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ISEP INC. 208-331-3456                                                                                              March 12 2006

              Contents                                               President’s Message
President’s Message . . . . . . . . . . . .Pg1
Our Next Event . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Pg2
ISEP Event Calendar . . . . . . . . . . .Pg2         Turn Your Ideas Into Action                With two successful events behind us,
                                                                                                we are already beginning to experi-
Past Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Pg3   Greetings!                                 ence the excitement this association
Event Survey . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Pg4
                                                     I hope you have all had time to wind       has created among its current and
Member Spotlight . . . . . . . . . . . . .Pg5
                                                     down and are now gearing up for a          prospective members. Be a part of
Board Members . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Pg5
                                                     successful year ahead. I am very           our next event and help us make
Welcome New Members . . . . . . . .Pg6               excited about the upcoming months          ISEP a dynamic association that truly
Member Drive . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Pg7      especially for ISEP. As an association,    reflects the richness of its members!
                                                     we are truly positioned to achieve
     MISSION STATEMENT                               great things, and it all begins with the   In celebration of our Membership
ISEP’S Mission                                       membership.                                Drive Kick-Off, all members are
•To identify and acknowledge the                                                                encouraged to invite non-members to
special events industry and to                       The membership base of ISEP is             attend at the member price. We will
provide a voice that will educate the                proving to be an excellent group of        be at a great ISEP member venue,
community as a whole                                 business professionals wanting to          Eagle Hills Golf Course. Don't miss
•To promote the exchange of com-                     strengthen and grow their business. I      this great opportunity to visit a differ-
mon ideas, challenges and share solu-                invite you all to our March network-       ent venue, enjoy great appetizers,
tions                                                ing mixer and our Membership Drive         make new friends or reconnect with
•To provide networking opportunities                 Kick-off. There are many ways in           the old.
that will encourage referral relation-               which you can take full advantage of
                                                     your ISEP membership. You can              I look forward with great excitement
ships among members                                                                             to your participation. I leave you
                                                     attend meetings, contribute to the
•To provide members with educa-                      newsletter, join a committee or better     with one of my favorite quotes,
tional programs and resources, relat-                yet consider joining the board! But        "Action is Eloquence." – Shakespeare
ing to business and the special events               most importantly an ISEP member-
industry                                             ship is about building relationships       Vanessa Thompson
                                                     with your peers and providing you          ISEP President
 ISEP’S BENEFITS INCLUDE                             with educational opportunities to          Tates Party Rents
                                                     help you further develop your busi-        (208) 412-2949
• Complimentary web listing
• Complimentary web link
• Monthly meetings
• Monthly newsletter
• Member to Member promotions                                        Member Drive Kick-off
• Annual Scholarship
• Online Membership Directory                                                  March 28th
                                                                         at Eagle Hills Golf Course.
                                                                                Don’t Miss it!
ISEP INC. 208-331-3456                                                                                   March 12 2006

 ISEP Calendar                          Our next Event
 Don’t miss our upcoming events!        Networking Mixer &
                                        Membership Drive Kick-Off!
 March 28th - Networking Mixer          When:
    Program: Networking &               Tuesday, March 28th, 2006
  Membership Drive Kick-Off!
                                        Join us at 5:30 pm for light appetizers,
 Venue: Eagle Hills Golf Course         a no-host bar, raffle and great networking!
         Time: 5:30pm                   Where:
                                        Eagle Hills Golf Course
              April                     605 N. Edgewood Lane
  April 25th - Educational Lunch        Eagle, ID 83616
 Program: How our industry can          (208) 939-0402
 benefit from the Convention and
                                        Musical Entertainment Provided by:
Visitors Bureau and local chambers
                                        VCI Audio Entertainment
   Venue: Nampa Civic Center
                                        Ticket Price:$10.00 Members
       Time: 11:30 - 1:00pm             $15.00 Non-Members
              May                       In celebration of our Membership Drive Kick-Off, all members are encouraged to
                                        invite Non-Members to participate at the Member price.
 May 23rd - Educational Breakfast
                                        Help us accommodate our caterers by purchasing your tickets online no later than
  Venue: TBD, Program: TBD              Thursday, March 23rd.
              June                                                  For questions, please contact
                                            Jim Reidenbaugh, (208) 331-3456 or Julie A. Kirkpatrick, (208) 850-7062
  June 27th - Networking Mixer
          Venue: TBD
               July                                  About The Association
  July 25th - Networking Mixer
                                        Idaho Special Events Professionals was founded in 2005 to recognize the profession-
           Venue: TBD                   alism displayed by industry leaders, to provide networking and educational oppor-
            August                      tunities to all wedding and event professionals in Idaho, and to serve as a resource
                                        for those planning special events. Our board consists of the top professionals in the
     August 22nd - Social Event         industry, interested in taking local industry standards and professionalism to a new
 This is a social event that includes   level.
transportation, light dinner and the    ISEP is an association of wedding and special event professionals of the highest cal-
    production of Hello, Dolly!         iber. Prospective ISEP members are accepted only after meeting strict requirements,
  Presented by Starlight Mountain       which include proof of insurance, two years doing business, a letter of recommen-
               Theatre                  dation by a member or at least three letters of recommendation from other industry
          September                     professionals. Prospective members that have been in business for less than 2 years,
   September 26th - Educational         but have industry experience, and a minimum of 3 letters of recommendations from
                                        both clients and industry professionals will also be considered by the Board of
   Venue: TBD, Program: TBD             Directors.
           October                      Our meetings are held monthly (except for August and December) and offer pro-
                                        grams of educational significance as well as networking opportunities with industry
    October 24th - Educational
                                        peers. We look forward to your involvement with ISEP, and we hope you will attend
   Venue: TBD, Program: TBD             our next event to learn more about the Association and how it can benefit you.
  Nov. 10th-12th - Annual Gala
  Tamarack Resort is hosting our
    first Annual Gala Event.
                                                   Are you a Member?
ISEP, INC. 208-331-3456                                                                           March 12 2006

                                                  Past Events
Kick-off & Social at the Boise Art Museum
ISEP held a Kick-off & Social at the Boise Art Museum on January 20th with
impressive attendance.The event featured delicious appetizers courtesy of At the
Waterfront; beer, wine and champagne provided by the Boise Art Museum; and an
unforgettable performance by the Silhouette Strings Orchestra. The Boise Art
Museum provided a stunning yet comfortable atmosphere to enjoy food, drinks,
and of course, NETWORKING!
Representatives from several different backgrounds of the Idaho event planning
industry were in attendance, making it an ideal networking opportunity and a
chance to see some familiar faces.
Attendees' lines of business ranged from event rental services to caterers to event
planning and facilities. Attendees had the opportunity to enter a drawing for two
different prizes - a free ISEP membership and lift tickets to Tamarack ski resort.
Congratulations to Rev. Merl Moore who was awarded the free ISEP membership,
and James MacIsaac from Tates Rents who was the lucky winner of the Tamarack
lift tickets.
We are looking forward to future ISEP social and networking events that will only
continue to grow in scope. Our first get-together of the year proved successful and
bodes well for more opportunities for event professionals of the valley to network,
socialize and form important partnerships.
Submitted by: Mandee Jewell, Classic Fare Catering
                         A special thanks to our event sponsors:
      • The Boise Art Museum • At the Waterfront Catering • Diamond Rental

ISEP's First Educational Luncheon
ISEP held its first educational luncheon on Tuesday February 21st at Louie's in
Meridian. Over 40 people attended, making this a great turnout for our first
luncheon event. Justin Foster from BlueLine Grassroots Marketing gave a unique
presentation on how to market effectively in today's world. He talked about
BlueLine's philosophy, which is that no one is listening to traditional advertising
anymore. We find ways to block out advertisements all the time, whether it is by
TiVo, spam blockers, pop-up blockers, or changing the channel during commer-
cials, he said. The fact is, a lot of money is being wasted on advertising that no
one is interested in seeing or hearing.
The presentation covered the fall of mass marketing, how to create a customer-
driven marketing strategy, and how to build a new customer base -- all without
traditional advertising. To learn more about the conference or to see what
BlueLine might do for you, visit their website at
ISEP plans on hosting several educational breakfasts or luncheons throughout the
year. We hope to see you there!
Submitted by: Shelley Cooke, At the Waterfront Events & Catering

Randy Morgan Seminar - Working 4 U
For those of you that did not attend the Randy Morgan Seminar "Working 4
U," held at the Nampa Civic Center on Thursday March 9th, you missed out
on a real treat. I was truly blown away with the caliber of speaker that the
Southwest Idaho Travel Association provided for this seminar. As I said to Wes
Nelson, "simply calling this a Hospitality Training seminar does not describe
what Randy really came to share with us.”                                                 Photos courtesy of
                                                                                      Kevin Roberts Photography
ISEP, INC. 208-331-3456                                                                                       March 12 2006

Randy Morgan Seminar - Working 4 U (Continued)
Although everything Mr. Morgan talked about can be applied to hospitality training in our industries, his lessons apply to all
aspects of our lives. Not only was the subject matter excellent, but the delivery was entertaining and at times down right hilari-
The first thing that Randy does is bring up the topics that you have come to expect "Hospitality Training" to embrace and
throws them right out the window. His approach is that any real change to our work and personal lives has to come from the
inside, not from the outside. He shares the importance that the stories we tell are what leads to true happiness, and that happi-
ness is what produces positive change in our lives.
Randy Morgan will be presenting again at the Ashley Inn in Cascade on April 20th. This is one guy that you don't want to
A special thanks to Randy Morgan, Wes Nelson and the Southwest Idaho Travel Association for sharing this with us.

Submitted by Jim Reidenbaugh, Idaho Special Events Professionals, Inc.

                             What People Are Saying!
                                  Survey Results from our February Event

1. What is your overall opinion of the event?                         5. We would like to provide you with future presentations
   Excellent 6.2%                                                     that are the most beneficial to you and your business.
                                                                      Please provide us with other topics that interest you.
   Very Good 68.8%
   Good 25%                                                           • Employee motivation
   Poor 0%                                                            • Event planning
2. We want to know your overall percieved value of this pres-         • Time Management
entation. Rate it on a scale of 1 through 5. (5 being highest)        • Web site devolopement
 1     0%                                                             • Using the internet to better my business
 2     0%                                                             • More efficient marketing and advertising (including
 3 25%                                                                design, print and packaging)
 4 62.5%                                                              • What's Hot in the Industry: An Event Profesional
 5 12.5%                                                              Certification Program
3. Rate the speaker on a scale of 1 through 5. (5 being highest)      6. Would you attend this type of event again?
 1 0%                                                                    100% Yes 0% No
 2 0%                                                                 7. Are you a current member?
 3 37.5%                                                              56.2% Yes, I am a current member
 4 50%                                                                37.5% No, I am not a member, but am considering
 5 12.5%                                                               6.2% No, I am not a member, but plan to join by next
4. Rate the topic on a scale of 1 through 5. (5 being highest)                 event
 1 0%                                                                    0% No, I am not a member and doubt I will join
 2 0%                                                                 8. Would you recommend our association to a friend?
 3 26.7%                                                                 93.8% Yes 6.2% No
 4 40%                                                                9. Are you planning on attending our next event?
 5 33.3%                                                                 Yes 100% No 0%
ISEP, INC. 208-331-3456                                                                                                   March 12 2006

2006 ISEP Board                                  Member Spotlight:
Vanessa Thompson, President
Tates Party Rents
(208) 412-2949
                                                 Located 90 miles north of Boise                    Bringing a bit of Idaho history
Jim Reidenbaugh, Vice President
                                                 on the shores of Lake Cascade,                     into the 21st century, the Arling
Reidenbaugh Multimedia/
                                                 Tamarack offers the first ski, golf                Center is named after the two
Family Documentaries LLC                         and lake resort in more than 23                    towns that used to reside where
(208) 331-3456                                   years.                                             Lake Cascade now rests, Arling &                                                                 Center. With turn of the century
Jayme Gamble, Secretary                          After hosting visitors and events                  architecture in mind, the
Tamarack Resort                                  from small corporate gatherings to                 Schoolhouse, the Grange and the
(208) 325-1347
                                                 the President of the United States,                Chapel are designed after three
                                                 we are proud to welcome the                        buildings that may have existed in
                                                 Arling Center as the newest con-                   these towns with all the high tech
Julie A. Kirkpatrick, Treasurer                  ference facility in Idaho. This                    upgrades you could think of.
JAK Publications, Inc.                           unique meeting destination locat-
(208) 850-7062                                   ed within our mountain village                     We now have the capability to              will be open for business mid-                     accommodate weddings, parties
Shelley Cooke, Membership Co-Chair               May.                                               and business meetings of up to
At the Waterfront Events & Catering                                                                 300 people in a serene setting with
(208) 343-0234                                                                                      high attention to service. Its                                                                       direct proximity to our new $20
Johnny Dorman, Membership Co-Chair                                                                  million Member's Lodge & Spa
Successful Celebrations                                                                             will provide an additional 44 guest
                                                                                                    rooms and condominiums to our
(208) 362-0546                                                                                      ever growing lodging accommoda-                                                                      tions.
Cliff Marks, Program Co-Chair                                                                       As our resort continues to grow,
Citadel Broadcasting                                                                                Tamarack is delighted to be a part
(208) 429-5586                                                                                      of Idaho Special Events                                                                       Professionals. It is a great oppor-
Wes Nelson, Program Co-Chair                                                                        tunity for us to get involved in the
Starlight Mountain Theatre                                                                          events community, keep you
(208) 462-5523                                                                                      informed of our ever changing                                                                      environment and provide new
                                                                                                    business and partnership opportu-
Mandee Jewell, Newsletter Editor
                                                                                                    nities within this community.
Classic Fare Catering
(208) 426-1007                                                                                      For more information, visit                                                            

 ISEP Inc. Directors
     ,                                                Interested in hosting an ISEP event?
    Jim Reidenbaugh                                  We are in the process of completing our calendar for 2006.
    (208) 331-3456
                                      If you are interested in hosting or catering an event, please review our available event dates on page 2.
    Julie A. Kirkpatrick
                                              For more information, please contact a board member or email us at
    (208) 850-7062
ISEP, INC. 208-331-3456                                                                                  March 12 2006

                    Welcome New ISEP Members!
 A special "Thank You" to these businesses who joined Idaho Special Events Professionals in January & February of 2006.

Boise Art Museum                          Kevin Roberts Photography                  Tower of Chocolate
Banquet & Event Sites                     Photographers & Photo Services             Chocolate Fountains
Phone: 208-345-8330                       Phone: 208-863-5907                        Phone: 870-6720
Email:        Email:           Fax: 288-0807
670 Julia Davis Drive                     4928 S Rawhide Ave                         Email:
Boise, ID 83702                           Boise, ID 83709                            5798 W. Victory Road
Website:                                                      Nampa, Idaho 83687
                                          Silhouette String Ensemble                 Website:
Cakes by Jeanette                         Musicians and Vocalists          
Cakes and Favors                          Phone: 208.331.7097
Phone: 208-850-7450                       Email:          Eagle Hills Golf Course
Email:                1706 Vermont Ave                           Banquet & Event Sites
3011 N. 35th Street                       Boise, ID 83706                            Phone: 208-939-0402
Boise, ID 83703                                                                      Email:
                                          St. Luke's Women's Fitness       
                                          Celebration                                605 N. Edgewood Lane
                                          Events & Festivals                         Eagle, ID 83616
Creative Balloons
                                          Phone: 208-381-2226                        Website:
Phone: 208-362-8181                       Fax: 208-381-2224
Email:                                    Email:                   The Winery at Eagle Knoll          608 W. Hays St.                            Banquet & Event Sites
PO Box 6                                  Boise, ID 83702                            Phone: 208-286-9463
Meridian, ID 83642                        Website:              Fax: 208-286-0116
Website: www.creativeballoonsofida-                                                  3705 N Hwy 16                                    Rev. Merl Moore                            Eagle, ID 83616
Cingular Wireless                         Phone: 208-327-3554
Phone: 375-5838                           Email:
Email:            2497 Almador Way
350 N. Milwaukee                          Boise, ID 83705
Boise, ID
                                          RoppOp Photography
Diamond Rental                            Photographers & Photo Services
Rental Decorations and Equipment          Phone: 208 343-1513
Phone: 208-939-2925                       Email:
Fax: 208-939-2915                         4618 West Clearview Drive
Email:            Boise, ID 83703
5116 W. Emerald St.                       Website:
Boise, Idaho 83706
                                        Member Drive
                         ISEP Membership Drive - The Challenge is On!
 "The more active        The Challenge is on! Below is an outline of how to earn points in ISEP.
participation we get     1st Place
      from our
                         2007 Membership dues paid PLUS 2007 meeting meal fees paid (for one person)
 constituents, the
more dynamic ISEP        PLUS Advertising space in the 2007 ISEP Newsletters!
       will be.          2nd Place
                         2007 Meeting meal fees paid (for one person) and Advertising Space in the 2007 ISEP Newsletters
    “Beyond our          3rd Place
association, this will   Advertising Space in the 2007 ISEP Newsletters
 ultimately energize
our industry, fueling    Points will be awarded according to the following schedule:
    creativity and
                         Filling out a monthly survey .................................................................................................. 5 points
                         Attending a monthly meeting ................................................................................................ 5 points
                         Submitting a qualified article for the newsletter ................................................................... 10 points
Vanessa Thompson,
                         Bringing a guest to a monthly meeting ................................................................................ 10 points
 ISEP President -
   Tates Rents           When one of your guests join ISEP ..................................................................................... 20 points
                         Participating on a committee ............................................................................................... 20 points

                                                                                                                                           Boise, ID 83703
                                                                                                              3050 Lakeharbor Lane, Suite 146,
                                                                                                             Idaho Special Events Professionals
                                                                                                             Idaho Special Events Professionals
ISEP, INC. 208-331-3456                                                            Membership Application

Company Name_____________________________________________________________________________

Representative and Title_______________________________________________________________________

Address __________________________________________________ City _____________________________

State/Province______________ Zip ___________

Phone: (_____)_________________________________ Fax: (_____)__________________________________

Email: ______________________________________URL:__________________________________________

Service Category____________________________________________________________________________

May we list the following information online? _____email _____website
Please Note: ISEP will link to your web site if you provide a reciprocal link to

Annual Membership Dues
Small Business/Sole Proprietor = $175 (Revenue generated primarily from event planners) Renewal Membership $125
Associate Members = $275 (Revenue generated primarily from special events professionals) Renewal Membership $175

Who referred you or how did you find ISEP? _____________________________________________________
You will also be required to submit the following information: A letter stating desire to enroll as an ISEP Member Copy of
business license or dba fictitious name registration or resale permit Three business referrals - including address and phone num-
ber A certificate of basic liability insurance if required by law Complete business name, contact person, phone number (fax
number, e-mail address & internet address if applicable) Check for $175.00/$275.00 membership dues (for twelve months)

Payment type: Cash____ Check____ Visa M/C____
Card Number_________________________________ Exp Date_________________Zip code_______________

     Please Remit to Idaho Special Events Professionals 3050 Lakeharbor Lane, Suite 146, Boise, ID 83703
ISEP, INC. 208-331-3456                                                      Membership Application
Member Benefits
• Use of the ISEP logo in literature and advertising and a Membership Certificate.
• Receipt of the ISEP newsletter
• Listing of your name, company, address and phone number on the ISEP website, including a hyperlink
  to your own website and/or e-mail address conditioned on reciprocal link placed on your site.
• Business referrals directly from ISEP offices
• Business referrals from fellow members
• Networking events and annual Gala held in November
• Assistance in finding other event suppliers and information
• Member to Member Promotions including: Web hosting, business printing services, and booth space at trade shows

Mission Statement
• To identify and acknowledge the special events industry and to provide a voice that will educate the community as a whole.
• To promote the exchange of common challenges and share ideas.
• To provide networking opportunities that will encourage referral relationships among members.
• To provide members with educational programs and resources, relating to business and the special events industry.

Code of Ethics
• To exhibit professional and ethical behavior.
• To communicate completely with customers regarding all aspects of products and/or services.
• To settle disputes professionally and promptly.
• To return phone calls to current as well as potential customers.
• To treat other special event professionals with respect.
• To assist in the advancement of the special event industry.
• To observe all laws and obtain all licenses and permits required by law.
• To honor all agreements made with customers, suppliers and service providers.

Receipt of the aforementioned documents explicitly implies compliance with ISEP code of ethics and formal request for in
enrollment as a ISEP member. Failure to provide proper documentation within 60 days will forfeit money paid and cancel

Signature x ____________________________________________________________ Date ________________

Title ______________________________________

   Please note that ISEP reserves the right to refuse any application for membership for any reason.

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