Getting Pregnant When You're Over 30

					                Getting Pregnant When You're Over 30 By Morpheus Art Fertility Centers

Are you over 30 and trying to become pregnant? It's sometimes not as easy as you thought it would be.
Before you spend many hundreds or thousands of rupees on tests, drugs. It just isn't working. Do not let
you relationship strained by the effort and disappointment.

Infertility is considered a curse for women, especially in India where the female partner is blamed in
almost all cases.

Getting pregnant over 30 does not have to become a time of crisis and disappointment. Many couples
before you have struggled with this issue and found a solution.

In Indian society fertility defines womanhood and motherhood, and infertility is stigmatised. Women
faced a lot of pressures to produce a biological child, and go through all kinds of treatments.

Pregnancy over thirty can be achieved, and it sometimes is not so difficult as you might think. If you're
serious about getting pregnant and you'd like to learn more about how to get Pregnant When You're
Over 30....

Lifestyle modification to tackle obesity, tobacco smoking and alcohol consumption, have been proposed
as crucial in influencing the outcome of both natural and assisted conceptions.

1]Occasional relaxing get-away for the couple

2]Cut down on alcohol intake

3]Stop tobacco smoking and alcohol consumption

4]Avoid processed food, preservatives etc.

5]Organic food, sea food judicious selection

6]Stop diet/ binge cycle

7]Make space for some form of physical exercise in the week

8]Regular health checks

9]Plan family before 35 years of age

10]Pre- natal vitamins/ anti-oxidants

11]Weight loss if high BMI

12]Ovulation induction for anovulatory women with patent tubes

13]IUI to counter some of the cervical, semen and Ovulatory factors

14]IVF/ICSI for damaged /blocked tubes, asthenozoospermia/azoospermia, unexplained infertility
15]Minimally Invasive Fertility surgery for fibroids, polyps, ovarian cysts etc.

Lifestyle modification should be the preferred initial treatment of infertility.

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