Making the Right Choice When Buying a Sports Franchise

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                                Making the Right Choice When Buying a Sports Franchise
                                                    By Matthew Franchise Anderson

   Many people who have had either a sports career or lifetime sports hobby find that once they have
hit their thirties the career options available to them are rapidly expanding from being an active sports
person to coaching, training and teaching. As such there are 3 main options available.

1. Find employment within the sports industry.
2. Starting a standalone sports based business.
3. Buying a sports franchise.

 Of the above it is not always easy to find employment with a substantial enough wage to support you
and your family, and with a standalone business it can be very hard work finding your feet and client
base. The third option though is self employment in a box, all wrapped up and ready to go. Buying a
sports franchise.

 As with all franchises, buying a sports franchise gives you the business, training, marketing materials,
working system and in most cases your fist clients, all in all making your business launch a whole lot

 Generally the first step is to decide what area of sports franchises you want to buy into. There are of
course plenty of options available:

Sports Coaching
Sports Equipment Sales
Sports clothing Sales
Childrens Sports Franchises

 And with these several sub sections, for instance there are golf equipment franchises, childrens
football school franchises, and niche sports clothing franchises such as football strips.

 On doing your research and deciding what area of sports franchise you want to buy into the benefits to
purchasing the franchise as opposed to going it alone become very apparent. The following will
become available to you.

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

In the first instance Training.

 Depending on the franchise you will most likely go away and do a minimum 3 days business training
to show you how to run the franchise. In many cases this could be a week, 2 weeks, or ongoing for
many months. With this business training you will learn all aspects of how to run the business in the
way the franchisor wants you and to their practiced, tried and tested methods. The training in
invaluable and you need to take good notice of everything you learn here.

Marketing Materials and Marketing Plans.

 In all cases you will be provided with leaflets, business cards etc to ensure visibility in your local area.
You will be given copy of adverts to place in your local papers and marketing plans which have been
tried and tested to ensure they work.

Initial clients

 Obviously this depends on the franchise but if you are buying into any type of coaching sports
franchise then it is likely the franchisor will do the initial marketing for you, this could be contacting local
schools, councils and leisure centres to bring in your first handful of clients. They will not hold your
hand forever but during the initial stages they will do everything they can to help you make a success
and this includes making sure your franchise starts of with a band by bringing in your first clients for

 Buying a franchise is not risk free however most risks can be left at the door by ensuring you have
done the proper research. The 2 main areas of research are.

1. The franchise Itself
2. Your Local Area

 With the franchise itself you need to ensure it is a successful franchise with happy and successful
franchisees. Asking for a list of current franchisees who have bought the franchise and phoning them
all will give you an idea of how they are finding their sports franchise business. You also need to
research the companies history, ask the franchisor how long they have been in business before they
went into franchising and also what their financial turnover in the past 5 years was.

 Your local area: to ensure your franchise is a success you need to ensure your local area can support
it. There is no use setting up a sports coaching franchise in an area with 10 sports coaching business
already and the same goes for a sports clothing franchise. Research your area and make sure there is
room there for your business.

 With all this in hand you can make the right choice and come out with a fantastic business doing the
thing you love most. Best wishes and good luck!

Matthew Anderson is the Head of Advertising for the online franchise portal, The franchise shop is the
UK's largest portal of franchises for sale and franchise information.

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                     What To Consider When Choosing A Franchise
                                                             By Cash Miller

 The franchise business contains a seemingly unlimited number of options for you to choose from. But
not every franchise opportunity is going to be right for you. So when it comes to choosing one you
should be very careful. The contracts for franchise ownership can be very long and binding. They
usually contain only very expensive ways of getting out of them. Besides you aren't buying a franchise
because you want to turn around the next day and try to get out of the deal. You want to buy one
because you want to own your own small business with a few less hassles and a little less risk.

So what is the number one thing you should be looking for when choosing a franchise? The chance to
do something you love and will enjoy. For example if you love working with your hands, possibly you
love woodworking maybe you should be looking into some sort of furniture repair or refinishing
business. Being able to combine a hobby with a business can be a very rewarding experience. One
that will satisfy you for many years to come.

Many business industries exist that at one time people only considered as hobbies. But today they
have become profitable franchise businesses and they are always on the lookout for new franchisees.
Whether you love cars, sports, or gardening there is probably a franchise right for you. So make sure
you look through your options carefully. Make a list of the things that you might like to do and then
match them up with existing franchise opportunities. From there you can begin to narrow things down
to just a few choices.

Of course when you are considering buying a franchise you still must keep in mind that in some ways
you will still be working for someone else. How much this is true does vary from franchise to franchise.
For example some franchises really do dictate to you what you can and cannot do. For example what
vendors you are allowed to buy from and what methods of advertising you will be using. In some cases
this may seem like a nice form of security blanket and some people want more protection for their
investment than do others. But more independent minded people may feel like they are putting on a
straight jacket. It really does have to do with whether you are more conservative in your business
approach or not.

These are just a couple of questions you need to consider when choosing what type of franchise is
right for you. There are of course many more factors that you will need to consider but these should
give you a starting point in your search for the franchise that is right for you.

Cash Miller is an experienced entrepreneur and speaker who has spent over a decade as a small
business owner. His years of experience in small business cover such topics as planning,
management, marketing, human resources, ecommerce, and taxation. For more small business
information you can go to

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

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