Canada�s Food Guide Vs. America�s Food Pyramid by guy22


Canada’s Food Guide
America’s Food Pyramid

Food Pyramid                   Food Guide
Simple and unappealing        More colorful
handout design                More appealing to the eye
Less aesthetically pleasing   with shades on boxes
printout sheet                Looks to provide more
Less writing and              information
information on print out      A lot more text
Looks very rushed             Has more appropriate food
because looks elementary      group names (IE: Instead
in design                     of Milk, it’s Milk and
“Example” foods are hard      Alternatives)
to decipher what they are     Easier, nicer, and
                              informative as a “pin up”
               Nutritional Advice
    Food Pyramid                          Food Guideand
                                      Single group for fruits
Splits the vegetables and fruits
Has a group for oils
                                      Splits the recommended
Does not split the                    serving sizes in age groups to
recommended serving sizes             be more accurate
into age groups
                                      Considers beans and lentils a
Considers Lentils and Beans a         Meat & Alternative
vegetable and not a under the
                                      Has more recommendations
meat category
                                      of what to do with your food
The only thing beyond food
                                      Has more information beyond
that it really tells you is to have
                                      food related aspects
a diagram of someone walking
up stairs to remind you to            Recommends ~3c. Of grains a
exercise                              day
Recommends 1c. ¼ of grains            Has only recommendations
                                      for oils
                   Ease of Use
    Food Pyramid                      Food Guide
Hard to determine “portion       Easier to decipher what the
sizes” because it’s              “example” foods are
represented by the base size     Titles are appropriately label to
The amount of fat and sugars     understand what each section
your supposed be able to get     of Food Guide is saying
from the thinning of the         Nicely layed out
pyramid.                         Has all of the information on
Above 2 points of pyramid is     the Food Guide print out
left to interpretation of        The hand out differenciates the
portions.                        portion sizes between gender
Website is harder to navigate    and age groups
The Food Pyramid relies on       More information portrayed on
the website to give              hand out, so you don’t need an
information                      internet connection
Only website says portions for   Food Guide uses both Metric
age groups and gender            and Imperial for their
        Website Presentation
Food Pyramid                     Food Guide
The button titles are hard      Website looks cluttered
to interpret before clicking    with a lot of
on them
                                The website isn’t dedicated
Difficult to navigate to find
what your looking for           to just the food guide, so
The website looks clean         it’s difficult to find if you are
and less cluttered              just given the website
The website is dedicated to     Colorful and eye pleasing
just the Food Pyramid
                                More information on the
Is not very user friendly
Less information on the
website                         More interactive food guide
Not very detailed Food          building system
Pyramid building system         Able to choose foods that
Very sterotypical in food       suit you making it more
                                diverse for people
Which Food Guide is better?

The Canadian Food Guide is definitely the better and easier to
use choice for the general public. It should be recommended to
        everyone who want to live an healthy life style.

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