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                                                      Kayak Fishing Equipments
                                                             By Marc Fredmen

   Using a kayak for fishing is an age-old practice and is very popular even today. It has the excitement
of kayaking and leisure of fishing. Kayak fishing involves the use of some specific equipment like rods,
reels, rod holders and retractors that help in having a successful angling session.

Basic Tools

 As far as the basic fishing rods are concerned, they are not too different from those used in any other
times. Some other tools used specially in kayak fishing are as follows:

 1. Rod Holders: A rod holder is especially used in kayak fishing as a kayak does not have lot of space.
Thus, at such times storing the fishing rod safely can become a problem. In these times, a rod holder
can help in holding one or more fishing rods and paddlers can easily take out the rod from them for
fishing and put them back when not in use. It is recommended that rod holders be placed at such
points that the paddler can access them easily from his position in the cockpit. Some good locations to
mount the rod holders are the sides, right behind the cockpit and the center.

 2. Landing Equipments: The gaff is extremely useful to land large size fish. While capturing large fish,
place the gaff below the fish and by using the rod, guide the fish such that it is over the gaff. When the
fish is right on the gaff, trap the fish by pulling the gaff vertically so that the hook pierces its body.

 Apart from the gaff, another useful tool used to land the fish is the fish stringer. Once the fish is gaffed,
the stringer is used to penetrate the fish through the mouth and the gills.
 Apart from the gaff and the fish stringer, the club is a tool used while landing a large size fish. The club
is basically used to subdue the fish easily so that the paddler can retain his balance even while
handling a large size fish.

 3. Game Bag: The game bag is very essential to store the fish and is an essential item in a kayak
fishing kit. The game bag can be tied to the kayak or left on top of it or stored in the tank well. Once the
fish are put in the game bag, just latching it firmly would ensure that the fish are stored away safely.

 4. Retractors: A retractor is a small tool that helps in holding fishing equipments like game bags,
fishing rods etc. One end of the retractor is joined to the kayak while the other end is joined to the
equipment that has to be secured. To secure the equipment to the retractor it is necessary to use a

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particular type of clip so that the equipment remains firmly tied up. Pulling the leash of the retractor
would allow the paddler to access the equipment immediately.

 Apart from these basic equipments used in kayak fishing, paddlers can also use support gear like
leashes, anchors and compass. Paddlers can choose the equipments according to the fishing
conditions and the type of fish that they intend to hunt. The right choice of tools would ensure that
paddlers have a huge catch and a great kayaking session.

To learn more on kayaking, beginners can follow articles by expert paddler and author Marc Fredmen
on Check out basics of kayak fishing on

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                            Fishing From Your Kayak? Here Is Some Gear You Might Need
                                                                 By Niall Barco

As a kayaker, you might not always want to run the white water. Sometimes, you want to take it easy
and do some fishing.

If you plan to fish from your kayak, you will need some necessary gear and accessories. Kayak fishing
gear is easy to shop for and fun to use! You will find a variety of gear to make your kayak fishing trip
that much smoother and organized.

The access bar is the first accessory that you must buy. The bar attaches to either side of your kayak
and is where you can hold your fishing rod and GPS system, if you own one.

Serious fishers also often invest in seats. You will probably find yourself sitting in your kayak for long
stretches of time. Seats will come in handy during these times.

Bait tanks and anchors are two other fishing-gear requirements. When you find that hot fishing spot,
you know you want to stay there, which will make your anchor come in handy! Bait tanks are excellent
if you fish for minnows. Depending on the style of fishing you are practicing, you may or may not need
these items.

Fishing gear is essential, especially because you are fishing from a small boat. The key to this is to
make sure everything is as organized and compact as possible. This will help you feel that you have
plenty of room and, therefore, much more comfortable. Gear for kayaks is designed with organization
and practical use in mind.

You will find some awesome gadgets for your new kayak fishing adventure! Convert your kayak into a
professional fishing boat with only a few accessories that can add fun to your fishing trip.

You will soon be able to combine two of my favorite pastimes - fishing and kayaking - and be having a
great time.

You will be able to find such fishing gear at online kayak and fishing retailers.

You can find great deals, tips and news, information and reviews about kayak equipment at This article can be reproduced in full as long as the resource box and live links
remain intact. Copyright

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