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					                                                               The Common Sense Party
                                                                       6 Barrett Court
                                                                           Cardiff Rd
                                                                       Reading Berks
                                                                            RG1 8EP

                                                                          0845 309 6228
4 April 2007

The current level of inheritance tax is ridiculously low and Gordon Brown’s increases
will do little more than keep up with inflation.

Inheritance tax was never meant for Mr and Mrs average, but with house price
inflation over recent years many millions of people are falling into the net.

Common sense would tell you that if you set the band at some multiple of the average
house price (perhaps 3 or 4) times this figure would rise or possibly fall each year and
the vast majority of ordinary people would not be subjected to a tax on dying. Many
people have struggled over years to pay for their homes out of their income, which
has already been taxed with the intention of leaving them to their children or their
grandchildren. Many young people these days who wish to buy a home of their own
find themselves in an impossible position because of the level of house prices and
could do with some serious help to get onto the ladder.

House price inflation is partly down to the massive immigration currently taking
place, which is also (by Governments own admission) keeping wage inflation down.
Other reasons include life expectancy, living alone and young people leaving home
earlier, which all adds up to an impossible situation for young potential first time

 It should be noted that those couples who want to avoid falling into Government
death tax trap should not leave their half to their spouse. The best way is for each
partner to make a separate will, leaving their share to children or whoever, therefore
doubling the threshold (please see a solicitor).

For single people it should be noted that donations to charities and political parties are
exempt, so if you want to lower your estate’s tax liability the Common Sense Party
would use any donations very sensibly to promote public opinion and common sense

Yours Sincerely,

                    Mr Howard Thomas                   The Common Sense Party

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