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					                 Contractor’s Guide to Building Business with
                         Aprilaire Co-op Advertising

       Generate new sales Leads
       Marketing to existing customers
       Increase business with your current customers

The goal of the Aprilaire Co-op advertising program is to generate Aprilaire
accessories sales leads for you. To do this effectively, a few key elements are
required in the advertising: Aprilaire brand, product, consumer benefits, and a
call to action. Of course, no competitive product allowed.

It’s a simple program. The attached guidelines walk you through the simple
process, but here’s a quick summary:

       You get $1,000 automatically, every Co-op Year (March 1 – Feb 28).
       Add to your available funds with EVERY Aprilaire purchase – just send us
        invoices or statements for all Aprilaire purchases and get 2% of the total
        (including all products, all parts). We’ll do the math and maintain your
        account balances for you.
       Run pre-approved ads that Aprilaire provides, send us a copy of the ad
        with invoices you paid for advertising, and we’ll reimburse 50% of the
        cost, based on accrued funds in co-op account.
       For your own custom ads – Simply work with us to pre-approve your ads
        before they run, then follow the same procedure.

There are some specific elements of the advertising that we require that will help
get more out of your advertising. Ads should feature:

       Aprilaire brand – this should feature a current Aprilaire Logo
       Product – Does NOT have to include a photo of the product. A product
        name also makes the point. A photo of a product without a name can be
        confusing as not everyone knows what our products look like. While not
        required, you could consider images that show IAQ problems, like cracked
        earth, dust mites, etc. Also consider images of your company business or
        staff. A personal element can be very powerful.
       IAQ – An alternative to advertising a specific product, Aprilaire Co-op will
        also pay for an overall IAQ message. In this case, there should be a clear
        message regarding benefits, such as temperature control, humidity control
        or cleaner, healthier air. We have existing ads that can help here.
       Needs/Benefits – Message must have benefits to the consumer. A
        problem AND a solution work best.
            o Dry, itchy skin? (Problem).
            o We can provide comfort today, with an Aprilaire Whole-Home
                Humidifier (solution).
      Call to action – A strong call-to-action will generate more sales leads.
          o Poor example: Call ABC Heating & Cooling at 273-8772.
          o Better example: End Uncomfortable Dryness In Your Home Now -
              Call ABC Heating & Cooling at 273-8772 Today and be more
              comfortable Tomorrow

      Media choice: – We know that our products get installed in single family
       Homes. The demographics of single family homeowners are pretty
       consistent: ages 25-60, married, own the home. Choosing a media that
       reaches this audience is key to generating quality sales leads. This is why
       we have pre-approved materials that are designed for specific media to
       reach this target audience.

      Logo Ads: Logo-only ads don’t typically qualify for Co-op funds. This kind
       of advertising doesn’t generally make your phone ring. An Aprilaire logo
       on a truck, sign, storefront, billboard or in the Yellow Pages is not an
       effective way to communicate to consumers that you are their IAQ
       solutions provider. Needs and benefits need to be part of your message.

      Pre-approved ads - We have a full stable of professionally developed,
       pre-approved ad materials at These
       materials can be used to place ads without pre-approval. This will save
       you time and expense. They’re ready to go today.

      Custom ads – You can develop your own custom ads with more of your
       company message, or an equipment product, as long we pre-approve the
       ad before it runs. This will ensure that you get the maximum co-op
       reimbursement available and claims get processed quickly. Plus, since
       we work with 100's of contractors across the country, we can share
       insights and ideas to help ensure ads & media selection will generate
       maximum sales leads for you

In Summary: Our co-op program is super-easy, flexible and (most importantly)
designed to be effective.

Call us at 1-800-334-6011, email or log on to for more information about how we can help you
build your business.
               Aprilaire Co-op Advertising Contractor’s FAQ’s

Side note: If there’s ever a question that starts with “Can I…” the answer is
never “No”. Examples:

Q: “Can we get help paying for an Aprilaire logo on our trucks?”

A: We’d love to have our message driving all over town. Typically we find that
simply displaying a logo does very little to generate Aprilaire phone calls for
you. Is there room to include an IAQ or product message? Something with a
problem and solution? Since room is tight, and you only get a brief impression
in traffic, maybe we should look at other ways to use your Aprilaire co-op
dollars more effectively to generate sales leads –direct mail or newspaper ads
during peak season might be some options where we can put a problem-solution
message and a call to action to work for you.

Q: “Can I get Aprilaire to help pay for Home Show booth space, like I’ve been
doing for years?”

A: Not a bad idea if we also get you some tools to use in the booth to talk to
consumers about IAQ. We will pay a flat rate of $100.00 for including Aprilaire in
your home show booth. Simply displaying our products, not installed, does very
little to communicate benefits to a consumer. (We’ve done the consumer surveys
– there is very low awareness, so this is why asking about needs is so critical.)

Q: “I’ve been using this Aprilaire logo in Yellow Pages for years. Why can’t I
get reimbursed now?”

A: If I can get you the current logo and if you can squeeze in a bullet point or
two to help communicate IAQ benefits, you’ll not only be telling consumers more
about what you can provide, but we’ll gladly pay for 50% of the space used for
Aprilaire. Let’s work together to improve this ad before it gets re-run in the
next book.

P.S. An Aprilaire message in the heating or cooling sections of the Yellow
Pages only reaches consumers in the market for a whole new system, or that
need emergency service – neither are thinking about IAQ at this point. Aprilaire
has a national Yellow Pages program where you can be part of an Aprilaire
listing under “Humidifiers” or “Air Purifiers” for a small fraction of the cost
of a typical Yellow Pages listing. Consumers looking under these headings are
red-hot leads that have a need and are looking for a solution.
Call the Aprilaire Yellow Pages hotline at: 1-800-223-0074 X6600 . This program
is managed by TMP – they are the leading directory placement company in the
U.S. We’ve seen ads that would cost $1200 go for as little as $200 based on the
Aprilaire contribution, and our national buy.

BONUS – the Aprilaire contribution for the Yellow Pages program does not count
against a dealers co-op balance.

Q: “Can I do ___________?”

A: I’m not really sure, but I’ll get you an answer right away. What’s your

For the fastest service, call us at 1-800-334-6011, or e-mail your ad / idea to

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