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					                                                     2008-2009 Service Guide
 Center Team/Ext:
 Lisa Arneson, 257
 Kari Augustine, 241
 Julee Dredske, 289                               Kathryn Richardson, Ph.D., Director
 Tamara Kreklow,283
 John Meinke, 280
                                                                          800-862-3725, EXT. 281
 Lori Swanson, 303             

       CENTER MEMBERSHIP                                    Pre-                             PI 34 CONSORTIUM
       Center Services Available:                           CESA 5 offers one-day Pre        Purpose: The CESA #5 region
   •   Develop skills to analyze and use assessment         ACT workshops in school          recognizes the need for
       data                                                 districts that provide a         collaborative efforts that
   •   Provide Annual Data binders at summer Data           meaningful experience to         improve quality teaching. The
       Retreats                                             help students prepare for the    PI 34 Consortium will support
   •   Align curriculum to the Wisconsin Model              ACT. Every attempt will be       the development and
       Academic Standards                                   made to simulate the actual      implementation of key
   •   Facilitate curriculum mapping and curriculum         test day experience. We          components and offer districts
       writing projects                                     establish the importance of      support services in order to
   •   Build assessment literacy for staff, school boards   the individual test scores.      enhance local capacity to meet
       and parents                                          Participation in the workshop    district requirements.
   •   Providing technical assistance for Eclipse, Link 4   will reduce test-day anxiety
       Learning and X-AM                                    and build a positive attitude    Membership includes:
   •   Develop district benchmarks or grade level           toward the future.               • Support Seminars for Initial
       indicators                                                                              Educators
   •   Facilitate High School Reform Network                Topics covered:                  • CESA#5 Regional PDP
   •   Assist with grant writing by providing data          1. What is the ACT? Why            Review Team Program
       analysis                                                take it? How is it scored?      development
   •   Serve as either internal or external grant                                            • DPI PI34 updates and
       evaluators                                           2. Pretest routines, attitude,     statewide partnerships
   •   Facilitate curriculum evaluations                       materials                     • Membership rates for
                                                                                               CESA #5 PI34 Trainings
   •   Inform districts about standards and assessment
       initiatives                                          3. Test taking strategies        • Purchased Services
                                                                                               available for development
   •   Provide a newsletter with current issues in
                                                            4. Five subject area test          and trainings as needed
                                                               experiences: Math,            • Mentor workshops for
   •   ESEA updates
                                                               Science, Reading,               teachers & administrators
   •   Reduced rates to Center hosted workshops                Writing, and English          • Training in writing
   •   Trainings for Individual Student Enrollment
                                                                                               Professional Development
       System (ISES) , WSAS Online Reporting System         5. Test evaluations and            Plans for License
       (ORS),and WKCE Online Record Editing                    reasoning (with local           Advancement (Teacher,
       System (RES)                                            instructors in some             Pupil Services,
                                                               cases)                          Administrators)
                                                                                             • On-site Mentor Training
                                                            6. The value and use of            per district needs
The CESA 5 Professional Staff Development Resource
                                                               ACT results                   • Two half day PI34 Share
Center is designed to provide member school districts                                          Sessions
                                                            7. Selection of a college
with media related to current topics in
education for use in staff development                      8. Options and reasons to
sessions or by individuals.                                    retest
                                                                                              ON-LINE PDP TOOL
                                                                                              The Quality Educator
LRSCs were established by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction to primarily         Interactive website is available
provide assistance to any educators who:                                                      at no cost to Wisconsin PK-12
    • are not employed by school districts,                                                   educators, administrators,
    • wish to use the professional development plan (PDP) process to renew a license          pupil services and pre-service
        in 2006, 2007, or 2008 or                                                             educators.
    • wish to use the LRSC independently as they pursue license renewal.            

LRSC will provide services related to PI 34 and educator licensing including:
                        • Identify initial and professional educator teams in all three
                            categories of teacher, pupil service, and administrator
                        • Assist in creation of professional development plans
                        • Manage the professional development review process
                        • Train professional educators using the state required PDP
                            model in the three categories of teacher, pupil service, and
                        • Collaborate with regional partners to deliver necessary
                        • Implement initiatives as requested by the Department of
                            Public Instruction

                                                       TITLE I / GRANT WRITING CONSORTIUM
                                                       The intent of the CESA 5 Title I Consortium is to facilitate planning,
                                                       operation and coordination of local Title I programs. The CESA 5 Title
                                                       I Director provides onsite technical support for needs assessment,
                                                       goal setting, and assistance with district ESEA budget planning. The
CESA 5 Title I Consortium is dedicated to developing excellence in Title I programming.
Support is also provided to staff in regard to current researched best practices for all students in reading and math. Title I
consortium members attend Center professional development offerings for a reduced fee. Teachers and reading specialists
are invited to attend Title I networking meetings.
CESA 5 applies for grants in the areas of Literacy, Math, Science and Social Studies on behalf of the Title I/ESEA
Consortium districts. Currently we have a Math and a Social Studies grant for consortium members.

Title III CONSORTIUM (ELL)                         CURRICULUM SERVICES

CESA 5 assists districts with their increasing
                                                   The Curriculum Specialists at CESA 5 are available to assist your district
responsibility to keep abreast of new
                                                   with the following processes:
regulations and techniques in teaching English
Language Learners (ELL) students.
                                                              Analysis of WKCE content test scores
                                                              Aligning curriculum to the Wisconsin Model Academic
The consortium offers:
                                                              Develop district benchmarks or grade level indicators
Professional Development: ELL workshops or
                                                              Identify specific areas of the curriculum for improvement
onsite trainings are offered.
                                                              Curriculum Mapping
                                                              Selecting materials for your curriculum
ACCESS for ELL Testing: CESA 5 has several
                                                              Facilitate curriculum evaluations
trained ACCESS for ELL test administrators.
                                                              Support endorsed web based programs
We are able to assist in testing ELL students.
                                                              Providing technical assistance for Eclipse, Link 4 Learning
                                                              and X-AM
ELL Resources: The CESA 5 IMC has added a
wealth of resources— both professional
                                                   We welcome the opportunity to tailor our assistance to whatever your
development and classroom resources to serve
                                                   district needs. We will work with teachers, administrators or school
ELL students.
                                                   boards to help your district move ahead in the curriculum alignment
                                                   process and the assessment process.
Newsletters and Email Updates: Periodically
CESA 5 sends email updates and reminders
regarding important ELL news to our
consortium members.