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                   Metro Detroit’s only food rescue organization
                   Driving Hunger from our community since 1990         News                              spring crop 2008

                                                Crain’s Detroit Business
                                                names Forgotten Harvest
                                                Best-Managed Nonprofit
            Recipe for                          In the nonprofit world, success is
     JJ & Lynne’s Stone Soup:                   measured through fiscal responsibility,
                                                improved efficiencies, and increased
  1 rusty, old car that’s seen better days
                                                services. Receiving public recognition
  Handful of dedicated volunteers               for those things is the greatest
  willing to work evenings and
                                                distinction there is.
  Bunch of donated car parts and                Crain’s Detroit Business awarded that
  services by generous individuals              distinction to Forgotten Harvest when it
  and businesses                                named us the Best-Managed Nonprofit
  10,000 raffle tickets                          (December 24, 2007).
  1 lucky winner                                The publication has identified the best-
  1 grateful charity
                                                managed nonprofits in metro Detroit for
                                                the past 18 years. It focused this year’s
  Blend ingredients together for
                                                competition on nonprofits that exhibited
  several months. Work together
  until car is transformed into a               improved operations and delivery of
  collectible, classic vehicle and              services.
  raffle tickets have been completely            Forgotten Harvest was honored
  distributed. Enjoy!
                                                with the award for “doing more with
  Serves: Thousands of metro                    less, diversifying its sources of food                                BILL PUGLIANO
  Detroiters in need.                           donations, working with a number of         Since Executive Director Susan Goodell
                                                                                            joined Forgotten Harvest six years ago,
                                                nonprofit and for-profit agencies and         food distribution has increased by
                                                serving as a national model for food
Get your motor running!                         rescue operation.”
                                                                                            7.5 million pounds.

We are very excited to have been                As the best-managed nonprofit of 2007, Forgotten Harvest received a
selected as the benefitting charity for          cash prize of $2,000 from Crain’s Detroit Business and Gary Dembs,
JJ & Lynne’s Stone Soup Project!                president of the Non-Profit Personnel Network in Southfield and one of
Since its inception five years ago, the          the panel judges.
Stone Soup Project has raised nearly $1         Read the entire article at (keyword: Forgotten Harvest).
million for local Detroit charities.
It all starts when someone donates – in
many cases – a shell of a vehicle. And                                   3   Volunteer profile: Rick Johnston carries the load
then someone donates an engine, a                                        4   Capital Campaign donors help move more meals
company donates a new grill, a group
of mechanics offer to spend nights and
                                                   inside dish:          5
                                                                             “The harvest that wasn’t forgotten”
                                                                              Salute to our food donors
weekends putting it all together.                                        7    Extra special events
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STONE SOUP          Continued from page 1

Over the course of a few short months, that shell is transformed
into a ride any car enthusiast would envy. Raffle tickets are sold
for $25 each and the proceeds go to a local charity.
This year that charity is Forgotten Harvest and the car to be
restored is a 1969 Camaro donated by Darrell Thibeault of
Garden City, Michigan. It may not look like much now, but when
the drawing takes place on August 15, it will look amazing!
You can watch the transformation occur at:
Tickets are on sale now at You
may also purchase tickets at the WCSX appearances - where
the Camaro may even be on display - listed below or at the
Forgotten Harvest offices Monday through Friday between
9 am – 5 pm.
                                                                         WCSX’s morning co-host Lynne Woodison unveils the
If you’d like to contribute to this year’s Stone Soup project
                                                                         ‘69 Camaro at Autorama in March.
through an in-kind donation of a product or service,
please contact WCSX’s Jim O’Brien at 248-586-2937 or
                                                                             ABOUT STONE SOUP:
Stone Soup Events & Appearances:                                               In 2003, WCSX’s morning show hosts, JJ &
Sun, May 4      10 am - 4 pm GM Tech Center Car Show, Warren                  Lynne, spearheaded one of the most popular
Sat, June 14    12 - 6 pm        Gratiot Cruise, Eastpointe                     fundraising efforts in Detroit radio history.
Fri, June 27    12 - 9 pm        Stars & Stripes Festival, Mt. Clemens            JJ & Lynne’s Stone Soup Project™ was
Sat, June 28    12 - 9 pm        Stars & Stripes Festival, Mt. Clemens         inspired by the old stone soup fable where
Sun, June 29 12 - 6 pm           Stars & Stripes Festival, Mt. Clemens        everyone throws something in the pot to make
Sat, July 26    12 - 6 pm        Telegraph Cruise, Redford                       a great meal. Stone Soup harnesses the
Sat, July 26    12 - 6 pm        Telegraph Cruise, Taylor                      generosity and ingenuity of WCSX listeners
                                                                             from around the Detroit area to work together
Sun, August 3 12 - 6 pm          Gratiot Cruise, Clinton Township
                                                                             for a common cause… to build a rockin’ classic
Fri, August 15 7 - 8 pm          CAR GIVEAWAY                                  car that will raise lots of money for charity!
                                 “Rockin’ on the Riverfront” show at
                                 the GM Renaissance Center, Detroit

                                                  Our THANKS to the following for making the Stone Soup Project restoration possible:
                                                            Gentile’s Collision                     Monahan Towing
                                                           Glendale Auto Parts                    Sherman & Associates
                                                        Michigan Sand Blasting Inc.                 Darrell Thibeault


                                                                                                    Camaro Concept by David Ross
                                        a craving to do more
                                                                            Rick Johnston helps carry the load for our
Campaigns aim to add more                                                   drivers as a volunteer Harvest Helper.
food donors
                    Following the success of the Million Pound
                       Challenge issued last year, the Associated
                       Food & Petroleum Dealers has launched
                       the 1.5 Million Pound Challenge for this
                      year. The year-long campaign targeting
                     AFPD member retailers and wholesalers will
                    encourage ongoing and new donations of
                                                                                                         BRETT MOUNTAIN
                    surplus food to Forgotten Harvest.
                                                                            How did you get involved with FH?
                         AFPD members donated 1,125,992 pounds
                                                                            My wife and I first attended Comedy Night about 14
                         of food last year. Our thanks to Jane              years ago. We both believe in the mission and have
                         Shallal, AFPD president and FH board               supported FH ever since.
                         member and her team for their ongoing
                       support and commitment.                              How long have you been a
                                                                            volunteer with FH?
                                                                            I have been a volunteer for about a year. Last
The Michigan Food & Beverage                                                March (2007), we were invited to the FH office for
                                                                            a tour and to meet with the staff. I was told I was
Association (MFBA) has teamed
                                                                            welcome to volunteer so I committed to two days a
up with Forgotten Harvest and the                                           week.
Salvation Army for a special initiative
called Project Hunger, formed to                                            What do you enjoy about your volunteer job at FH?
organize and facilitate the donation of                                     I think everybody who works at FH values the
surplus food.                                                               service it provides. I enjoy meeting the food donors
                                                                            and workers at the agencies. It is a privilege to be
In addition to targeting their own                                          treated as a valued friend in the many churches,
members, the MFBA plans to work in conjunction with vendors                 pantries, soup kitchens and other agencies.
at Eastern Market and the Detroit Association of Grocery
Manufacturers’ Representatives to expand efforts.                           Would you recommend others to become a Harvest
“Project Hunger will allow us to greatly expand our ability to serve        If you have the time, physical strength and energy,
the needy and hungry in our community,” said Ed Deeb, president             I would recommend you become a Harvest Helper.
of MFBA and FH advisory board member. “We urge all food and                 It is an excellent way to demonstrate your affection
beverage companies to assist us in Project Hunger.”                         for this area. You will appreciate the new people
                                                                            you meet and you’ll visit new places. Lastly, you will
                                                                            actively help hundreds of people every day.

                                                                            Any special experiences during your volunteer time
                                                                            with FH?
  Forgotten Harvest partners with 139 emergency food providers              Every now and then I am unexpectedly astounded
  throughout Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties. Our commitment             by one of our visits. Once at Fort Street Presbyte-
  does not end with delivering the food they then distribute to their       rian Church in Detroit, I asked someone if I could
                                                                            see the main church. It is gorgeous! It was built in
  clients. We work together with them to ensure they are practicing safe
                                                                            1870 and is as great a church as I have seen any-
  food handling and to assist them with their distribution needs.           where. At the South East Michigan Indian building
  Thanks to a grant by Kraft Foods, Forgotten Harvest was able to provide   in Centerline, Dean Logan, a Native-American artist
  refrigerators and freezers to 12 of our partner agencies:                 painted murals depicting Michigan and Native-
                                                                            American themes. Majestic! At Kimberly’s Helping
  Christian Gospel Centers             Soul Seekers Outreach                Hands on State Fair, the pastor gave us a tour and
  Christland Community Outreach        Safe Center                          the finish carpentry is amazing.
  Church of God Prophecy               Salvation Army - Brightmoor          Have a free day available (Mon-Fri) to volunteer
  Full Gospel Open Door                Salvation Army - Dearborn Heights                   as a Harvest Helper?
  Hartford Agape House                 T.C. Simmons                          Call our office at 248-967-1500 to schedule.
  Lovejoy COGIC                        12th St. Missionary Baptist Church          It will be a ride you’ll never forget!
    Extra helpings
capital campaign update
The outstanding generosity of our donors
has given Forgotten Harvest the specially                                W.K. Kellogg Foundation                    $1,000,000
                                                                         The Carls Foundation                         $550,000
designed and equipped headquarters needed
                                                                         The Kresge Foundation                        $400,000
to support our growing program.                                          Nonprofit Facilities Center                  $250,000
                                                                         McGregor Fund                                $200,000
                                                                         Kraft Foods                                  $107,129
                                                                         The Chrysler Foundation                      $100,000
                                                                         Daimler Financial Services Americas          $100,000
                                                                         General Motors Foundation                    $100,000

$50,000-$99,999:                           $10,000-$24,999:
                                      Advance Packaging Technologies
                                                                                            We are extremely grateful for
           Bob & Maggie Allesee
                ArvinMeritor                 John & JoAnne Carter            this new home, which gives us the
                                         Klaus & Kathrin Entenmann
          David & Jennifer Fischer                                           capacity to rescue much more fresh
     The King’s Daughters and Sons, Inc.    Grand Sakwa Properties
           The Kroger Company              James & Nancy Grosfeld            food and distribute it to those who
                                           John & Michelle Hopkins           need it the most.
                                          Huntington National Bank
$25,000-$49,999:                                   Steven Kalt
                                          Tim Laney & Gail Halliday
                 Comerica                                                $5,000-$9,999:
                                                  LaSalle Bank
      DeRoy Testamentary Foundation
                                            Lombardo Management              Harold & Penny Blumenstein Foundation
           Bill & Cathie Larkin
                                                  MJC Homes                          David & Nancy Draper
                 Ed Levy                       National City Bank           Nancy & Stephen Grand Philanthropic Fund
           Michael & Peggy Pitt             Bruce & Kathy Nyberg                        Joyce Jenereaux
            Anthony L. Soave                Robert & Anne Olender                      George G. Johnson
                                          Richard & Ann Casey Rohr                     Bob & Wally Klein
                                            Larry & Janis Shulman                        Michigan CAT
                                              Jeffrey & Lisa Smith                     Phil &Alice Osburn
                                        Marjorie Sorge & Ed Lapham            Ralph L. & Winifred Polk Foundation
                                              Jason & Betsy Vines                  Jack A. & Aviva Robinson
                                    Waterfront Petroleum Terminal Company            Stephen & Beth Swartz

                       We are also grateful for 109 gifts made in amounts less than $5,000 which total $95,683.
the harvest
    that wasn’t forgotten
From food line to front desk. Making the connection with Forgotten Harvest

      eople would be surprised looking at Krista Poole today to know that a few short months ago,
      she was in trouble. Laid off from her job, waiting for unemployment compensation, and denied
      assistance by the Family Independence Agency (FIA), the single mom raising two young
children couldn’t put food on her table.
Armed with only a short list of emergency food              for Forgotten Harvest to pick up surplus food and
providers given to her by FIA, she contacted                deliver it to local shelters, soup kitchens and pantries.
the Capuchin Soup Kitchen (a Forgotten                      She admitted to him that she was in fact receiving
Harvest partner agency) for help.                           food assistance from the Capuchin Soup Kitchen.
The next day, she was at the soup                              “I deliver to them all the time,” he told her.
kitchen’s warehouse where she                                       She made the connection.
received two boxes containing fresh                                     That food, that wonderful food that fed
vegetables, meats and milk as well                                        herself and her two babies could very
as bread, peanut butter, juice,                                               well have been provided through
and canned goods.                                                                Forgotten Harvest and delivered
When she brought the food                                                           by her uncle.
home, she broke down
in tears. Her three-                                                                           Coming full circle
year-old daughter                                                                                She began asking
Kamaria asked,                                                                                  questions about
“Mommy? What’s                                                                                Forgotten Harvest and
the matter?” Krista                                                                        if there were any job
explained to her, “We                                                                   openings. Eugene told her
didn’t have any food and now                                                          about an an administrative
we do.”                                                                             position that was available.
The changing face of hunger                                                       She wasted no time researching
                                                                                the Forgotten Harvest website and
It’s no surprise that with the spiraling                                      learning all she could about this
economic changes facing our region, the                                     organization. This was her job. She
profile of the person standing in a food line at a                        knew it. Having been on the receiving line
soup kitchen or pantry has changed as well.                            for food, the experience transformed her
Standing in those lines are people just like Krista.                 in some way and she knew she wanted to do
Folks who have held decent jobs, paid their bills and              something that would allow her to give back.
provided the basic necessities for their families. A lay-   She made up her mind that even if she didn’t get the
off, cut in hours or overtime, or complete job loss puts    job, she was willing to volunteer her time to show her
them in a position they never would have expected.          appreciation.
Krista says she’s never had to rely on aid, but those       She interviewed and was hired as the new
once-a-month boxes of food helped keep her family           administrative coordinator in early December.
fed. And she was grateful. She received the food            “If you never had to struggle, you can’t really
donations for the next three months. And then an            appreciate an organization like this,” Krista explains.
interesting turn of fate occurred.                          “There really are people out there making the
Making the connection                                       decisions between paying bills and buying groceries.
During those months of unemployment, Krista                 And thanks to the work of Forgotten Harvest, many
diligently looked for work. A phone call from her           people don’t have to make those decisions.”
concerned uncle changed everything. Eugene Henry            Krista will never forget the help she received.
called his niece to check up on her. Krista asked him       And we’ll never forget about the thousands of others
about his new job. He told her he was hired as a driver     who rely on Forgotten Harvest.
Champagne Cruise
 to benefit
Forgotten Harvest                                                                                         Non-Profit Org
21800 Greenfield Road                                                                                       US Postage
Oak Park, MI 48237                                                                                            PAID
                                                                                                          Southfield, MI
                                                                                                          Permit No. 196
Phone: (248) 967.1500
Fax: (248) 967.1510

     Driving hunger from our community since 1990
     For all the freshest information,
     visit our website at:

                                     We’re saving
                                          YOU a seat!
                                                                                Hunger is never a laughing matter.
                                                                                         Wasting food isn’t either.
                                                                               But at Comedy Night, it is through
                                                                               laughter - lots of it! - that we raise
                                                                           awareness and much needed support
                                                                       to end hunger and waste in metro Detroit.
                           WITH JEFF ALLEN                               Corporate sponsorships start at $1,000
                                                                           Individual sponsorships start at $500
                           Presented by
                                                                       Tickets: $75 Patron (preferred seating)
                                                                        $150 Supporter (preferred seating) and
                           May 17, 2008                                        Afterglow Meet & Greet Reception
                           7 pm ♦ Music Hall ♦ Detroit                           For tickets or more information,
                                                            visit or call 248-967-1500.
                           Harvey Award Recipient:
                            Soave Enterprises                                General seating tickets are $40 and $25
                                                             and are available at (keyword Jeff Allen)
                           Star Award Recipients                                        or at the Music Hall Box Office.
                             The Chrysler Foundation
                             Daimler Financial Services
                                                          Ha!    hee!                           hee!

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