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  Vol. 14, No. 2                             Olympia Microcomputer Users Group                                      February 2006

Upcoming activities include elections
                        By Bill Gortz                                                       which we will be providing coffee,
                       OMUG President                                                       cookies, etc. to the traveling public. One

                                                  President’s                               of the biggest attractions last year was

      ast month I mentioned some of the                                                     the homemade cookies provided by
      activities that OMUG will be doing
      this year, but I did not have any
                                                  Post                                      several OMUG members and associate
                                                                                            members. If you are inclined to help
dates listed. The following is the list of                                                  with the cookies, please start making
events by date:                                  Oct. 6-8 – Raincoast                       and freezing them early so we can have
    February/March – Nominations                 Dec. 14 – Potluck and Silent Auction       plenty at the reststop. If necessary, we
received for April election of officers          This list is the best of my knowledge      can probably find freezer space to store
    April 13 – Election of officers          as of this time. There may be some             cookies in.
    May 23-24 – Information Processing       additions, deletions or changes to this list       In addition to the list above, we will
Management Association Forum at Saint        as the year goes by, and I am sure some        also be having our monthly general
Martins University – Tenative                of you do not know what each event is          meetings on the second Thursday of
    June 17 – Super Saturday at The          all about. As the dates draw near              each month, business meeting on the
Evergreen State College                      explanations will be given and in many         third Thursday of each month, monthly
    July 1-3 – Maytown Rest Stop, from       cases volunteers will be asked for to help     SIG meetings and our newsletter
2 a.m., July 1 to 2 p.m. July 3              with the event.                                distribution party, as well as various
    Aug. 12 – OMUG Picnic, Priest                Of course our main money-raising           committee meetings as needed or
Point Park, Shelter #3                       event will be the Maytown Rest Stop at         required. Check the monthly OMUG
                                                                                            Calendar of Events in the newsletter or
                                                                                            on the website ( As
                                                                                            you can see, OMUG can be a pretty
                                                                                            busy place if you are looking for things
                                                                                            to do.
                                                                                                Speaking of things to do, we still need
                                                                                            nominations for all of the OMUG
                                                                                            Executive Board positions. Please
                                                                                            consider running for one of these
                                                                                            positions and contact any member of the
                                                                                            nominating committee if you are
                                                                                            interested in a position.
                                                                                                Don’t forget the general meeting
                                                                                            Feb. 9 begins with a “Meet & Mix” at 6
                                                                                            p.m., with coffee, cookies and hopefully
                                                                                            good fellowship. The general meeting
                                                                                            starts at 7 p.m. Beginning this month,
                                                                                            we will start with OMUG business and
                                                                                            a short question and answer session
         OMUG general meetings are held the second Thursday of each
         month, with a Meet & Greet at 6:30 p.m. and the meeting at 7 p.m.                  before the evening’s presentation starts.
                                                                                            I hope to see you there.
                                           Previews, kids and taxes
                                                                  By Sue Crane                                      year. It was
                                                          Big Bear Computer Club
                                                                                           Tec h Ne ws
                                                                                            ech News                a pipe dream
                                                                                                                    only a few
President: Bill Gortz, 426-2310,                 Microsoft Previews IE7                months ago but soon will be reality. An                           Internet Explorer ’s program            ambitious effort from MIT Media Labs
Vice President: Shirley                    manager, Eric Lawrence, recently posted     to put a $100 portable in the hands of
Bellinghausen, 426-7149,                   a blog that said IT7 plans to support the   every child in the world is picking up big                   Transport Layer Security protocol by        corporate partners, top engineering
Secretary: Larry Jensen                    default. He also explained how IE7 will     talent, and interest from several                       behave differently from earlier versions    countries. One Laptop Per Child
Treasurer: Max Whipps, 486-9959            when it encounters potential security       (OLPC), a nonprofit venture, is expected                       problems. From an HTTPS page, users         to start distributing machines late next
Newsletter Editor: Sandy                   will be forced to access insecure content   year and to produce 100 to 200 million
Pishner, 459-5726,                         via the information bar, since only the     in 2007.                          secure content will be rendered by             Phishers use Phony IRS Tax
Webmaster: Pat Sonnenstuhl,                default. IE7 is also rumored to have           Refund to Scam Consumers                       tabbed browsing similar to competitor           A spam e-mail message has been
Director at Large: James                   Firefox.                                    sent around the world telling people they
Gunnells,                 A Computer for Every Kid                are eligible for a $571.94 tax refund from
Director at Large: Christie                   A $100 laptop? A global effort is        the IRS. The e-mail offers a link to a
McCormick, 426-9996,                       under way to make it happen by next         fraudulent IRS Web site, but the link                                                                   actually goes through a legitimate
Director at Large: L.D. McNall,                                                        Government Web site. The link in the
                                                   Thanks For                          phishing e-mail goes to a forged IRS Web
                                                                                       site that asks for a Social Security
APCUG Representative: Bill Gortz
Budget Committee Chair: Bill Gortz
Database Manager: Max Whipps
                                                   Renewing                            number, tax returning filing code and
                                                                                       credit card details including security
Elections Chair: Bob Steinberg                                                         codes and PIN. The government is
Historian: David Belles
Membership Chair: James Gunnells
                                                    Karen Clemens                      aware of the issue and is working to fix
Membership Renewal Coordinator:
Max Whipps                                        Robert & Sara Lyon
                                                   Ginger Andersen
Newsletter Distribution Coordinator:

Loren Freeman
Nominating Committee Chair:
Wes Kirkpatrick
                                               Vincent & Lenora Hughes
Scholarship Committee Chair:
Bob Wing
                                                   Bobbie Petraitis
SIG Coordinator: Shirley Bellinghausen
                                                  Howard Glastetter
Visitors Coordinator: Elizabeth Ross
Special Activities Committee Chair:

                                                                                                  Fred Day
Gary Bigger
Public Relations Chair: Vivian Forrester
                                                 Gary & Mary Bigger
The Olympia Microcomputer Users
Group is a not for profit organization
                                                Russell & Betty Nation                      Karl & Marth Hommer
dedicated to helping computer users                  Dixie Cattell                               Edith Rutel
improve their skills with computers.
OMUG News PMB 225                                 Jim & Chris Bevan                              Lisa Bangs
Vol. 14, No. 2     3430 Pacific Ave
February 2006 SE Ste. A6                             May Murrell
Published          Olympia, WA
monthly            98501-2177
 2 OMUG NEWS                                                                                                  FEBRUARY 2006
Programs set for next four meetings
                             By Shirley Bellinghausen
                                        OMUG Vice President

          eeting opened by Bill Gortz, OMUG president, at
          7:10 p.m. Attending were Shirley Bellinghausen,
          vice president; Max Whipps, treasurer; Chris
McCormick and James Gunnels, directors at large; and past
president John Marshall                                                John Marshall volunteered to present a program on PC
    Max Whipps asked if ACPUG and donation to Senior               Mover.
Center had been paid. The answer was yes.                              James Gunnels gave about 50 OMUG brochures to Max
    John Marshall is still helping out on Senior Center computer   for distribution. He also offered his temporary resignation
problems. Bill announced he had sent a Thank You note to           from the membership chairmanship.
the center also for their help with OMUG meetings.                     Bill Gortz announced the nominating committee will be
    Program Chairman Shirley announced the programs for            staffed by Arlene Kapner, Tonney Yamane and Bill Gortz
the coming months:                                                 have begun to contact members to run for executive board
    February - Bill Gortz, Click Books                             member positions.
    March - Officer Jim Dunn, Thurston County Sheriff on               The reflector was again discussed.
Identity Theft                                                         A proposal was made by Bill Gortz to offer new members
    April - Dixie Cattell, member, explaining court reporters      a small packet containing pertinent information about OMUG
and video conferencing                                             when they join. .
    May - Dave Whittle, Webworker Services                             Suggestions for the gift bag: membership card, copy of
    A report on the Holiday Auction and Potluck was turned         bylaws, survey form, Pen or pencil, newsletter, standing rules,
in. We had a great turn out.                                       brochure.
                                                                       After some discussion Chris McCormick volunteered to
                                                                   act as a greeter and have guests sign a guest book with name
   In Memory Of . . .                                              address, phone and e-mail address. They would be sent a
                                                                   “glad to have you; come again” letter after the meeting.
         Betty Barber                                                  Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.
                      Betty Barber, a member of OMUG,
                      passed away Jan. 25.
                      Betty joined OMUG in January 2003.                  OMUG Income & Expenses
                      She served many roles in OMUG, to                      December 2005
                      include Audit Committee Chairperson.           Income: $856
                      A retired certified public accountant,         [Dues–$220, Interest–$5, Auction–631]
                      Betty used her computer primarily to           Expenses: $321
                      monitor her investments.                       [Newsletter Copying–$136, Membership Committee
                                                                     Supplies–$125, SSSS Donation –$50 (Nov & Dec), Wine
                                                                     License (Christmas Potluck)–$10]

Parking passes available                                             Net Deficit: $96

   OMUG members attending any OMUG activities during
                                                                     Savings Account Balance:          $3856        1/25/06
the day at the Olympia Center must now obtain a parking
                                                                     Scholarship Account Balance:      $1845
pass. for the Olympia Center parking lot.
                                                                     Checking Account Balance:          $136
   The pass is free and you can get them at the parks
                                                                     Bank Accounts Total:              $5837
department front desk for functions at the center. There is
                                                                     To Be Deposited:                   $120
one day pass, quarter pass for those who are taking a class.
                                                                     Current Treasury:                 $5957
The Internet SIG is listed as a class. Additionally, for people
over 70 there is yearly pass.
FEBRUARY 2006                                                                                           OMUG NEWS 3
No-show speaker presents opportunity
       By Shirley Bellinghausen             after some of our members complained         good presentations we need to have
                 OMUG Vice President        to the company about the speaker not         members who understand and can give

                                            showing up.                                  a good presentation using the materials
       fter our scheduled speaker failed        We had over 40 members and               provided, usually a prepared script and/
       to show, the general meeting in      several guests present. In addition to       or a PowerPoint presentation.
       January proved to be one of the      our “on the spot” guest speakers, we              We received several suggestions of
most interesting we have had for awhile.    were able to hear from several SIG           things people would like to see happen.
    The originally scheduled speaker        leaders and Pat Sonnenstuhl spoke about      Among them is a practice we will start
was to talk about using the telephone       what will be presented during her            at our next meeting. We will have our
through the Internet and our member         coming three sessions on PowerPoint.         OMUG business start at 7 p.m., and
organizers were about to panic when the         An open discussion gave an               after that is finished we will have a
speaker didn’t show up. The meeting         opportunity to gather comments from          question and answer session until
was saved when one of our new               those present on what members would          approximately 7:30 p.m., where
members, Arlene Kapner, stepped up to       like to have for presentations in the        members can bring questions and
give us information she had received        future.                                      problems to the floor and knowledgeable
from Vonage, and a guest, Roy Staub, a          The large companies rarely will send     fellow members can help. So write down
retiree from Qwest, talked about his        a speaker to a small, isolated user group    a particular question and receive help.
experience in recently having Comcast       such as OMUG, as they have in the past.      Don’t make it too complicated, as time
installed at his home.                      However they will send a “Presentation       is limited.
    Instead of hearing only one point of    in a Box” which usually consists of               After the Question and Answer
view, we were able to hear about some       material and a prepared presentation for     session there will be a short 5-minute
differences and similarities in two         a member to use. We are hoping to            break after which the meeting will be
different systems and some of the things    utilize some of these presentations in the   turned over to that evening’s presenter.
to expect when getting them installed.      future.                                      But watch out, that presenter could be
    We did receive an e-mail apology            To take advantage of these very          you!

Rules govern use of computer room
     o clarify when OMUG         activities as approved by the     use of the computer room is     the OMUG General Meeting.
      members, associate         Senior Services.                  the Internet SIG, which meets       If there should be a need
      members, and guests            After normal hours, the       on the first Tuesday of each    to use these facilities for other
can use the Senior Services      computer room will be opened      month from 1 to 3 p.m.          OMUG activities not
for South Sound Computer         only for designated personnel         If OMUG members or          specified above, please submit
Room (hereafter referred to      as requested by OMUG and          associate members would like    requests to the OMUG
as Senior Services or the        approved by the Senior            to use the computer room at     President. If the president
Computer        Room,       as   Services for South Sound.         other times, they must          feels the request is justified
appropriate) the following has       Currently this includes the   become members of the           he will forward the request to
been set forth in agreement      OMUG SIG Leaders,                 Senior Services for South       the Senior Services for
with the Senior Services:        OMUG President, and others        Sound and comply will all of    appropriate              action.
   OMUG            members,      performing various functions      the rules and operating hours   Depending on the request,
associate members and            for or with the Senior            established by the Senior       this may require approval by
guests may use the computer      Services.                         Services.            Current    the OMUG Executive Board
room only during approved            The room can be opened        membership for the Senior       prior to forwarding it to the
OMUG activities, such as         30 minutes prior to the           Center is $25 per year.         Senior Services.
OMUG SIG meetings,               designated activity.                  OMUG is authorized to           The above is not all
OMUG Executive Board                 The only OMUG activity        use the lobby in the Senior     inclusive and may be modified
meeting, and other OMUG          that is approved for daytime      Center one day a month for      as circumstances require.

  4 OMUG NEWS                                                                                                   FEBRUARY 2006
McKenna, Microsoft announce
landmark spyware lawsuit
    SEATTLE — Attorney               “Our investigations          advertises through pop-up ads     Cleaner each time someone
General Rob McKenna              revealed that Secure             that display warnings that a      purchased the product.
recently announced the filing    Computer, its principals and     consumer’s           personal         “When spyware is
of Washington’s first lawsuit    associates advertised and        computer may be infected          downloaded on your
under the state’s new            distributed a product called     with harmful spyware and          computer, it can enable a
computer spyware act.            Spyware Cleaner through          offer a “free scan” of the        remote computer to redirect
    The suit in U.S. District    spam, pop-up ads and             computer. If a user elects to     you to Web sites you don’t
Court in Seattle, accuses        deceptive hyperlinks,”           have the free scan performed,     want to visit, monitor your
New York-based Secure            McKenna           explained.     a     software       program      computer usage, and even
Computer, as well as             “However, not only did this      downloads, installs, and          record your keystrokes -
associates in the United         product fail to detect and       immediately executes on the       including your passwords and
States and India, of marketing   remove spyware on the            user’s computer.                  bank account numbers,” said
software that falsely claims     consumer’s computer, it              “Our investigation found      McKenna. “Unfortunately,
computers are infected with      actually tampered with           that this so-called ‘free scan’   until last year, we didn’t even
spyware       and     selling    security settings to make the    always detected spyware on        have a statute in Washington
consumers a program that         machine        even      more    a user’s computer, even if        that specifically prohibited
claims to remove it. In fact,    vulnerable.”                     none existed,” McKenna            these activities.”
the software renders                 The lawsuit brings charges   said. “In order to remove this        Washington’s           new
computers more susceptible       against Secure Computer          falsely detected spyware,         spyware act prohibits
to attacks.                      LLC, company president           users are instructed to           inducing a computer user to
    The lawsuit and a similar    Paul E. Burke, and Gary T.       purchase the full software        download software by
suit brought by Microsoft are    Preston, who owns and            product.”                         making false claims that the
the result of parallel           manages Web domains for              Yet, when tested on a         software is necessary for
investigations by experts at     Secure Computer. Both men        computer         that      was    security purposes. It further
Microsoft and the Attorney       live in New York. In addition,   deliberately infected with        prohibits software from
General’s recently expanded      three other individuals are      spyware,       the      state’s   surreptitiously modifying a
High-Tech Fraud Unit.            charged in connection with       investigation          showed     computer’s security settings.
    “Spyware has overtaken       advertising Spyware Cleaner      Spyware Cleaner detected              If found liable, defendants
computer viruses as the          for Secure Company: Zhijian      virtually none of the actual      can also be fined up to $250
number-one threat to             Chen, of Portland, Ore.; Seth    spyware on the computer.          per violation under the federal
personal computer users,”        Traub, of Portsmouth, N.H.,      The software also erased a        CAN-SPAM act, $500 per
McKenna said. “This lawsuit      and Manoj Kumar, of              computer’s Hosts file, which      violation under Washington’s
will make it clear to those      Maharashtra, India.              can be used to store Web          spam act, $2,000 per violation
who prey on consumers’ fears         According to the state’s     addresses that a user wants       under the Consumer
about spyware that we are no     complaint, Secure Computer,      to block.                         Protection Act, as well as
longer going to tolerate their   based in White Plains, N.Y.,         The state alleges that        other restitution to be
heinous activities.”             has marketed and sold            Chen, Traub and Kumar             determined by the court.
    The state’s suit alleges     Spyware Cleaner since at         advertised Spyware Cleaner            Consumers              who
violations under Washington’s    least 2004. Secure Computer      through a variety of deceptive    purchased Spyware Cleaner
2005 Computer Spyware Act,       owns several Web sites,          means, including spam e-          are encouraged to file a
as well as the federal “CAN-     i n c l u d i n g                mails, hyperlink ads, and Net     complaint with the Attorney
SPAM” Act, the state   ,            Send messages,. The men           General’s Office online at
Commercial Electronic Mail,         and    were paid commissions equal or call 1-
Act and the state Consumer             to 75 percent of the $49.95       800-551-4636 to request a
Protection Act.                      Spyware          Cleaner     purchase price of Spyware         complaint form.
FEBRUARY 2006                                                                                           OMUG NEWS 5
                  Beginners                                                         Windows
Leader: Bob Stimmel,                       Co-Leaders: Max Whipps,
    This Beginners SIG is the place to get answers.             & John T. Marshall,
Experienced users are usually on hand to help answer                Collective wisdom is the key. This SIG will discuss any
questions or demonstrate solutions to problems. No question     aspect of the various Microsoft Windows operating systems.
is too basic. We’ll even take on the not so basic questions,    Share your Windows problems and solutions with the group
although it’s not a substitute for our specialized SIGs. We     and we all gain!
meet the fourth Monday of each month at the Olympia Center,         Normally meets on the month’s fourth Thursday at 7 p.m.
222 Columbia St., Olympia.                                      in the computer room (2nd floor) of The Olympia Center,
                                                                222 Columbia St, Olympia.

             Digital Imaging                                                       Paintshop
Leader: John Gerecht,                        Leader: Bill Gortz
    Digital Imaging is the creation, manipulation, and output       This SIG works with the Jasc Paint Shop products and
of any form of image using a computer. We don’t care how it     is for the beginner and intermediate learners. Programs
gets into the computer: digital camera, PhotoCD, Scanner,       covered will be Paint Shop Pro, Paint Shop Pro Studio (a
drawing, or any other form.                                     new program) and Paint Shop Photo Album. There is no set
    Our main focus has been Adobe PhotoShop, but we’ll look     structure and subjects will be covered as determined by
at any other programs that interest you. We meet at 7 p.m.      persons attending. Hopefully we can all learn together.
on the second Monday of the month in Capital High School’s          This SIG will meet on the first Thursday of each month
Graphic Computer Lab at 2707 Conger Ave. NW in Olympia.         at 7 p.m. in the Computer Room of the Olympia Center,
                                                                222 Columbia St., Olympia.

                  Hot Topics                                            OMUG Lunch Bunch
Leader: John Marshall,
                                                                Facilitator: Loren Freeman,
    The newest Hot Topic is personal finance software
                                                                     This social interest group, formerly known as the
programs, led by Wim Verhoef.
                                                                Kingfishers, is a gathering of fellow OMUGers who just want
    This subject holds promise for learning how one can make
                                                                to spend some quality time getting to know each other. They
use of appropriate software (such as Quicken, Microsoft
                                                                also enjoy the freedom to discuss the world of personal
Money, or others) to facilitate management of one’s personal
                                                                computing, OMUG, world politics and the current plight of
finances. From budget building, to check book balancing, to
                                                                the stock market. As Loren says, we’re at the picket fence of
investing, there is a software program to help.
    This SIG meets the second Wednesday of each month, at           The OMUG Lunch Bunch meets on the fourth Tuesday of
7 p.m. at the Olympia Center, 222 Columbia St., Olympia.        each month at 11:30 a.m., at El Sarape restaurant, 1200
                                                                Cooper Point Road in West Olympia. The El Sarape is located
                                                                in the new section of the mall near the Gateway Computer
                                                                Store and the new Post Office.

  6 OMUG NEWS                                                                                              FEBRUARY 2006
                      Internet                                                 Supporters
                                                                          OMUG Suppor ters
Facilitator: Bob Elves,                             We are thankful for the many people, organizations,
    NEW TIME! The purpose of the Internet SIG is to learn           and businesses who support OMUG.
more about using your browser, e-mail, and surfing the                  Below is a list of a few who have given back to the
Internet. We start the meeting with an informal question and        community by assisting OMUG in its mission to help
answer session. If you have a question about where to find          computer users help computer users and their community.
something or want to show us some new, wonderful site, bring            Supporters provide services and discounts, give of
it along. If we run out of things to share and talk about, I will   their time, provide space for OMUG activities, introduce
bring up an Internet topic that may be of interest to the group.    OMUG members to new products, share knowledge
    Internet novices are most welcome. We meet the first            and expertise, provide OMUG with software and
Tuesday of each month from 1 to 3 p.m., at The Olympia              hardware, or provide educational opportunities. All of
Center, 222 Columbia St. NW, Olympia.                               them are appreciated.
                                                                    Senior Services for South Sound
                                                                    Olympia Computer Central
                     Hardware                                       IPMA
Leader: John Moody
                                                                    Jasc Software
    The Hardware SIG meets the third Tuesday of each month
                                                                    Cartridge Care, Inc
at 6:30 p.m. Meeting takes place at JME Computers, located
at 4305 Lacey Blvd SE, Suite 8.

                                      MEETING LOCATIONS
   Capital High School:
2707 Conger Avenue NW
in Olympia. Follow the
signs to the computer lab
from the lower parking lot.
                                    Parking Lot
   El Sarape Restaurant:
1200 Cooper Point Road in
West Olympia near the            Olympia Senior
Gateway Computer Store.          Center is located in
   The Olympia Center:
222 Columbia Street NW in
                                 the south end of the
Olympia.                         Olympia Community
The Lacey Senior Center:         Center building.
1147 Willow Street SE in

FEBRUARY 2006                                                                                        OMUG NEWS 7
                  $20/Year Individual or Family — $12/Year Student (with ID card)
                                         PLEASE PRINT IN BLOCK LETTERS

 Applicant ____________________________ Company _____________________________________________
 Associate Member* ________________________ Associate Member* ________________________________
 Mailing Address ____________________________________________________________________________
 City ___________________________________ State _____ Zip Code ____________ - ________
 Home Phone: (______) ____________________Work Phone: (______) ________________________________
 Cell/Mobile Phone: (______) ________________E-mail ____________________________________________
 ___ New Member ___ Renewal ___ Address/Phone Change
 Referred By**: ________________________

For only $20 a year you get:
    A year’s subscription to this newsletter                              Mail completed form with check or
    The OMUG Help Network                                                 money order, payable to OMUG, to:
    Opportunities to evaluate new software                                     OMUG Treasurer
    Special Interest Groups (SIGs)                                           PMB 225
    Chances to win door prizes                                                3430 Pacific Ave SE Ste A6
    Special discounts with local merchants & Internet Service Providers        Olympia, WA 98501-2177

    O MUG NEWS                                                                         NONPROFIT ORG.
                                                                                         U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                          OLYMPIA, WA
    Olympia Microcomputer Users Group
                                                                                        PERMIT NO. 578
    OMUG Newsletter Editor
    PMB 225
    3430 Pacific Ave SE Ste. A6
    Olympia, WA 98501-2177

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