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                                                       How to Purchase Crossbows
                                                           By Jennifer Walterscheit

    Crossbows have become one of the more preferred choices by avid archers and outdoor sports
enthusiasts. Just as there are a number of different sports where crossbows can be used are there a
different varieties of crossbow designs to choose from. Some of these crossbows may be specific in
their usage while others can be rather flexible. If you are looking to purchase a crossbow either in
archery specialty stores in shopping malls or over the Internet, here are a few things you may want to
first consider:


 The first thing that you would need to consider is first and foremost what will you be using your
crossbows for? Are you looking into simply getting into archery as a hobby and would be using the
crossbow more on target shooting? Or are you planning to use the crossbows for outdoor sports such
as hunting or fishing? Crossbows come in a variety of weight and power. Heavier and more powerful
crossbows are ideal for sport hunting and fishing. If you are merely looking into target practice, try
getting simple, basic crossbows instead.

Consult your License and Other Regulations

 If you are looking into purchasing crossbows to use for hunting and fishing, make sure that the
crossbow that you are looking into meets the requirements specified in your hunting and fishing
license. Some state government agencies that are in-charge of overseeing the hunting and fishing
zones within your state have also a set of regulations with regards to the kind of crossbows and other
archery equipment that can be used for fishing and hunting. You can contact your local parks and
wildlife agencies within your state with regards to such regulations. Some of the information about
crossbow use regulations is also readily available over the Internet. These websites would also
provide you information where to get additional certification and other requirements that you may need
before acquiring your very own crossbows.

Do Your Research

There are a number of archery specialty stores in shopping malls and sports equipment stores that

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                                       Presented by Daniel Toriola

offer a variety of different brands and models of crossbows. Do not just rely on which one is the
cheapest or what the local store assistant would offer. You can check on the reviews of these
crossbow brands over the Internet to decide which one will be the most likely investment for you. Also
ask your friends who are using crossbows for hunting, fishing or target shooting. This is to make sure
that you get your money’s worth when you purchase your crossbows.


 Over time, your crossbows would need to undergo maintenance and repair. Because of this, make
sure that you get your crossbows from a store that would offer a reasonable length for the warranty
coverage. It is important to also check the coverage of the warranty that is included when you
purchase your crossbows and its accessories. This is because since a crossbow is a very complicated
equipment to manufacture. As such, the absence of a warranty may cost you to spend an arm and a
leg when the time comes that you need to have this repaired.

At Eagle Archery we are dedicated to providing you with the largest selection of archery equipment and
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                            Crossbows - Did You Know They're the New Way to Hunt??
                                                       By Jennifer Walterscheit

Crossbows Here There And Everywhere

So crossbows are popular?

 Yes crossbows are very popular, especially in hunting when one does not want to use a rifle and
silence is of the essence. These bows can also be used for fishing as well. They have a wide variety of
ranges and uses. In historical context, these were used as weapons of war a long time ago. Mention
of this weapon has been dated back to the 5th century. Crossbows have also been used in the present
day to hunt big game such as bear, lion, deer, bison and elk. In today’s world they are also used in the
sport of archery.

Are there different types of these crossbows?

 There are type of crossbows such as a sporting or hunting bow, a match bow, a target bow and
medieval reenactment for starters. Each one has a different setup and range that is strictly their own.
When looking at crossbows, you need to select one that is right for you depending upon what the bow
is to be used for. There are different pull weights that go with each and every one. So you will have to
find one that is compatible with you and whatever you will need the bow for. This also depends on if
you need it for sport or for target.

What is the different between these crossbows?

 There are several differences between these crossbows. The sporting bow is usually around 125 lbs
in draw weight. That can be shot up to 50 meters. They can also be used in target practice. Match
crossbows are heavy and used for competition shooting between 10 and 30 meters. Target bows are
limited at 95 lbs draw weight and are used at archery clubs. These are just some of the differences in
these bows. The above information should be useful in helping you to choose the right bow for you, no
matter what the need or situation that you find yourself in.

Are there different brand names for these bows?

 Yes, there are many different manufacturers that sell these crossbows. Some popular names are
Alchem Incorporated, Ten Point, Horton, Saxon, Red Lion and Excalibur just to name a few of the
many different manufacturers that create and sell these bows. Some of these names you may have
heard of. You can also buy these bows from the manufacturers, or places like Cabela Sports, Bass Pro
Shops or Eagle Archery just to name a few of the places both online and at a physical store that you
can purchase. Most physical stores will also fit you with a bow, as it must be fitted to you and your
needs. This is to ensure not only your comfort, but also your accuracy in shooting the bow. The bolts
can also be fitted with different types of heads matching the situation in which the bow is to be used.
The heads vary with the task at hand, and can be interchangeable for any given task that you come up

At Eagle Archery we are dedicated to providing you with the largest selection of archery equipment and
crossbows on the web.  Visit us at

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