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                                               Interesting Facts About Saddle Shoes
                                                                By Jayesh Bagde

    Saddle shoes are also considered as formal leather footwear. There are various types for different

 Saddle shoes are two-toned formal leather footwear. These are white shoes with a colored saddle
across the center of the shoe. The color is usually white and black. The toe and back of it are white. It
can be worn by both men and women, in different styles. It ranges from ultra high platforms to golf

This type of shoes has these features:
-eyelets and
-Tongues are black in color.

 The vamp and in-step are shaped like a saddle in the center. A matching black strip runs on the back
of the shoe heel. Some saddle shoes have a buckle on top of the black strip. These saddle shoes’ sole
consists of different “low heeled” sole that has a coral coloration. Saddle shoe manufacturers have
made saddle shoes in different color combinations and designs. Saddle shoes are versatile that it can
match any wardrobe.

 Saddle shoes were first sold in1906. They were first worn by boys. Girls started wearing them during
the 1920s. But during the 50s, these shoes were usually worn by women with:
 •poodle skirt
 •white blouse and
 •white cuffed ankle socks

The clothing styles then were:
-tight fitting blouses
-pirate pants
-pedal pushers

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-Peter Pan collared blouse
-Twin sweater shirt
-Cinched belt
-Pleated skirts and others

 Saddle shoes are considered as sporty shoes. They are worn like loafers before sneakers became
trendy footwear. They are not worn on formal occasions by boys. They can be worn on informal
occasions, by older boys and matching them with sport jackets

 Men's saddle shoes or men's saddle oxfords were known even during the post-war era. This
happened when they were:
 -dancing jitterbug and
 -listening to the vinyl album of Elvis Presley

 At that time, the market demanded men's saddle shoes, which later on created many men's two-toned
colored saddle shoes.

 Saddle shoes are remarkable because they can be worn by boys of all ages. Ordinarily, older boys do
not wear styles worn by younger boys. Saddle shoes appear to have been suitable to all age groups.

 Saddle shoes for men are still very much available in the market. Today, men’s variety saddle shoes
come in different styles. There are even athletic men's variety saddle shoes for very active individuals.
For the golf enthusiasts, there are “golf saddle” shoes. Hence, waterproof men's variety saddle shoes
are out in the market as well. For those who prefer the casual variety, saddle oxfords are
recommendable. These are popular amongst executives.

 At current, men wear saddle shoes for golf and sometimes with retro attires. A lot of golf saddles have
a classic saddle appearance. They have advance features for comfort and support. Sporty or athletic
saddle shoes now possess shock absorbing mid-soles and stabilizers. Sporty saddles even have
superb toe-hold. This is another reason why they are known amongst golfers. Having a shoe with good
toe-hold is important when playing golf, especially when swinging or putting.

 If you want to rock and roll, you can try the fashion footwear that replaced the loafers. Saddle shoes,
especially for the younger generation, are considered outstanding amongst all other American shoes.

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                                            Western Saddles: 7 Signs Of Poor Fit
                                                             By Beth Stefani

 With a suitable quality saddle and a variety of saddle pads, you should be able to ride many horses of
the same physical type with a single saddle. Such a saddle should comfortably clear a horse’s withers,
allow for free movement of the shoulders, be the proper length and shape for its back, and be well
balanced to provide good weight distribution. That's proper saddle fit. If you ride horses of different
breeds or significantly different sizes, then you'll need to invest in multiple saddles.

Wondering whether your saddle fits your horse? Below are 7 potential signs of a poorly fitting saddle. If
you're seeing any of these signs with your horse, you should take another look at how your saddle fits.

1. White hairs. White hairs showing up in the saddle area can be a sign of poor fit. Over time pressure
points can cause the hairs to loose pigment.

2. Dry spots. When you take off your saddle and pad after a long ride, what you want to see is an even
wet pattern across the horse's back. Dry spots can be a sign of pressure points.

3. Sores or galls. In the saddle area, sores and galls can be a sign of several problems: a poorly fitting
saddle, a poorly adjusted saddle, or poor quality cinches.

4. Rolling or rocking from side to side. A saddle that rolls to the side or rocks from side to side can be
either a sign of poor fit or a sign of a rider who isn't balanced in the saddle.

5. Tipping up in back. Tipping is generally a pretty straight forward sign of a poorly fitting saddle and is
usually cause by saddle tree bars with the wrong rocker and twist (angles) to fit the back of the horse.

6. Hindered movement by the horse. Restricted horse movement is a more difficult sign to detect and
usually takes a more advanced rider to notice the difference in the way a horse moves under different
saddles. A saddle that restricts a horse's shoulders will often impact how freely it moves out.

7. General crankiness under saddle. Many saddle problems are commonly misdiagnosed as behavior
or attitude problems. Put yourself in your horse's place. How happy are you when you're wearing
shoes that are one size too small?

Saddle fit isn't an exact science. It takes some savvy to determine whether or not you have a good fit.
These 7 Signs of a Poor Fit are a good first step in building your saddle fit savvy.

Beth Stefani is the publisher of , a comprehensive online
resource for understanding, choosing, and caring for the western saddle and accessories that are right
for you.

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