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                                  Legacy of Diecast Cast Cars Keeps the Industry Strong
                                                                By Daniel Millions

   First created in the mid-1900s, diecast cars have been a long-time success in the toy and hobby
industry. The automobiles are made out of a zinc and aluminum alloy, and then complemented with
plastic parts such as windows or doors. Over the past seventy-five years, die-cast cars have quickly
evolved into one of the most popular areas of the hobby and toy industry.

 One reason that diecast cars are so popular is due to their scaled-to-life appearance. Unlike the
unbalanced proportions of the Barbie dolls from the same era, diecast cars are scaled to appear as
reasonable as the real thing. Scales range from a larger 1:12 ratio to a 1:72 ratio, where one-sixth of
an inch represents one life-size foot. The 1:72 is very prevalent in the United Kingdom and Eastern
Europe, but a 1:48 scale is the one commonly used in the United States.

 "Matchbox cars" is an alternative name for diecast cars. This name was made popular back in 1947
when Lesney began distributing their diecast cars in small, matchbox-shaped packages. Although most
cars are packaged in larger boxes or sandwiched between plastic and cardboard sheets, the generic
name "matchbox cars" still remains in use today.

 Die-cast cars are a popular item for collectors of all ages. While the older audience willingly pays the
money for higher-priced classics, diecast cars are a popular toy of choice for children as well. "Hot
Wheels," Mattel's fast-flying collection target towards young boys, are sold by the millions every year.
Because of the young target audience, Hot Wheels typically sell for just a couple dollars. Regardless,
some of the rarer models have sold recently for hundreds of dollars.

 Originally, only a couple companies were producing these miniature classics. However, the popularity
of the toys quickly caught on, and the diecast toy industry grew rapidly as hobbyists flocked to expand
their collections with the latest classics and collectibles. The price range for diecast cars varies a lot
depending on the condition, age, and rareness of the car. The ever-popular Hot Wheels cars only cost
a couple dollars, but some difficult-to-find cars from before World War II can bring in hundreds of
dollars each. Lifelong collectors are often able to sell their collections for thousands of dollars.

 Over the years, the die-cast industry has evolved greatly. At first, the toys were very simple, including
only the main frame of the car. However, the cars now include interiors and detailed mechanics under
the hood. Only a couple companies produced die-cast cars when they first were introduced, but there

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

are now hundreds of companies around the world producing die-cast toys.

 The diecast toy industry is no longer limited to just classic cars. Airplanes, trains, construction
equipment, and military vehicles are now popular toys available for purchase. In addition, scenery and
landscaping are now a popular expansion to the industry. Buildings, roads, and shrubs are among the
popular accessories used to make the models even more realistic. Die-cast toys are sold pre-built for
the buyer's convenience; however, kits are also available. These sets come with detailed instructions
allowing the buyer to customize their model with their own paint, accessories, and allow for other

 As the value of these toys continue to rise, expect to see the industry to continue to thrive. If any toy
has a chance at remaining popular despite the rise in electronic toys, it's the diecast car, with its
century of history and growth leading the way.

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                                      Diecast Model Cars - Protecting Your Collection
                                                               By David Pickett

Just how much do you adore your collection of diecast model cars? What would you feel if your
cherished set of models, which you’ve undoubtedly, spent many thousands amassing, were to be
stolen or destroyed?

 We all know the answer to that; you would be devastated. Now ask yourself how much it is going to
cost to restore your collection and where the money is going to come from to replace those rare
Franklin Mint diecast Corvettes and Mustangs.

The perceptive among you will undoubtedly recognise that your insurance will pay - but will it?

 Many household policies don’t cover you for the total worth of your diecast model car collection. There
is normally a restraint on the amount of valuables that you can launch a claim for. And that is assuming
that you are able to convince the insurance company that your diecast models should be classed as

 OK. Stop reading here and go and get that box from under the stairs. You know the one I mean, the
one where all your essential papers are kept.

Got it? Good.

 Now examine the schedule of insurance. This will tell you precisely what you have covered and for
how much.

 Ok, so you’ve just realised that your diecast model car collection, which you believe is worth a few
thousand is only insured for a miserable few hundred. What should you do?

 Well there are lots of options. Talk with your insurer and ask if you can add a rider to your household
insurance. This is an addition to your policy, which will provide for the full cost of restoring your
complete diecast model car collection to its former glory.

 You can also buy a stand-alone policy. There are insurance companies offering specialist collectors
insurance. Again, these will cover the entire cost of replacing your diecast models, but will also protect
any new acquisitions for up to ninety days. Which is more than enough time to let your insurer know to
add them to your policy.

 The next question you need an answer to is roughly how much to insure your diecast model cars for?
And it is vital that you are aware of this figure because you can bet that your insurance company won’t

 There are many of ways to get the true worth of your diecast model cars, and collectors can squander
many hours pondering the best. But perhaps the easiest is to pay a visit to eBay and use the advanced
search option. Type in details of the model you want to value, ensuring that you mark the completed
listings box. Click search and the resulting page will be a list of similar items and the amount that they
were sold for.

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                                          Presented by Daniel Toriola

 Equipped with this information you can make contact with your favoured insurers and get yourself a
handful of estimates.

 But prior to you making you final choice who to insure with, there are still a few more things to mull

 Confirm that the policy offers ‘Replacement value’ cover. That is to say, the real cost to replace your
collection. If it doesn’t then you could end up with just the retail price of your models minus a sum for

 If the cost to insure your entire collection seems too expensive then it might be worth getting a quote
just for the most important cars.

 So keep in mind that you need to be aware of the value of your collection and reassess it regularly.
The values of diecast model cars can alter quickly. Also you need to make certain that your policy
covers the total replacement cost of all your diecast cars.

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