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									David Wright, Ph.D.
Plant Health Initiative Coordinator

 NEW Soybean Cyst Nematode
 Management Guide Now Available
   Do you have soybean cyst nematode                                                       SCN at planting can be expected in
   (SCN)? If your answer is                                                                areas of fields with soil pH levels of 7.0
   YES… Do you know how to                                                                 to 8.0 compared to areas of soil pH 5.9
   get the most out of your                                                                to 6.5. Soil pH may also govern the
   SCN control strategy? Do                                                                degree to which SCN populations
   you know the latest control                                                              increase in a field after its introduction.
   strategy? How often are you                                                                  The SCN Management Guide is
   sampling your infested fields?                                                            available free of charge and can be
   There’s no such thing as a com-                                                            obtained by calling 1-877-SCN-TEST
   pletely resistant soybean variety,                                                         (1-877-726-8378) or by logging on to
   but there are ways to protect the                                                           www.planthealth.info and clicking
   resistance we do have.                                                                      on        the    SCN        Management
       The new version of the SCN                                                               Guide order form. It can
   Management Guide was developed                                                                also be found electronically
   with the soybean producer in                                                                   at www.planthealth.info or
   mind. It answers frequently asked                                                              www.ncsrp.com.
   questions about SCN and provides                                                                     The SCN Management Guide
   current, science-based management                                                                is printed by the North Central
   recom-mendations based on decades                                                                 Soybean Research Program,
   of research.                                                                                      which pools funding from 12
       If your answer is NO… Have you                                                                 state soybean checkoff boards
   tested your fields lately? SCN has                                                      to find real solutions to regional
   been found in nearly every county of                           death syndrome and       production problems.
   the major soybean producing states         other fungal pathogens. The research
   west of the Missouri river. SCN is         shows that fungal pathogens can infect
   rapidly moving west and north into         the root of soybean through wounds
   new soybean producing areas.               caused by SCN. What should soybean
       Yield loss from SCN, in the north      producers do if they have both SCN and
   central states, is estimated at 447 mil-   SDS? The SCN Management Guide
   lion bushels (1999-2002) costing           outlines the latest recom-mendations.
   soybean producers an estimated $2.2            The new management guide shows
   to $2.6 billion. More yield is lost to     producers how they can utilize innova-
   SCN than any other soybean disease.        tive new tools such as aerial photogra-
       This SCN Management Guide              phy to scout for areas of SCN infection.
   includes new information on how            The manual also discusses in detail how
   SCN interacts with other soybean           soil pH governs the development of
   diseases. Recent research suggests         SCN and brown stem rot. Results from
   that SCN plays a major role in the         several years of field studies in northern
   development and spread of sudden           states indicate that high populations of

                                                                                                       FEBRUARY 2004

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