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  Volume 5 Issue 16                                                                              Spring 2008

                                             Know The Signs Of A Tornado
                          Vickie White, Operations Manager,

                             Weather forecasting      followed by either dead          Night - Persistent low-
                          science is not perfect      calm or a fast, intense      ering from the cloud base,
                          and some tornadoes do       wind shift. Many torna-      illuminated or silhouetted
                          occur without a tornado     does are wrapped in          by lightning -- especially
                          warning. There is no        heavy precipitation and      if it is on the ground or
                          substitute for staying      can't be seen.               there is a blue-green-
                          alert to the sky. Besides       Day or night - Loud,     white power flash under-
                          an obviously visible tor-   continuous roar or rum-      neath.
   JUST ONE REASON        nado, here are some         ble, which doesn't fade in   Photos provided by NOAA

     TO MAKE SURE         things to look and listen   a few seconds like thun-
   YOUR PROPERTY IS       for:                        der.
       COVERED!                                           Night - Small, bright,
                            Strong,    persistent     blue-green     to   white
   FOR MORE THAN          rotation in the cloud       flashes at ground level
                          base.                       near a thunderstorm (as
      50 YEARS
                             Whirling dust or de-     opposed to silvery light-
    WE HAVE PRO-                                      ning up in the clouds).
                          bris on the ground un-
        VIDED                                         These mean power lines
                          der a cloud based tor-
    PROFESSIONAL          nado won’t always have      are being snapped by very
         AND              a funnel!                   strong winds, maybe a
      FRIENDLY               Hail or heavy rain       tornado.

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           LIFE       2
       CREDIT CARD    2
                                         Mortgage Workouts Now Tax Free
          DEBT            Brad Henthorn, Personal Financial Planner,

                           Homeowners        whose     return, according to the    ers may exclude debt that
                          mortgage     debt    was     IRS.                        was forgiven on the prin-
      COMMERCIAL      3   partly or entirely for-       Normally, debt forgive-    cipal residence if the bal-
         AUTO             given during 2007 may        ness results in taxable     ance of their loan was
                          be able to claim special     income.                     less than $2 million. The
                          tax relief by filling out     But under the Mort-        limit is 1 million for a
                          newly revised Form 982       gage Forgiveness Debt       spouse filing a separate
     WE ARE THE   4       and attaching it to their    Relief Act of 2007 en-      return. Details are on
  HENTHORN AGENCY         2007 federal income tax      acted Dec 20th, taxpay-     Form 982 or IRS website.
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                           Common Ways Identity Theft Happens
Elaine Tobin, Personal Risk Manager,

 Skilled identity thieves use a vari-     divert your billing statements to     ber. Don’t carry your card in your
 ety of methods to steal your per-        another location by completing a      wallet or write it on a check. Give
 sonal information, including:            “change of address” form.             it out only when absolutely neces-
 Dumpster Diving: They rummage            Old Fashioned Stealing: They          sary.
 through trash looking for bills and      steal wallets and purses, mail,       Don’t give out personal informa-
 other paper with your personal           including bank and credit card        tion on the phone, through the
 information on it.                       statements, pre-approved credit       mail, or over the internet unless
 Skimming: They steal credit/debit        card offers, and new checks or tax    you know who you are dealing
 card numbers by using a special          information. They steal personnel     with.
 storage device when processing           records from employers, or bribe      Never click on links sent from un-
 your card.                               employees who have access.            solicited emails. Instead type in a
 Phishing: They pretend to be fi-         You can do some things to help        web address you know.
 nancial institutions or companies        protect yourself:                     Don’t use obvious passwords.
 and send spam or pop-up mes-             Shred financial documents and         Keep your information in a secure
 sages to get you to reveal your          paperwork with personal informa-      place. Carry Identity Theft Insur-
 personal information.                    tion.                                 ance.
 Changing Your Address: They              Protect your Social Security Num-

                       Things You Should Know About Life Insurance
 Brad Henthorn, Personal Financial Planner, bhenthorn@henthornagency,com

 Life insurance proceeds are gener-      the policy. Any unpaid interest is
 ally income tax-free.                   added to the loan. Any unpaid
                                         loan, including interest, will be
 The proceeds of many permanent
                                         deducted from the death benefit.
 life insurance policies can be used
 to ease the financial burden of         In addition to naming a specific
 catastrophic illness, terminal ill-     beneficiary to receive the proceeds
 ness or long-term care.                 of your life insurance policy
                                         (permanent or term), you should
 As the holder of a permanent life
                                         name a secondary or “contingent”
 insurance policy, you may borrow
                                         beneficiary just in case you outlive
 up to the cash value at an interest
                                         the first beneficiary.
 rate (fixed or adjustable) stated in

                                              Credit Card Debt
 Debbie Henthorn, Para-Planner,

 How can you tell if your debt load       You're frequently charged fees for    You devote more than 20% of your
 is nearing a critical level? Look for    late payments or going over your      take-home pay to making pay-
 these symptoms:                          credit limit.                         ments on credit cards and loans
                                                                                other than your mortgage.
 You're unable to make the mini-          You use plastic out of necessity
 mum payments on your credit              rather than convenience.              Control your debt before it con-
 cards.                                                                         trols you.
                                          You forgo contributions to savings
 You borrow from one card to pay          and retirement plans because of       Call Brad, our financial planner,
 another.                                 your debt.                            to help assess your needs.
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                                At the Scene of an Accident
Jean Collins, Personal Risk Manager,

Knowing what to do when involved           age such as setting up flares.         passengers.
in an accident can save lives and        • Ask the officer where to obtain      • License Plate Numbers.
expedite the claims process.               a copy of the police report. You     • The make, model and year of
• Stop your car-find out if anyone         will need it when you submit           each vehicle.
  is injured.                              your claim to your insurance         • Drivers License Numbers.
• Call the police or highway pa-           company.                             • Insurance Company Informa-
  trol.                                  • If necessary have the car towed        tion.
• Tell them how many people are            to a repair shop. The adjuster       • Names, addresses and phone
  hurt and the types of injuries,          might want to inspect your car         numbers of witnesses.
  and the police will notify the           before repairs start.                • Names and Badge numbers of
  nearest medical unit.                  Make notes of the following infor-       police officers.
• Try to protect the accident scene      mation:                                • If the vehicle is unattended try
  and take reasonable steps to pro-      • Names, addresses and phone             to find the owner, or leave your
  tect your car from further dam-          numbers of all drivers and             contact information.

                 Commercial Auto Insurance: Who needs it?
Beth Bradford, Commercial Risk Manager,

Commercial Vehicle Insurance poli-        Employed or self-employed indi-        There are differences between
cies exist to protect the business        viduals who use their own cars        personal and commercial auto in-
use of cars, vans, trucks, and trail-     predominately for business            surance coverage. One example
ers. Most policies are customized to      should carry commercial auto          is, if you insure a vehicle person-
fit the unique needs of each busi-        insurance. There are additional       ally, but use it commercially, cov-
ness. If your business owns or            coverage's available, such as non-    erage may not extend to a trailer
leases vehicles, regardless of how        owned, if employees use their         being towed.
many, you need Commercial Auto            vehicles while working for you.
Insurance.                                                                      Call us to check your coverage.

                               Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
Linda Wire, Personal Risk Manager,

Global Positioning Systems (GPS)        serial number in the event the unit     would fall under a homeowner’s
may take you wherever you want          is stolen.                              policy or renter’s policy and a de-
to go, but all too often they are                                               ductible would apply separate
taken—right into the hands of           “A lot of owners leave the wind-        from the auto deductible.
thieves. The more popular these         shield mounts of these portable
systems become, the higher the          devices behind when they detach         Prevention is always a better op-
prevalence of theft. To prevent         the units. This is a dead giveaway      tion.
thefts, the National Insurance          as thieves look on the windshield
Crime Bureau (NICB) recom-              for the circle on the glass. That
mends:                                  leads vandals to think the GPS is
                                        somewhere in the car. Not only is
Removing portable navigation            there the loss of the unit, but often
systems from the car, including         damage is done to the vehicle.
windshield mounts.
                                        The GPS system is considered per-
Registering your unit with the          sonal property and not covered un-
manufacturer so they have the           der an auto policy.      Coverage
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