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					Engagement and Wedding Rings For Lovely People

Knowing and understanding engagement and wedding rings may save you some time and some money
for people. It's not attached to any season or time of year, but it seems that the most purchases of
engagement and wedding rings happens around special day. Besides knowing how to find a good deal
on one, it pays to get a good idea of just what kind your fiancé' will be happy with.

One important aspect to familiarize yourself with, is in the terminology. Many facets of the business can
be misleading if you don't know what you're listening for. A little knowledge of diamonds and of gold
can go a long way in insuring that you get the most for your hard earned money.

With diamonds, you want to get a good shape. These terms seem to be interchangeable, when in fact,
they are not. But they do go together in a way that it would be good for you to understand before
shopping. Shape deals with a diamond's contour, while the 'cut' deals with its depth and width. The 'cut'
is what gives the diamond it's brilliance and durability, and many other characteristics as well.

Another area for knowing engagement and rings and wedding rings, are the settings. You should
familiarize yourself with these as well. One of the most common is the 'prong' setting, sometimes
known as the 'claw setting'. All of these prong settings differ and perform in different ways, so knowing
how to select the proper one for your diamond is a good knowledge to have.

There are a few other settings a person should be familiar with before trotting down to the jewelry shop
to shop around. The first one is the Bezel setting. Another type of settings are the channel settings. And
yet another type to learn about are the invisible settings. It's good to arm yourself with knowledge of
these when shopping rings. Some shapes and settings can actually make the diamond look bigger than
other ones do.

When you look for a good diamond, one of the terms you'll hear is 'clarity'. Clarity is the absence or
presence of any flaws within the diamond. This can be either on the surface or inside the stone. It's a
rare thing to find one with perfect clarity. Most of the flaws in a diamond aren't visible to the naked eye
anyway, but can only be seen with a magnifying loupe. So don't get too carried away with clarity.

Color is another aspect of diamonds that not many don't think about. The first thought for a lot of
people, is that diamonds are clear and colorless. It's true that 'white' diamonds are out there, but so are
many that are not. And they get judged against the white ones. So knowing a little about the color
terminologies will give some great assistance as well.

Knowing engagement and wedding rings can be a lot more involved than people would think. It takes a
little researching, but it really is a very interesting and fascinating study. Learning the color grades, the
shapes, and the cuts of your stone can be fun. Then understanding the various types of settings too can
place you in a different category in relation to being a good engagement ring and wedding ring shopper.
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Description: Besides knowing how to find a good deal on one, it pays to get a good idea of just what kind your fiance' will be happy with.