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Motorbike menace targeted by xsf17762


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									            Bramley, Shamley Green, Blackheath,

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         Wonersh, Hascombe, Grafham and Winterfold

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 Safer Neighbourhood
 Policing Team Newsletter
Our team is dedicated to maintaining a safe neighbourhood. By listening to your
concerns, we prioritise our actions to resolve the local issues that matter most to you.

Motorbike menace
In recent months the Safer
Neighbourhood Team has seen a distinct
rise in reports of the anti-social riding of
motorbikes and scooters in the area.
   In particular, there have been an
alarming number of incidents of this nature
in Bramley where young people are using
motor propelled vehicles, such as scooters,
to ride on public bridleways and footpaths
in built-up areas.                              PCSO Simon Mitchell and PC Neil Smith
   This unacceptable behaviour is               on one of the public footpaths in Bramley
obviously putting members of the public at      frequented by motorbikes.
risk while at the same time causing them       ‘It is an offence for anyone without lawful
alarm and distress.                            authority driving a motor vehicle, to drive
   PC Neil Smith and PCSO Simon Mitchell,      elsewhere other than on road, upon any
from the Safer Neighbourhood Team, are         common land, moorland or on any road
both committed to catching those               being a footpath or bridleway.’
responsible in order to keep your                  If you hear, or see, anything relating
neighbourhoods safe.                           to the anti-social use of motor vehicles
   Please note: the offences described         in the area, please report it immediately
above are committed according to the           to Surrey Police on 0845 125 2222. Or,
following legislation as stated in The Road    if you wish to report it anonymously, call
Traffic Act 1988, s.34:                        Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

● Meet your new Neighbourhood Specialist Officer
● Halloween and Bonfire Night advice
Your Neighbourhood Priorities
How we are tackling the issues that matter most to you.
 A message from your new
 Neighbouhood Officer
Hello. My name is PC Neil Smith and I
have been given the privilege of taking
over the role of your local
Neighbourhood Specialist Officer from
PC Paul Soulsby who has moved on to
the Cranleigh area. I know Paul will be
greatly missed by residents in our
neighbourhoods and we all wish him
well in his new location.                      PC Neil Smith and PCSO Simon
  I have had a long career with                Mitchell address local concerns
Surrey Police since starting at Waverley
and Guildford in 1992. I have worked          for information and dates).
in general policing, partnership policing,       The best way to keep an eye on what
crime prevention and youth intervention.      is happening in the area is through your
And, having witnessed the emotional           Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator
burdens that victims of crime have to
                                              and the ‘My Neighbourhood’ tab on the
carry as they reorganise their lives, my
priority is always to try to prevent crimes   Surrey Police website.
from happening.                                  You can read our monthly updates on
  During my first month in this area, I       our webpage as well as important local
met many local people including               issues and some vital crime prevention
landowners, parish councillors,               advice. I look forward to many years
Community Speedwatch volunteers,
                                              service in the Bramley, Shamley Green,
caretakers, rangers and other
members of the community. I am                Blackheath, Wonersh, Hascombe,
impressed by the information network          Grafham and Winterfold areas. So, if
set up by my predecessor – and am             you haven’t already done so, please
pleased to say that my name is already        introduce yourself if you see me out and
known to many of you.                         about on patrol.
  PCSO Simon Mitchell works closely
                                                 In the meantime, please remember,
with me, and hopefully you will see us
out together on patrol, or maybe at one       if you need the police in an emergency
of the Police Surgeries we are planning       call 999 or, if you want to report a crime,
for the near future (see the back page        call 0845 125 2222.

Our latest Neighbourhood Priorities include:
● Anti-social behaviour in Chestnut Way and The Range
● Anti-social behaviour and damage to fencing at Linersh Wood
● Anti-social use of mopeds and motorcycles in Foxburrow Hill Road
Crackdown on
anti-social driving
You told us things like bad parking, speeding, tailgating and people talking on
their mobiles when driving are big concerns in local communities. We’re
responding by joining forces with Surrey County Council to launch our
SMART driving campaign - a countywide crackdown on these and other anti-
social driving habits that affect everyone. As a result you’ll notice more

                                                                                                    Ref: W-SNT/ WVBS 4800 J/KN/10/09. This newsletter is available in other formats. Please contact your Safer Neighbourhood Team for more details.
policing activity on roads in your neighbourhood over the year ahead.
  Surrey’s 106 Safer Neighbourhood Teams, trained in the use of speed detection
and vehicle recognition equipment, are working alongside our Casualty Reduction
Officers to make Surrey’s roads and neighbourhoods safer. Community and School
SpeedWatch schemes are involved too, while education will be another vital part
of our SMART driving campaign. Students from 11-17 will receive Road Safety
presentations at schools, a Speed Awareness course will inform errant drivers of
the dangers of reckless road use – and regular Roadside Education & Enforcement
Days targeting ‘vehicle defects’ and giving advice about ‘journey preparation’ and
‘driving green’ are planned throughout 2009 - 2010.
  Visit for updates on our SMART driving campaign.

                 Feeling vulnerable on Halloween?
                 • Display a Surrey Police ‘no trick or treat’ sticker* if you don’t want to be
                 • Use your door chain if you decide to open the door
                 • Keep the contact number of a relative or good neighbour handy
Halloween 2009

                 Kids! Only go ‘Trick or Treating’ with friends or family – never alone
                 • Take an adult with you or tell an adult where you’re going.
                 • Avoid dark, lonely places
                 • Respect ‘no trick or treat’ notices
                 • Never knock on a stranger’s door or accept an invitation to go into a house
                 • If someone doesn’t open their door they may be frightened – so walk away
                 Fireworks: Did you know it is now illegal...
                 • To set off or throw fireworks in public
                 • To possess fireworks in public if under -18
                 • To possess public display fireworks if you are not a professional pyrotechnist
                 • To set off fireworks after 11pm (midnight on 5 November)
                 If you feel threatened on Halloween or become victim to firework-related anti-
                 social behaviour, call us on 0845 125 2222. In an emergency dial 999.
                 *Stickers available from your local police station or Safer Neighbourhood Team

Neighbourhood Watch
Neighbourhood Watch schemes exist across Surrey and are
effective in reducing crime. For details of your local scheme or
how to set a new one up call your neighbourhood officer.
   Your Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team

                                                                                                                                                              This newsletter has been printed on PEFC Council (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification scheme) paper. Please recycle after use.
                         PC Neil SMITH                                                         PCSO Simon MITCHELL
                         ID No: 1773                                                           ID No: 12535

                           Team email address:

       To report a crime or incident or to contact your Safer Neighbourhood Team call

                                                    0845 125 2222
             Only call 999 in a genuine emergency requiring urgent police attendance.
Have your say and make a difference
Neighbourhood Panel Meetings offer you opportunities to help set local policing priorities
defined by the issues that you want us to focus on. This could include speeding, under-
age drinking, youth disorder and anti-social behaviour. Come to a future meeting and
share your views - you could make a difference to your neighbourhood.
  Date                              Panel/Venue                                                                                               Time
  5 Nov 2009                        Wonersh Cricket Pavilion                                                                               6.30pm
  19 Nov 2009                       Bramley Village Hall                                                                                   6.30pm
                                                                                                                                                              Ref: W-SNT/ WVBS 4800 J/KN/10/09.

  27 Dec 2009                       Bramley Village Hall                                                                                   6.00pm

Please visit the Neighbourhood pages on our website for all the
latest policing news, events, witness appeals, job opportunities and further meetings.
SURREY ALERT Visit for emergency planning
       999                                     information and advice on what to do in the event of a
Sharing and Providing Information for Surrey   MAJOR INCIDENT in Surrey

If you want to give information about a crime or criminal
activity without giving your name call the independent charity
Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.
                                         Every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this newsletter is correct at the time of publication

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