Web Admin Guide                                                                   Feb/2010

Support Numbers
First Line Support – 9am – 9pm 6225-1468 email support@webhosting.com.sg
Escalated Support – 8197-0221 max.emb@peakwebsystems.com

Control Panel
Login to the Control Panel at
You can login here using both the domain admin account and your email account
If your password is forgotten use the “Forgotten Password” function.

Key Functions Include:
Email – control of all email accounts for each domain
Email Spam and Holiday Messages– Extra email functions for Spam filters and leave messages
Reports – includes statistics hits report over each site

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Web Admin Guide                                                                            Feb/2010

WebMail Functions
Login to the same Control Panel at for webmail access

The login is your full email address, Email passwords can be re-set by the administrator

Key Functions Include:

Password – Change of password – Click on preferences (next to add a new email)
          – After changing password you must update this new password to Outlook etc.
Email Spam and Holiday Messages– Setting Spam filter settings and Holiday Messages
Web-mail – ability to launch webmail
Groups – set groups up for group emailing
Spam Filter – adjust the spam filter settings

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Web Admin Guide                                                                 Feb/2010

WebMail Direct

Login to the http://webmail.yourdomain.com for webmail access. Enter full email and

Outlook/Express Email Settings
Incoming and pop settings

Both the pop and smtp email settings are mail.yourdomain.com
Switch on for my server requires authentication
Enter the full email address for the E-Mail User name

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Web Admin Guide                                                                           Feb/2010

Outlook Email Settings
Set the outgoing smtp port to 587 (you need to change it from the default value)
This port setting allows no changes needed for all global travel where the default has conflicts

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Web Admin Guide                                                                             Feb/2010

Web-mail – rules set-up for Spam and Folders

This will allow emails that are marked in the subject as Spam to a Spam folder so they can be
reviewed but your inbox is not filled with Spam. First click on the Filter Rules button and then click
on the New Rule button.

Secondly set the new rule settings –set where the subject contains Spam and the action is deliver
the to a New folder then name this Spam. You can also then mark the message as Deleted.
Review this folder from time to time in case this are emails incorrectly marked as Spam.

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