Career Options and Opportunities by ramhood2


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Career Options and Opportunities
Course Introduction                                                      Course Breakdown
                                                                         Lesson 1:
This course focuses on the variety of career options and
                                                                         The Big Picture; Where the Jobs Are; Employers
opportunities available to those with call centre skills. This
course will enhance the research students have already
considered as they embark upon the career of a call centre               Lesson 2:
representative. The primary focus is on career paths for                 Identifying What You Value; Identifying Your Learning
customer service representatives; marketers of products                  Style; Identifying Your Preferred Working Environment;
and services; reservation attendants in world-wide travel,               Looking at Career Paths and Options; Establishing
tourism, and hospitality organizations; account services                 Career Goals
representatives; customer service agents for insurance,
banking, and credit agencies; telemarketing researchers
and public opinion data collectors; and government                       Lesson 3:
information specialists.                                                 Assessing Your Skills; Matching Your Skills to Your
                                                                         Career Goals
The course combines theoretical, how-to information with
hands-on, practical applications. Students will be required
to draw on their own knowledge and experience; to                        Lesson 4:
research, organize, and analyze information relating to                  Getting the Right Job; Keeping the Job
career options and opportunities; and to make decisions
about their own proposed career path.                                    Course Notes
During the course, students develop and apply such skills                Course manual provided for on-going reference.
as researching; self-assessment; setting goals; developing
job search strategies; using planning and organizing tools;              There is a final exam upon completion of the course.
maintaining records; networking; problem solving; and                    Participants who receive 75% or higher on their exam will
decision making.                                                         receive a certificate.
At the end of this course, students have planned a long-
term employment strategy based on a good understanding
of the hiring requirements, salary ranges, career paths,
and skill sets required for a variety of call centre jobs.

Course Prerequisite(s)
Word Processing – Level 1 or equivlent, working knowledge
of databases and how to access the Internet, Call Centre
Industry Overview course.

Course Aim
To provide an overview of the career options and
opportunities available for call centre agents.

Of Interest to
Those who are interested in the call centre industry.

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