Curbside Recycling Guide for Kalamazoo Place in papers bin Magazines by guy22


									              Curbside Recycling Guide for Kalamazoo
Place in papers bin:
             •    Magazines, paperbacks, catalogs, and phone books (no hardcover books)
             •    Home, school, and office paper (includes all colored paper, file folders and blue prints).
                  Crayon marks are OK, but please remove all metal or plastic binders.
             •    “Junk mail”, and envelopes.
             •    Newspapers, cereal and tissue type boxes. Flatten and stuff inside a paper bag to keep
                  these recyclables from being scattered in a breeze.
             •    Corrugated cardboard. Flatten, fold or cut cardboard into pieces no larger than 2’ x 2’.
                  Place in bottom, or in bags next to recycle bin.
Place in commingle bin:
             •    Aseptic containers (gable top containers such as milk cartons and juice boxes).
             •    Glass bottles and jars (remove all lids).
             •    Tin/aluminum cans, foils and other kitchen metals, empty aerosol cans.
             •    Plastic bottles and containers with the symbols #1, #2, #3, #4, and #5. Remove all plastic
             •    Please rinse out all plastic containers, milk cartons, cans, juice boxes and bottles to avoid
                  unpleasant odors and help assure the marketability of the recyclables.
Do not include any of the following:
             •    Plastic bags.
             •    Packing foam, or any Styrofoam (polystyrene) materials.
             •    Bottles or containers that have held a toxic material such as motor oil.
             •    Tissues, or paper disposables such as hand towels, paper plates, paper cups or any freezer
                  food boxes.

Please note, effective February 2, 2004, the city’s recycling collection will include plastic containers with
the symbols #3, #4, and #5. Just look at the symbol at the bottom of your container, if it has #3, #4 or #5, it
is eligible for recycling in the city’s program.

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