from Waste to Wisdom A key creative and educational resource by ramhood2


									                           from Waste to Wisdom:
              A key creative and educational resource for innovation in
                 sustainable practice and responsible consumption

It makes the headlines almost every day. The impact of global warming, the accelerating scarcity of
resources and the dramatic reduction in the earth’s biodiversity are posing fundamental questions
about the way we live, work and do business. It is accepted by all but a few. As individuals we can
take a number of actions to reduce waste, recycle materials, plant more trees, but the major action
needs to be taken at source – by business, in the design of the products, services and systems we
use. The essence of a new strategy is captured in Thakara’s statement:

        ”80% of the environmental impact of today’s products, services, and infrastructures is
         determined at the design stage.”
                                              John Thakara; Director of Doors of Perception

Thakara’s premise calls for a radical re-think about the place of design, technology and innovation in
commercial and public service activity. As a group of designers and design educators, we want to
shift the use of design from simply being a link in an existing value chain that supports current
strategies and processes, into being a driver of responsible business value creation.

The nowherefoundation recognises that design and creative industries can have an immense
impact on future scenarios through the products, services and systems they create, the promotional
campaigns they devise, and the lifestyles they encourage. That is why we are kick-starting the ‘from
Waste to Wisdom’ (fW2W) initiative to utilize better the creative potential of design to change
current unsustainable patterns of production and consumption.

As sustainable development and climate change play an increasing role in our global consciousness,
companies are placing greater emphasis on creative thinking and strategy for optimization of new
business opportunities. Our aim is for fW2W to be an innovation and learning resource which
catalyses and enables new sustainable practices and behaviours. Our challenge is to provide
accessible solutions to some of society’s most pressing concerns geared by a paradigm shift where
economic growth, environmental excellence and social responsibility coexist.

To do this we need to
     Develop partnerships across influential corporate businesses.
     Reach the students of design in Universities, Colleges and Schools
     Engage professional designers as well as
     Educate consumers.

The fW2W initiative is an invite to quest - discovering, creating and sharing examples of best
practice and next practice in design – in ways that inspire and affect our perception of need,
changing production techniques and consumption patterns.

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