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					Grow Your Business on a Budget
It's one of the biggest challenges facing small business owners: how do you grow your business on a restricted budget? After all, they say "it takes
money to make money". But, how do you get the word out about your business, when you don't have the budget to advertise? And, how do you get
the help you need to enable you to build your business if you don't have the funds to afford an extra paycheque? If we were living in the 1980's or even
the early 1990's you may have been without a solution to these problems, but fortunately, today, in our world of high-speed internet, 500 Gig hard
drives and Internet phone service, there are alternatives.Some of the best ways to publicize your business are absolutely free. An example of this is
article marketing; if done well and on a consistent basis, article marketing can cost little to no money and bring you significant results. Let`s look at an
example of how this works, assuming that you own a business that distributes fitness videos. When "Joe Smith" decides he wants to buy a kick
boxing video in order to take off some pounds, he types, "weight loss kick-boxing video" into Google and he gets a selection of websites and articles
related to those search terms. If you were article marketing, one of those links could be to your article. If after reading your article, "Joe Smith"
decides he likes what you have to say, he will click on the link to your website at the bottom of your article. He is a highly targeted visitor your site, and
all it took was the time to write and distribute your article.Press releases are another method to get the word out about your business, and like article
marketing, they can be absolutely free. These are a great way to announce news relating to your business that you can`t afford to advertise. Has your
inventory recently expanded? Have you added a new product or service to your existing offerings? Have you become certified, won an award, or are
you offering a free product? If so, write and distribute a press release and you will be surprised at the interest that can be generated.If you are feeling
overwhelmed by your work, obviously hiring an employee would be the perfect solution. An extra set of hands would help you to accomplish more,
which in turn may enable you to boost your sales. But again, without the budget to hire help, this simply isn't possible. Today the easiest and most
cost effective way for a business owner to develop their venture is to outsource. Outsourcing can encompass a great many tasks and, for those who
don't absolutely need someone to work 40 hours per week, it is more affordable than hiring an employee. For example, if bookkeeping is an
undertaking that distracts you from the tasks that generate income, you could conceivably hire a bookkeeper to work for 10 hours per month
(depending on your sales volume of course), and use those 10 hours to increase your sales. If administrative tasks are hampering your growth, you
can hire a Virtual Assistant to handle these duties on an "as needed" basis.Don't let a limited budget stop you from building your business into the
success it was meant to be. Advertising can be done on a budget and getting qualified help doesn't have to mean hiring an employee. With a little
creativity, you can increase your profits and you can do so on even the most limited budget.

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