straight unleaded gasoline.


 • Dyna Glide                                                            HONDA
                                                      • Metropolitan II CHF50P
Your motorcycle was designed to get the best
performance and efficiency using unleaded
                                                     FUEL RECOMMENDATIONS
gasoline. Most gasoline sold in the United
States is blended with alcohol and/or ether, to
                                                      Type                          Unleaded
create “oxygenated” blends. The type and
amount of alcohol and/or ether is important.          Pump octane number            86 (or higher)
                2003 Motorcycle Manufacturer Fuel Recommendations

We recommend unleaded gasoline because it             You may use gasoline containing up to
produces fewer engine and spark plug                  15% MTBE by volume.
deposits and extends the life of the exhaust
system. Never use stale or contaminated               METHANOL (methyl or wood alcohol) 5% by
gasoline or an oil/gasoline mixture. Avoid
getting dirt or water in the fuel tank.
                                                      You may use gasoline containing up to 5%
Your engine is designed to use any gasoline
                                                      methanol by volume as long as it also contains
that has a pump octane number of 86 or                cosolvents and corrosion inhibitors to protect
higher. Gasoline pumps at service stations            the fuel system. Gasoline containing more
normally display the pump octane number.
                                                      than 5% methanol by volume may cause
                                                      starting and/or performance problems. It may
Use of a lower octane gasoline can cause              also damage metal, rubber, and plastic parts of
persistent “pinging” or “spark knock” (a loud
                                                      your fuel system.
rapping noise) which, if severe can lead to
engine damage. Light pinging experienced              If you notice any undesirable operating
while operating under a heavy load, such as
                                                      symptoms, try another service station or switch
climbing a hill, is no cause for concern.             to another brand of gasoline. Fuel system
                                                      damage or performance problems resulting
If pinging or spark knock occurs at a steady
                                                      from the use of an oxygenated fuel containing
engine speed, under normal load, change               more than the percentages of oxygenates
brands of gasoline. If spark knock or pinging         mentioned above are not covered under
persists, consult your Honda dealer.
Oxygenated Fuels                                      Oxygenated fuels can damage paint and
Some conventional gasolines are being
                                                      plastic. Be careful not to spill fuel when filling
blended with alcohol or an ether compound.            the fuel tank. Wipe up any spills immediately.
These gasolines are collectively referred to as
oxygenated fuels.      To meet clean air
standards, some areas of the United States            Oxygenated fuels can damage paint and
and Canada use oxygenated fuels to help               plastic. Damage caused by spilled fuel is not
reduce emissions. If you use an oxygenated
                                                      covered by warranty.
fuel, be sure it is unleaded and meets the
minimum octane rating requirements.

Before using an oxygenated fuel, try to confirm
the fuel’s contents. Some states/provinces                             KAWASAKI
require this information to be posted on the
pump.                                                  • Mean Streak VN1500P2

The following are the         EPA    approved         FUEL REQUIREMENTS:
percentages of oxygenates.
                                                      Fuel Type
ETHANOL      (ethyl or grain alcohol) 10% by          Use clean, fresh unleaded gasoline with a
Volume                                                minimum Antiknock Index of 90.            The
                                                      Antiknock Index is posted on service station
You may use gasoline containing up to 10%             pumps in the U.S.A. The octane rating of a
ethanol by volume.    Gasoline containing             gasoline is a measure of its resistance to
ethanol may be marketed under the name                detonation or “knocking.” The Antiknock Index
“Gasohol”.                                            is an average of the Research Octane Number
                                                      (RON) and the Motor Octane Number (MON)
MTBE (Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether) 15% by             as shown in the table below.

                                                                              Herman & Associates
                2003 Motorcycle Manufacturer Fuel Recommendations

 Octane Rating Method          Minimum Rating          Gasoline/Ether Blends – The most common
            (RON + MON)                                ether is methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE). You
 Antiknock     -------------   90                      may use gasoline containing up to 15% MTBE.
 Index               2
 Research Octane Number        95                      NOTE
 (RON)                                                 Other oxygenates approved for use in
                                                       unleaded gasoline include TAME (up to
 CAUTION                                               16.7%) and ETBE (up to 17.2%).          Fuels
 Use minimum of 90 octane gasoline only                containing these oxygenates can also be used
 to prevent severe engine damage.                      in your Kawasaki.

 CAUTION                                                CAUTION
 If engine “knocking” or “pinging” occurs,              Never use gasoline with an octane rating
 use a different brand of gasoline of a                 lower than the minimum specified by
 higher octane rating. If this condition is             Kawasaki.
 allowed to continue it can lead to severe
 engine damage.                                         Never use “gasohol” with more than 10%
                                                        ethanol, or more that 5% methanol.
 Gasoline quality is important. Fuels of low            Gasoline containing methanol must also
 quality or not meeting standard industry               be blended with cosolvents and corrosion
 specifications may result in unsatisfactory            inhibitors.
 performance.    Operating problems that
 result from the use of poor quality or                 CAUTION
 nonrecommended fuel may not be                         Certain ingredients of gasoline may cause
 covered under your warranty.                           paint fading or damage. Be extra careful
                                                        not to spill gasoline or gasoline oxygenate
Fuels Containing Oxygenates                             blends during refueling.
Gasoline frequently contains oxygenates
(alcohols and ethers) especially in areas of the        When not operating your Kawasaki for 30
U.S. and Canada which are required to sell              to 60 days, mix a fuel stabilizer (such as
such reformulated fuels as part of a strategy to        STABIL) with the gasoline in the fuel tank.
reduce exhaust emissions.                               Fuel stabilizer additives inhibit oxidation
                                                        of the fuel and minimize gummy deposits.
The types and volumes of fuel oxygenates                Never store this product with “gasohol” in
approved for use in unleaded gasoline by the            the fuel system.      Before storage it is
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency include            recommended that you drain all fuel from
a broad range of alcohols and ethers, but only          the fuel tank. See the Storage section in
two components have seen any significant                this manual
level of commercial use.

Gasoline/Alcohol Blends – Gasoline containing
up to 10% ethanol (alcohol produced from
agricultural products such as corn), also known
as “Gasohol” is approved for use.
                                                        • Victory Classic Cruiser, Touring Cruiser
 Avoid using blends of unleaded gasoline               SPECIFICATIONS
 and methanol (wood alcohol) whenever
 possible, and never use “gasohol”                     Fuel Specifications
 containing more than 5% methanol. Fuel                Use only unleaded gasoline, 92 pump octane
 system    damage     and    performance               minimum.
 problems may result.
                                                       DO NOT USE         GASOLINE      CONTAINING

                                                                              Herman & Associates
               2003 Motorcycle Manufacturer Fuel Recommendations

Using gasoline/methanol blends can result in         may be used in your vehicle if the ethanol
poor starting and driveability, and may damage       content is not greater than 10%.
critical fuel system components.
Gasoline containing up to 15% Methyl Tertiary        Fuel containing 5% or less methanol (wood
Butyl Ether (MTBE) can be used.                      alcohol) may be suitable for use in your
                                                     motorcycle if they contain co-solvents and
Gasoline containing up to 10% Ethanol can be         corrosion inhibitors.
                                                     DO NOT USE fuels containing more than 5%
Gasoline that has been Reformulated or               methanol under any circumstances.        Fuel
Oxygenated can be used.                              system damage or motorcycle performance
                                                     problems resulting from the use of such fuels
                                                     are not the responsibility of Suzuki and may
                                                     not be covered under the New Vehicle Limited
                                                     Warranty or the Emission Control System
                  SUZUKI                             Warranty.

 • Super Sport TL 1000R                              Fuel Pump Labeling
                                                     In some states, pumps that dispense
FUEL, ENGINE OIL AND                                 oxygenated fuels are required to be labeled for
COOLANT RECOMMENDATIONS                              the type and percentage of oxygen, and
                                                     whether important additives are present. Such
FUEL                                                 labels may provide enough information for you
Your motorcycle requires premium unleaded            to determine if a particular blend of fuel meets
gasoline with a minimum pump octane rating           the requirements listed above. In other states,
of 90 ((R+M)/2 method). In some areas, the           pumps may not be clearly be labeled as to the
only fuels that are available are oxygenated         content or type of oxygen and additives. If you
fuels.   Oxygenated fuels which meet the             are not sure that the fuel you intend to use
minimum octane rating requirement and the            meets these requirements, check with the
requirements described below may be used in          service station operator or the fuel suppliers.
your motorcycle without jeopardizing the New
Vehicle Limited Warranty or the Emission             NOTE:
Control System Warranty.                              • To help clean the air, Suzuki recommends
                                                        that you use the oxygenated fuels.
NOTE: TL100R engine is designed to use                • Be sure any oxygenated fuel you use has
premium unleaded gasoline only.       Use               octane ratings of at least 90 pump octane
premium unleaded gasoline under all riding              ((R+M)/2 method).
conditions.                                           • If you are not satisfied with the driveability
                                                        or fuel economy of your motorcycle when
NOTE: Oxygenated fuels are fuels which                  you are using an oxygenated fuel, you
contain oxygen-carrying additives such as               should switch back to regular unleaded
MTBE or alcohol.                                        gasoline.
                                                      • If you are not satisfied with the driveability
Gasoline containing MTBE                                of your motorcycle when you are using an
Unleaded gasoline containing MTBE. (Methyl              oxygenated fuel, or if engine pinging is
Tertiary Butyl Ether) may be used in your               experienced, substitute another brand as
motorcycle if the MTBE content is not greater           there are differences between brands.
than 15%. This oxygenated fuel does not
contain alcohol.

Gasoline/Ethanol Blends
Blends of unleaded gasoline and ethanol
(grain alcohol), also known as GASOHOL,

                                                                            Herman & Associates
                2003 Motorcycle Manufacturer Fuel Recommendations

 Spilled gasoline containing alcohol can
 harm your motorcycle.      Alcohol can
 damage painted surfaces.
                                                                   URAL CLASSIC

 Be careful not to spill any fluid when filling         • Adirondac, Patrol & Tourist
 the fuel tank. Wipe spilled gasoline up
 immediately.                                          FUEL
                                                       91 octane premium unleaded gasoline.




 Recommended fuel

Use only unleaded gasoline. The use of
leaded gasoline will cause severe damage
to the engine internal parts such as valves,
piston rings, exhaust system, etc.

Your Yamaha engine has been designed to
use regular unleaded gasoline that with a
pump octane number (R+M/2) of 86 or higher,
or research octane number of 91 or higher. If
knocking (or pinging) occurs, use a gasoline of
a different brand or premium unleaded fuel.
Use of unleaded fuel will extend spark plug life
and reduce maintenance costs.

There are two types of gasohol; gasohol
containing ethanol and that containing
methanol. Gasohol containing ethanol can be
used if ethanol content does not exceed 10%.
Gasohol     containing   methanol    is   not
recommended by Yamaha because it may
cause fuel system damage or vehicle
performance problems.

                                                                            Herman & Associates

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