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  Background Summary:

       I have four plus years of experience in information technology with a focus on Linux and
       Unix Administration, Messaging services, Shell scripting, open source integration and
       consulting. My skills include administration of IBM Aix 4.3, IBM AS400 and Solaris 8.0,
       administration of windows 2000/NT server and services DNS, DHCP, Winproxy.
       Design and implementation of Internet, intranet services like; mail, web, proxy, FTP, DNS
       File and print servers. Design and implement Firewall based on ipchains and IPFilter
       Framework, Linux System and Network System & Network Security Tools, Migration from
       Windows based Networks to Linux Networks, Unix Shell Programming Bash & K Shell, and
       Sybase Administration. Experienced in DATA Center 24x7 Support Operations, ITSM
       procedures and processes like Incident Management, Problem Management and Change

  Technical Skills:

      Operating Systems
          •   LINUX                  Linux 2.2, 2.4
                                     Linux Distributions:
                                     Redhat Linux 6.0,6.2,7.0,7.2 ,8.0 & 9.0
                                     Redhat Enterprise Linux 2.1, 3.0
                                     Suse Linux Enterprise Server 7.0
          •   UNIX                   IBM AIX 4.3, SOLARIS 8.0
          •   WINDOWS                Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 Professional.
         • Other                     IBM iSeries 800 (AS/400)
      Database                       Sybase 12.5, Mysql
      Programming Languages          Bash & K Shell programming
      Network Services
         • Messaging                 Sendmail 8.12, Postfix 2.x, CYRUS IMAP 2.x, WU-IMAP,
                                     Qpopper, Suse Linux Email Server 3.1,InterScan Messaging
                                     Security Suite (IMSS).
          •   Web Server             Apache 1.3.x, 2.x
          •   File/ Print Services   Samba, NFS
          •   DNS Server             BIND 9.x
          •   Proxy Server           Squid.

Rajashekar.R                                                             www.techguruz.com
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         •   FTP Servers            WU-Ftpd, VSFtpd
         •   Instant Messaging      Jabber
         •   Directory Services     Openldap, Netscape iplanet
         •   Network Security       SSH Server, IDS, Packet filtering firewall router using IP
                                    Chains 1.2, IP Tables 1.2.3, RSA secure ID
         •   Backup Utilities       HP Omnibackup, Brightstor Arcserve, Unix Backup utilities
                                    tar, dump restore.
         • Versioning system        CVS
         • Monitoring Tools         NAGIOS
      Appliances                    Netcache, Juniper Netscreen SA 1000, 3000.

   Work History:

      Wipro, Bangalore                                           (May’2004 – till date)
      Senior Customer Service Engineer (UNIX Specialist) – Server Escalations, Global NOC

              Re-organization of Wipro’s Perimeter messaging Setup.
              Responsible for the technical design and implementation of the Wipro perimeter
              messaging .The highlights of this project were
              a. Implemented on complete open source platform
              b. Redhat Enterprise Linux 2.1 as the Operating System,
              c. postfix-2.1.3 with TLS support as the MTA,
              d. IMSS (Inter Scan Messaging Security Suite) from Trend Micro systems for Virus
                 Scanning and Spam filtering.
              e. Subscription to SPAMHAUS RBL lists.
              f. TLS enabled for encrypted and certificate authenticated SMTP transactions.
              g. Strict SPAM control

              Sustenance Activities – Unix and tools services
              L3 Support activities for Services listed below:
              a. Proxy Services – Squid, Netcache, and Netscreen Secure Access.
              b. Messaging Services – Postfix, sendmail on Linux, Solaris platform.
              c. Monitoring Tools – Nagios
              d. Implementation and evaluation of products for new requirements and improve
                  current services.
              All activities are governed by ITSM procedures of Incident Management, Problem
              Management and Change Management.

       Significant Achievements

              Design and implementation of the perimeter messaging setup from sendmail on
              Solaris to Enterprise Linux, responsibilities included the technical - architecture
              design, feasibility study, implementation, project schedule, co-ordination between
              teams, complete project documentation and, technical – support operations training to
              the sustenance team.

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      Phoenix Global Solutions (I) Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore                 (Jun’ 2002 – Apr’2004)
      Systems Administrator

              Open Source Integration for ITS Division.
              Migration of windows NT Fileservers to Samba on
              Migration of the Windows based DNS Servers to BIND9 on Linux.
              Implementation of Radius server on Linux, for user authentication for accessing
              Implementation PHP Based Discussion forum and web content management for
              managing the Intranet.
              Implementation of CVS Server using CVSNT and using wincvs client for software
              version control.

              Administration of IBM iSeries 800 for the ITS Division - client SWISSLIFE
              Responsibilities include system operator role, managing user account, object
              permission, backup and restore of data.

              IBM AIX and Sybase Administration for the ITS Division - client REGENCE Group
              Responsibilities include Administration of Sybase Database and the IBM Aix Server.
              UNIX and K- Shell scripting.

              Systems Administration – ITES (I.T Enabled Services Division) Infrastructure
              Management and reporting of Davox, Backup and Administration of SUN SOLARIS
              Servers, Administration of the windows DHCP, DNS, IIS Servers.

              Open Source Integration for ITES Division.
              Implementation of File Server – was responsible for architecting and implementing a
              file server, using samba on Linux, with zero cost on software and licensing.
              The file server has features of user and share security, DFS (Distributed File System).
              A script to automate backup and, log reporting through email.
              Use of Open Office on desktops, reducing the cost incurred on Microsoft office suite.
              Implementation of SSH Server, allowing support personnel to connect over the
              Internet to manage systems, securely.

              Intranet Mail Server, BBS (Bulletin Board System) for the ITES Division
              Responsible for implementation of Suse Linux Email Server 3.1. Activities included
              administration, management of the mail server, and backup of email.

       Significant Achievements

              Responsible for use of open source products, resulting in cost saving on Software &
              its licensing.

Rajashekar.R                                                                www.techguruz.com
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      Computer Factory (I) Ltd., Software Division, Bangalore (Nov’ 2000–Jun‘2002)
      Functional Manager – Corporate Intranet Services (Linux Consultancy) &
      Systems Administrator IT Division

              CF-Alert - Java based Alert Messaging System.
                 An alert messaging system written in Java. The product used RMI of client server
          communication; Java Swings for the administration frontend and java mail API for the
          messaging. Typically used for security systems, IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems). The
          team size was 3.

             Migration to a Linux based Network – Eureka Forbes Ltd., Bommasandra, Bangalore
             – responsible for design and implementation of a domain controller (PDC), file
             server, print server, email server, Intranet Web Server, Http Proxy, Software RAID1
             (Disk Mirroring) on Redhat Linux 7.2, replacing a Windows NT based PDC and
             Exchange server as the Mail Server, win proxy as the proxy server, saving lakhs of
             rupees on windows Software and its Licensing costs.

             Internet – Intranet Email Server, a Linux based router, firewall – TMG (Technology
             Media Group), Bangalore – responsible for the design and implementation of the
             Linux based Internet email server based on sendmail-8.9 with relay control, anti-
             spam measures, with pop access. This email server was used by all employees of
             TMG distributed in offices located across various parts of India.

             Secure Web Server, Internet Firewall and Intranet Mail – Ramsoft & Fusion
             Technologies Bangalore. – Responsible for the entire design and implementation of
             an intranet email server on Linux using sendmail, pop services, with Software RAID
             1 enabled. Design and implementation of a secure web server using Apache and a
             Linux packet filtering firewall based on ipchains in Linux kernel 2.2

             Migration to a Linux based Network & Internet Firewall – Spectra Innovations Inc
             Bangalore – responsible for migrating a windows based network, which comprised of
             a Windows NT server as PDC, Fileserver, MS Exchange server 2000, the same
             functionality was provided using samba, sendmail on Linux. Designed and
             implemented firewall-router NAT based on the Linux Kernel 2.4 IPnetfilter
             framework (iptables).

             Intranet services – Mail, Web and Fileserver – Thomas & Associates Bangalore –
             Implementation of a Email Server with mail monitoring enabled i.e., every mail sent
             or received are scanned for content and a copy placed for security purposes.
             Implementation of fileserver based on samba 2.2. Thomas & Associates are
             prominent Building Architects in Bangalore.

             Intranet Solutions on Linux for the following clients:
                 1. Interplex solutions, Bangalore
                 2. Enercon Systems Pvt Ltd., Bangalore
                 3. Spec Synergy, Bangalore
                 4. Computer Factory (I) Ltd. Hardware & Networking Division, Bangalore.
                 5. Varma & Varma Chartered Accountants, Bangalore.

Rajashekar.R                                                             www.techguruz.com
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Significant Achievements

                    Managed a successful Linux consultancy and services with a client base spread
                    across various parts of Bangalore, India.
                    Migrated windows based networks to Linux Network for corporate like Eureka
                    Forbes Limited, Technology Media Group (TMG), Spectra Innovations Inc, saving
                    lakhs of rupees in Windows Software and Licensing costs.
                    Actively involved in fostering use of Open Source Products.


           March 2000          Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Communications,
                               Bangalore University.

           April 1995          Diploma in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, Bangalore

  Professional Training:

       •    Java Programming - NIIT.
       •    Linux and Postgresql - Computer Factory India Ltd (Software Division)
       •    Linux Security & Administration - Computer Factory India Ltd (Software Division)
       •    Solaris Security - Sun Microsystems
       •    Sybase Administration – Phoenix Global Solutions (I) Pvt. Ltd.
       •    CVS - Phoenix Global Solutions (I) Pvt. Ltd
       •    AS/400 System Operator – Annoxent Solutions Pvt Ltd.


       RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer) – Red Hat Linux 9


       Can be provided on request


Rajashekar.R                                                               www.techguruz.com
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