TODAY S DATE DATE NEEDED Full Color FBI National Academy by ramhood2


									TODAY’S DATE


Full Color FBI National Academy Business Cards
                                    (Printed on White Gloss Business Card Stock)
                         o 250 Cards - $60.00 o 500 Cards - $70.00 o 1000 Cards - $80.00
                               Shipping: 250 & 500 cards - $8.00 1000 Cards - $12.00

                                          (YOUR AGENCY NAME HERE)

                                          YOUR NAME                                                                     YOUR NAME
                                              Your TiTle                                      session	 ####                Your TiTle
                                                                                                                     Your AgencY nAme Here

         session	 ####
     	                                               phone:	 000-000-0000                   	                                                 phone:	 000-000-0000
     street	 address	                                  fax:	 000-000-0000                   street	 address	                                    fax:	 000-000-0000
     city,	 state,	 zip	                email:                     city,	 state,	 zip	                  email:

                                Layout 1                                                                                 Layout 2
                                                                            We can put your agency logo on right side of layout 2 for an additional $5.00. (We must have a
                                                                            clear black & white copy for one color, or if full color as above, send the art on disk or via email.
MAIL ORDER FORM AND *CHECK TO:                                              We can accept .jpg, .tif, .pdf or .eps files.) We can provide a black & white proof of your card for
                                                                            an extra $10.00.
General & Custom Printing                                                   Check all       o Session Number Under Seal #
P.O. Box 711                                                                that apply:
                                                                                            o Full Color Seal with Black Lettering
Stapleton, AL 36578
                                                                                            o Full Color Seal with Blue Lettering
(251) 937-2600
                                                                                            o Additional Logo (Specify Color) ($5.00 Extra)
Fax (251) 937-2640
E-Mail:                                                                 o Name Only Available in Script       ( Jane Doe)
                                                                            Check One: o Layout 1                         o Layout 2
* Alabama Residents add 4% sales tax.
                                                                                       BC Order ($60.00, $70.00 or $80.00)
                                                                                       Additional Logo (Add $5.00)
               PLEASE CLEARLY TYPE OR PRINT SHIPPING LABEL.                            Proof (Add 10.00)
                 THIS IS YOUR SHIPPING LABEL:                                          AL orders Add 4% Sales Tax
                   * If shipping address is incorrect or incomplete,                   Shipping
              there will be a $15.00 charge if cards are returned to us.
                                                                            Type or Print Clearly Information AS IT SHOULD APPEAR ON CARD
Name:                                                                       Name:
                                                                Rm. or      Dept:
                                                                Suite #:

Contact #                                                                   Phone:
o VISA                        C/C #                                         Fax:
o MasterCard
o Discover                    Exp. Date                                     Cell:
o American Express
                              Signature                                     Pager:
                              Total to Charge                               E-Mail:
$20.00 Charge for all returned checks.                                      Check your order carefully. We cannot be responsible for misspellings on the order form.
Fax Orders must contain credit card information.                            If our mistake, you have 30 days from date we ship order to return for reprinting.

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