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					   Email Account Set-up Instructions for Microsoft Outlook Express

1. Open Microsoft
   Outlook Express.

2. Select “Tools”,
   then “Accounts”.

3. A dialog box will

4. On the right side of
   the dialog box,
   choose “Add”, then
   This will start the
   Wizard” which will
   walk you through the
   set-up process.

5. In the “Display Name” box, type in
   your first and last name OR your
   company’s name.
   Click “Next”.
    6. In the “Email Address” box, type in
       your email address provided by
       Miller Davis Studios, Inc.
       Click “Next”.

7. In the “Incoming Mail (POP3) server” box
type “”.

In the “Outgoing Mail (SMTP) server” box
type “”. Both names
should be the same in most cases. (See

Click “Next”.
In the “Account Name” box type in your
email address created by MD Studios.

In the “Password” box type in the
password provided for your email
Click the “Remember Password” box.

Leave the “Log on using Secure
Password Authentication (SPA)” box

Click “Next”.

9. On the last screen, click “Finish”.

10. Go back to the “Internet
    Accounts” dialog box and click
    on the Account you just

    On the right side of the dialog
    box, choose “Properties”.

In the Properties dialog box click on the “Servers”

At the bottom, check the box for “My Server
Requires Authentication”. Click “Apply” and

12. In the “Internet Accounts” dialog box click
         SPAM Filter Set-up Instructions for Microsoft Outlook Express
1. In Outlook Express, go to Tools. Choose “Message Rules” and “Mail”.

   2. On the “Mail Rules” tab, click “New”.
3. Select your conditions and
actions for the rule.
We recommend checking the box
for “Where the message body
contains specific words.

For the action, you can choose to
“Move it to the specified
folder” or “Delete it”.

Under the Rule Description, you
can choose what specific words
you wish to filter. Click the link
and add the phrase [SPAM] to
your list of words.

Choose to move spam
messages to a specified folder,
such as “Junk E-mail”.

4. Last, Click “OK” and “OK”.

If your company uses dial-up Internet access, you should establish your dial-up connection BEFORE
opening Microsoft Outlook to send/receive email and to use other Outlook services.

If you receive an error message when you try to send an email using Microsoft Outlook…

    1. First check to see that your Email Username, Password, and the Mail Servers information (provided by
       MD Studios) were entered correctly in your Outlook Settings.

    2. Another possible cause of the problem may be your computer’s Anti-virus software or a Pop-up blocker
       program that could be blocking your outgoing messages. Temporarily disable the program and then test
       to see if you can send an email successfully. If your test is successful, then your anti-virus program/pop-
       up blocker is most likely causing the problem and should be reconfigured.

    3. Another possible cause of the problem may be that your Internet Service Provider does not permit
       message routing through another SMTP server while you are connected to their network. To resolve this
       problem, replace MD Studios’ SMTP server (, with the SMTP server that is
       associated with your Internet Service Provider that you use to connect to the Internet. If you do not know
       your ISP’s SMTP server, then you will need to contact your Internet Service Provider to get this

For more information regarding troubleshooting an MS Outlook error message, please
visit the following website:;en-us;813514&spid=2578&sid=216