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                                   CUSTOMER FORUM
     How DTS is working to help meet your
     business challenges; a report on DTS
               Priority Projects.

•Server Based Computing Services
•Statewide Consolidated Email
•Network Unification
•Legacy Transformation
•Server Consolidation
•State Portal Project
•Disaster Preparedness
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DTS Server Based Computing
           Presented by Eileen Kennedy
   Branch Manager, Network Infrastructure Branch
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• Server Based Computing Service (SBCS)
  – What is it?
  – What is the basic architecture?
• DTS SBCS Offering
  – Base Application Bundle
  – Office Productivity Bundle
  – Potential Add-Ons
• Benefits of SBCS
• Questions
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 What is Server Based Computing?

• Applications move from the desktop to
  centralized servers at DTS

• Applications accessed via a web browser

• Anytime/Anywhere access
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     DTS SBCS Infrastructure
• Builds upon the proven pilot architecture
  – Dual Processor Intel Servers running
    Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Operating
    System and an Enterprise Storage Subsystem
  – All components installed in pairs to provide
    complete failover and redundancy
  – Email and file services are clustered
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             SBCS Offering
• Base Application Bundle
  – Terminal Emulation Package
    • Provides users access to a mainframe terminal
      interface (e.g., IBM Host on Demand)
    • Print services
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader
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                SBCS Offering
• Office Productivity Bundle
  – Includes Base Application Bundle plus
    Microsoft Office 2003
     •   Word
     •   Excel
     •   Access
     •   PowerPoint
     •   100MB of file storage
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               SBCS Offering
• SBCS Add-Ons include:
  –   MS Exchange 2003 Service
  –   MS Visio (Standard/Pro)
  –   MS Project (Standard/Pro)
  –   Adobe Acrobat Pro
  –   Other COTS and custom applications
                                              CUSTOMER FORUM
         Benefits of SBCS
            What’s in it for my department?

• Potential Cost Savings and Efficiencies
• Reduced security risks and improved
  security response
• Standardized applications for all
• Centralized software license management
• Centralized application software patch
• Remote access and location flexibility
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           How do I sign up?
• Service Offering Available in June 2006
• Contact your DTS Customer
  Representative for additional information
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Statewide Email Project:
Exchange Consolidation
  Hosting your email needs…
             Bill Howe
        DTS Project Sponsor
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            Statewide Email
•Project Background and Status
•Project Vision
•How this project helps you met your business
•What are the major technologies in use to
complete this project
•The DTS Project Team and our partnerships
                                                CUSTOMER FORUM
          Background and Status
             Statewide Email
– Why it was started and purpose?
   • Originally an HHSDC service offering
   • To establish an Exchange email service that can support the
     needs of an estimated 100,000+ Exchange users across the
– Where are we at & What’s ahead?
   • Today, DTS hosts e-mail services to 18,000 users in eight
     state and local agencies
   • Currently in Phase 2 – to prepare existing service for new
   • Phase 3 – plan & implement the growth of the service to
     support over 100,000 users
– When will it be done and current status?
   • Phase 2 will be completed by September 2006
   • Phase 3 will start after that
                                      CUSTOMER FORUM

      Statewide Email Vision
• Enhance cross-           Growing address list
  department initiatives    allows showing free/busy
                            across departments
• Lower statewide          Gain the benefit of
  email costs               economies of scale
• Consistently meet        24x7 Service Desk,
                            secured site, develop
  service level             industry standard SLA
  commitments               metrics and architecture
                                                                                                                         CUSTOMER FORUM

                                Statewide Email
                        DTS Email Services Business Model
                                                                                    as of 5/18/06

      Current Core Services                                      Current Pricing                                           Additional Services
                                                (For Exchange 2003 per seat per month)
                      18,000 and growing
Exchange 5.5 & 2003                                                                                                                           $2.38 per
                      Global Address List &
  hosting, storage,                           $9.38           $10.71          $13.37         $34.65       $61.22       Blackberry hosting     user per
                      Free/Busy Calender
    and backup                                                                                                                                 month
Centralized Mailbox      Outlook Web

                                                               Up to 100 MB

                                                                              Up to 200 MB
                                              Up to 50 MB                                                                SMTP Routing       per source IP

                                                                                             Up to 1 GB

                                                                                                          Up to 2 GB
      Admin.            Access Support
                                                                                                                                             per month

    Email Virus
                      Email Infrastructure                                                                             Future Additional Services
                       Maintenance &
                                                                                                                         Secure Email
                                                                                                                         by Sept. 2006
                      Secured facility with
24 X 7 Service Desk
                        backup power
                                                                 One Time Costs
                                                            Exchange-related Licenses *
Upgrade Testing &
                      Web-based reports                        $73.84 per seat (est.)
Migration Planning
                                              * Client purchases themselves, if they don’t have already

       Future Core Services

                      Federated Mailbox
 Spam Protection
  (by June 2006)
                        (by Sept. 2006)
                                 CUSTOMER FORUM

    Customer Value Points

– Departmental IT staff supporting Exchange
  will focus on program initiatives and
– DTS has full-time, dedicated Exchange
  engineering and operations expertise.
– DTS will help departments meet common
  compliance issues regarding email
                                         CUSTOMER FORUM

    Key Technology used by      DTS Exchange
        Hosting to deliver business objectives

•   Exchange 5.5 & 2003 (SP2)
•   Windows Server OS
•   HP & now Dell hardware
•   Outlook / OS versions supported:
    –   Outlook 2003 on Windows2000 SP3 or XP
    –   Outlook 2002 on Windows98 or later
    –   Outlook 2000 on Windows95 or later
    –   Outlook 97/98 – Not supported
                                                   CUSTOMER FORUM

 Statewide Email Announcements
• DTS will begin including spam filtering for current and
  new Exchange customers starting June 1st.
   – Please contact your DTS Account Manager or Customer
     Representative to begin planning this implementation.
• DTS will begin a monthly teleconference starting in
  June. It’s objective is to:
   – Provide you regular updates on the status of initiatives like
     secure email, spam, and others
   – Discuss recent operational issues and upcoming upgrades
   – Allow DTS to get your input on a variety of topics to improve
     the Exchange service
    If interested, please send your DTS Account Manager or
     Customer Representative an email for an invitation and
                                                                              CUSTOMER FORUM

                Statewide Email Team
• Current Customers
   –   EDD                      –   Placer County Health (CDCSS)
   –   DSS                      –   CalWater
   –   DDS
   –   ABC                      –   Certain OSI projects
   –   OTS                      –   DTS internally

• DTS Project Sponsor,
   – Bill Howe – (916)464-3672 email:
• DTS Project Manager
   – Chris Kahue – (916)464-3659 email:
        • Sub-Project Managers: Evelyn Rosa and Naomi Caietti
• DTS Service Manager
   – Kevin Piombo – (916)464-3663 email:
• Key project team members
       –     Frank Espinosa              –   Steve Ju/John Helpingstine
       –     Tom Pooler                  –   Michael Shallcross
                                         –   Monica Hopelian
       –     Nancy Grimes                –   Cheri Alverez & Elizabeth Brownfield
       –     Marcia Turner               –   Tim Funk & Michelle Lee
       –     Stephanie Romano            –   Debra Paschke
       –     Jerry Lisenby               –   And many others……
                CUSTOMER FORUM

Statewide Email

                                        CUSTOMER FORUM

     Network Unification

Presented by Ron Onodera, Technical Project Manger
            Project Sponsor Kathy Saito
     DTS Deputy Director, Engineering Division


                    CUSTOMER FORUM

CSGnet, Cannery, CalTrans
                            CUSTOMER FORUM

        Network Unification
•   Phase I – WAN and MAN Assessment
•   Phase II – Strategic Planning
•   Phase III – Implementation
•   Phase IV – Close-out
                                  CUSTOMER FORUM

•   Develop efficient cost effective design
•   Leverage existing network environments
•   Save money
•   Industry standards and best practices
                              CUSTOMER FORUM

           Project Structure
•   Governance
•   Steering Committee
•   Core Team
•   Project Management Team
•   Technical Team
             CUSTOMER FORUM

                                    CUSTOMER FORUM

 Legacy Transformation

     Project Sponsor Glen Matsuoka
DTS Deputy Director, Administration Division
                                  CUSTOMER FORUM

       Presentation Objectives
    Provide an overview of the “Legacy
    Transformation Project”

•   What is Legacy Transformation?
•   Why are we doing this?
•   What will be the project focus?
•   How do we plan on getting there?
                                 CUSTOMER FORUM

      Legacy Transformation
  Legacy Transformation can be viewed
  more as “Legacy Transition”:
Some Examples:
• Presentation layer changes (GUI)
• Exporting a database
• Replacing a legacy application
• Exporting a legacy application to a new
  hardware environment.
                                 CUSTOMER FORUM

      Legacy Transformation

• It is understood that departments will have
  unique needs for Legacy Transformation.

• And that some departments are beginning
  to look at this issue.
                                  CUSTOMER FORUM

        Legacy Transformation
In doing so these departments can address
  the following problems:

•   Staffing succession planning.
•   Long term support of legacy applications
•   Staff training on older applications
•   Business requirements – user access
                                CUSTOMER FORUM

      Legacy Transformation
 DTS will be developing a focus group to
 help develop and define the scope of
 Legacy Transformation.

• Looking for DTS customers to be apart of
  the focus group
• Will explore the opportunities for
  collaborative development among
                             CUSTOMER FORUM

    Legacy Transformation

DTS would like to partner with our
customers to begin the development of a
collaborative effort for the initial
assessment of Legacy Transformation.
                              CUSTOMER FORUM

    Legacy Transformation

DTS will be putting together a Technology
Day with industry experts to explore and
discuss the entire spectrum of Legacy
                                       CUSTOMER FORUM

       Legacy Transformation
• If your interested in being apart of the customer
  focus group, Please contact :

  Joseph Hill,PMP
  Project Manager
  DTS-Project Management Office
  (916) 454 - 7283

  Or leave your business card so we can contact
                                   CUSTOMER FORUM

      Legacy Transformation
DTS Legacy Transformation Team

  – Executive Sponsor - Glen Matsuoka
    Deputy Director Administration
  – Customer Engagement – Kelvin Pye,
    Deputy Director Innovation and Business
  – Back-up Project Manager – Dee Smith,
    Manager Project Management Office
                                                                               CUSTOMER FORUM

                            CALNET II
•The CALNET II RFP was issued on August 15, 2005 for the State to acquire a comprehensive
 set of outsourced telecommunications and network services that would replace the current
                        CALNET Master Services Agreement (MSA).

 •The overall business needs of State and local government agencies for these services are
                     critically important, and were carefully considered.

                   •Expected awards (4 separate MSAs): October 2006

            •Customer Information Forums will be scheduled after MSA awards.

                                    Barry Hemphill, Deputy Director
                                     Telecommunications Division
                                    Department of General Services
                                       Sandra Bierer, Deputy Director
                             Statewide Telecommunications & Network Division
                                    Department of Technology Services

                          CUSTOMER FORUM

Enterprise Server
      Steve Rushing
    DTS Project Manager
                                CUSTOMER FORUM

         Server Consolidation
•   IT Strategic Plan Directives
•   Project Governance & Oversight
•   What Is Server Consolidation
•   Next Steps
•   Questions
                                   CUSTOMER FORUM
        Server Consolidation
               IT Strategic Plan
• Goal 4 -- “Lower Costs and Improve
 Security, Reliability, and
• Objective 2 -- “Consolidate Technology
 Infrastructure and Services”
• Action 5 – “ By December 2006 submit
 business case and plans……”
                                 CUSTOMER FORUM

   Governance and Oversight
• IT Council Oversight
• Technology Services Committee
  – Calvin Rogers
• Steering Committee
  – 5-7 CIOs
  – Chairperson (not from DTS)
• Discussion at July 21st IT Council Meeting
• Goals/Plans Shaped by IT Council
                                  CUSTOMER FORUM

    What Is Server Consolidation?
• Consolidation Within A Department
• Remote Management by DTS
• Consolidation Into DTS POP Sites
• File and Print servers? – Not Likely
• Possible Migration To DTS Or DTS
• Again -- Goals/Plans Shaped by IT
                                       CUSTOMER FORUM

        Proposed Next Steps
• Discussion at July 21st IT Council
• Identify Steering Committee
  – 5-7 CIOs
• Identify Chairperson (non-DTS Person)
• Develop Scope, Project Charter, and
  Governance Structure
• Assess Current DTS Capabilities
• Assess/Survey Departments’ Server
• Suggest Approach/Plan
                             CUSTOMER FORUM

        Server Consolidation
• Questions
• Steve Rushing
  (916) 464-4284
                                        CUSTOMER FORUM

           Rick Vagg Project Director-BOE
       Keith Mitsuyasu Project Manager-DTS
Richard Lehman -Core Team Member-CEAP-DMV
 Marilyn Lee-Nielsen –Core Team Member –DTS
    Cliff Johnsrud –Core Team Member –DCA
  Stacey Alexander-Core Team Member –EDD
     Theresa Giles-Core Team Member –DHS
   Silvano Guitierrez-Core Team Member- FTB
                             CUSTOMER FORUM

    California Portal Redesign
Project Goal
Issues and Problems
Organize Team
Redesign and Search Engine
Payment Engine Analysis
Solicitation Document
                               CUSTOMER FORUM

To improve the California State Portal
and develop it as a service resource for
the State of California.
                                  CUSTOMER FORUM

Out of date design and navigation
Ineffective search function
No uniform design standards
No standard application development platform
No effective content management
Lack of customer support for current billing
Ranked 47th among states
                                 CUSTOMER FORUM

   Background and Status
  California Portal Redesign
Project start date: March 2006
  State agencies

RFI Issue to Business Community (Dec 2005)
RFI Vendor Discussion (Apr 2006)
Incorporate RFI Information in Solicitation
Document (Jul 2006)
                                               CUSTOMER FORUM

           Organize and Plan
Form a multi-departmental team
  Board of Equalization
  California Enterprise Architecture Program
  Department of Consumer Affairs
  Department of Motor Vehicles
  Department of Technology Services
  Employment Development Department
  Franchise Tax Board

Develop appropriate governance structure
Solicit input from industry
                              CUSTOMER FORUM

Improve Search Function
Portal Redesign (Look and Feel)
Payment Engine
                                  CUSTOMER FORUM

           Search Engine
Problem Analysis:
  Stakeholder interviews
  Data gathering and sharing
  Surveys (public and agency)
  Research other search engines
  Findings and recommendations
Fix or Replace Search Services
                                 CUSTOMER FORUM
          Portal Redesign
Vendor: Human Factors International (HFI)
Problem Analysis:
  Stakeholder Interviews
  Data Gathering and Sharing
  Expert Reviews
  Usability Testing
  Findings and Recommendations
Review Portal:
  Branding     Graphics
                                 DESIGN LOOK &
  Design       Accessibility          FEEL
  Layout       Verbiage
  Task Flows
                                    CUSTOMER FORUM

IMPROVED                      IMPROVED
 SEARCH                     DESIGN LOOK &
CAPABILITY                       FEEL


             MY CA PORTAL
                                              CUSTOMER FORUM

             Payment Engine
Vendor: Eclipse Solutions
Problem Analysis:
  Stakeholder Interviews and Surveys
  Data Gathering and Sharing
  Market Analysis
  Findings and Recommendations
Possible Solutions:
  Purchase a custom, off-the-shelf payment engine
  Build a custom application payment engine
  Outsource the payment engine
  Extend the current technology in use.           PAYMENT
                                          CUSTOMER FORUM

Acquisition Specialist for Masters
        Contract Strategy
Alignment with department’s plan for achieving goals of
on-line services
Adherence to California’s service delivery model
Adherence to California’s Enterprise Architecture:
   Design policies
   Open standards
   Service Oriented Architecture
Utilization of shared services             ACQUSITION
                        CUSTOMER FORUM

PAYMENT                   NEW PORTAL

                 Overall Summary     CUSTOMER FORUM


 IMPROVED                                Award
  LOOK &
                      Solicitation   New Proposed
   FEEL       DTS     Document           Portal
              MY CA
             PORTAL                  Infrastructure
                                      & Statewide
  SEARCH                             Web Services


                                          CUSTOMER FORUM

Child Welfare Services/Case
    Management System
               Cynthia Hayden
     New Project Integration Technical Lead
                                  CUSTOMER FORUM

• Background and Status
• DTS Contributions
• CWS/CMS Team and partnerships
• Questions
                                                              CUSTOMER FORUM

            CWS/CMS Background
• CWS/CMS is a statewide tool supporting an effective
  Child Welfare System of services.
   – Owned by the California Department of Social Services
   – Office of System Integration is the CDSS Agent for the system; working with
     the vendor/consultant and DTS staff for maintenance and operations
   – Originally implemented in 1997, with continued development through final
     rollout in 1998
   – Result of Chapter 1294, Statutes of 1989, Senate Bill 370 requiring a
     statewide computer system to automate functions of child welfare offices.
   – Improves the lives of children and families by:
       • Providing social workers information to improve casework services, freeing
         them from repetitive tasks
       • Providing policy makers with information to design and manage services
       • Fulfilling State and Federal legislative intent.
   – Largest, single-state SACWIS (statewide automated child welfare
     information system) in the United States.
   – All 58 counties use CWS/CMS.
                                                    CUSTOMER FORUM

– On March 25, 2006, technical infrastructure supporting CWS/CMS
  application moved from IBM’s data center in Boulder, Colorado to DTS
  in Sacramento.
– Application and database now run on two IBM host mainframe
  computers maintained by DTS.
                                               CUSTOMER FORUM

       Re-hosting Transition Project
Re-hosting Transition Project moved the technical
infrastructure from a vendor-owned site in Colorado to DTS
site in Sacramento. For this project, DTS was instrumental
• Developing the technical requirements and mitigation strategy
included in IBM’s scope of work
• Completing in record time the procurement of all hardware,
software, and services with support by DOF and DGS
• Working collaboratively with IBM and OSI project staff for
completion of technical work
DTS contribution and involvement made it possible for the
cutover activities to be completed on time without incident
or disruption of service to end users.
                                                                CUSTOMER FORUM

                    CWS/CMS Team
•   Project Stakeholders
     – Project Sponsor - California Department of Social Services
     – California’s 58 counties
•   DTS Contacts for CWS/CMS
     – Gretchen Hernandez, Account Manager
     – Steve Williamson, Customer Representative
•   CWS/CMS Executive Management
     – Lauren Barton, Deputy Director
     – Melody Hayes, Asst. Deputy Director – New Projects Integration
     – Stephen Hensley, Asst. Deputy Director – Maintenance & Operations
•   Consultants/Vendors
     –   County Consultants from Alameda, Kings, and Sacramento county
     –   IBM
     –   Northrop Grumman IT, Inc.
     –   Eskel-Porter
     –   CGI-AMS
     –   Deloitte Consulting LLP
•   Cynthia Hayden,
             CUSTOMER FORUM


                                  CUSTOMER FORUM

DTS Disaster Preparedness
DTS Disaster Preparedness
  Operational recovery at the startIT
  Assuring the Availability of Your
        of the 21st Century
                 Bill Howe
            DTS Project Sponsor
                                    CUSTOMER FORUM

               Where we are
•   Mainframe centric
•   Primarily batch
•   Tape as the recovery media
     DTS Disaster Preparedness
•   72 hour availability
•   The second disaster
•       Operational
    6 weeks run time recovery at the start
•                of the 21st Century
    Not much different over the last 15 years
•   Less than 20 server based applications
•   No web applications

                                   CUSTOMER FORUM

         Where we need to be
•   Distributed system support
•   Recovery in seconds or minutes
•    DTS Disaster Preparedness
    Service continuity for real time systems
•   Mirroring rather than tape
•   Continuous Data Protection
          Operational recovery at the start
•   High bandwidth between DTS sites
                  of the 21st Century
•   Minimize customer cost

                                      CUSTOMER FORUM

                  The vision
•   Two (or more) DTS raised floor facilities
•   Geographical separation
•    DTS Disaster
    Server centric/lights outPreparedness
•   Continued third party mainframe recovery
•   New partnerships
        Operational recovery at the start
•   Security and Availability are fundamental DTS
                 of the 21st Century
    Business Requirements

                                  CUSTOMER FORUM

   DTS Disaster Preparedness
• OR will be part of the basic DTS SLA
   DTS Disaster Preparedness
• DTS will offer OR service to non-traditional
• DTSOperational recovery at the start
       will work with other agencies to
              of the 21st Century
  improve disaster recovery capabilities
• DTS will seek creative OR partnerships
  and funding mechanisms                     77
                               CUSTOMER FORUM

   DTS Disaster Preparedness
• DTS Project manager and project team
    DTS Disaster Preparedness
   • OR background
   • Customer involvement
       Operational recovery at the start
• Proven project methodology
              of the 21st Century
• Project alignment
                             CUSTOMER FORUM

DTS Disaster Preparedness
DTS Disaster Preparedness
  Operational recovery at the start
        of the 21st Century

                             CUSTOMER FORUM

      Thank you for coming

Many of our DTS staff are here to answer
 any questions you may have regarding
    any of the topics covered today.

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