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                                          Kayak Fishing Equipment For a Safer Trip
                                                          By Richard Staunton

   Kayaking is a great sport for those seeking adventure and a challenge, yet it does carry with it a
certain degree of danger. Perhaps this is what makes it so exhilarating. Fortunately, there is kayak
fishing equipment useful in times of emergency and simply when extra precautionary measures are
essential to a safe kayaking trip. In fact, some of this equipment is similar to safety equipment used in
fishing expeditions and may be referred to as kayak fishing equipment. Kayak equipment falls into the
category of either river equipment or ocean equipment, but differences between the two are minor to
the extent that some kayakers use both.

 It is essential that every kayaker consider the importance of safety, as the water may be calm one
moment then suddenly turn to an unsteady, rough flow making kayaking that more challenging.
Swollen, unsteady rapids are actually a preference for the more daring river kayakers who appreciate
the added thrill and adrenalin level this adds to the sport.

 Choosing the right equipment can make a big difference when it comes to safety whether you are
facing rough rapids a tranquil river. A few essentials safety equipment include:

- Spray skirt
- The helmet and
- Your own floatation device

 The purpose of a spray skirt is to prevent water from getting into the kayak. This kayak safety
equipment is essential for safety purposes of the kayaker because if the kayak starts collecting water
inside, the potential to sink is increased as well as the kayakers attention is deterred.

 First, a helmet is basic kayak equipment and may not totally fall under the category of kayak fishing
equipment, but it is indeed essential as it protects your head from injury. Head injuries can be caused
by rocks or other hard objects, such as boulders either hidden under the water or emerging out of it.
Remember, rapids are mostly created by the various formations of rock which kayakers pass through
as they travel down the river.

 A Personal flotation device is also important kayak fishing equipment to bring on any kayak trip,
regardless of swimming skills since rapid currents may make swimming difficult for even the best

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swimmer. This flotation device can keep the kayaker afloat if needed, particularly in cases of an
overturned kayak. Some flotation devices may even come with reflectors and lights which can be very
useful when a search party is involved.

 Other important pieces of kayak fishing equipment may also include an extra paddle, emergency
shelter such as a small tent and a first aid kit in the event of injury.

 Of course, you may find that you hardly ever use the kayak fishing equipment described, but any
experienced kayaker would agree that it is better to have it when you need it than not have it when
there is an emergency. The most important thing is to have fun while you’re out in the waters and enjoy
yourself. The purpose of this article is not to deter you but to make you cautious.

Richard Staunton is the owner of http://www.kayakingsports.com - a guide for kayaking. Checkout
http://www.kayakingsports.com/category/kayak-gear/ for more kayaking gear articles.

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                                    Learn How To Go Ocean Fishing, In A Kayak
                                  By Learn How To Go Ocean Fishing, In A Kayak

There's nothing like the combination of the thrill of fishing and the solitude of ocean kayaking.

Don't you think ocean kayak fishing sounds wonderful? Anyone can do it, not just professional
kayakers! All that is required is the right kind of kayak and you can be on your way. Imagine floating in
your kayak in the middle of the ocean, having an enjoyable day of fishing. It could be you! It is
important to have basic kayaking skills for this kind of kayaking activity. The only difference between
fishing in your back yard, fishing in your kayak and fishing in the ocean is the kind of kayak.

It is certain that you will find that ocean-style kayaks cost much more than other types of kayaks. You
want to be sure that you buy a good kayak, because the ocean can be a dangerous place if you do not
have the best equipment. Ocean kayaks are easy to find, but they may be hard to select among.
Choosing a kayak is a difficult decision unless you are well-informed. Knowing what is required is
important. It makes your decision so much easier.

Ocean-style kayaks are very much more durable than other kayaks. Ocean kayaks are built for comfort
and speed. They have tall backrests because of the type of waves you will come in contact with. There
also are a more storage places that are great to keep your fishing gear and other equipment in so you
do not dump them in the water.

Ocean kayaks can be bought at most kayak dealers and ocean-fishing stores. They cost a bit more but
are a worthy investment. When you have bought a great ocean kayak, you are ready to begin your
fishing adventures. Kayaking is a wonderful way to fish. It makes for a relaxing and enjoyable trip
wherever you go. Now's the time to start catching those huge ocean fish.

You can find great deals, tips and news, information and reviews about canoes and kayaks at
CanoesAndKayaks.info. This article can be reproduced in full as long as the resource box and live links
remain intact. Copyright http://www.canoesandkayaks.info.

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