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									earn more profit by reducing your web hosting cost


It's been more than two years since I started my web hosting services
business, and I have used my own web hosting services for my other home
based businesses. For me, it is my biggest benefit, as an owner of a web
hosting provider, I can minimizing...well actually "ELIMINATING" would be
the correct word :-P ...my web hosting cost for my home based businesses.
Whether you are a beginner or an expert in internet-based business, I am
sure you all realize that your website(s) is/are one of your business'
spear-points. I know that you will agree if I say reducing business costs
is one of the best ways to get more profit in business.
Now, I want to share my experience with you, I want to help you reducing
your web hosting cost...if you allow me of course. It might not help you
a lot, but still I wish it could help you earning more profit from your
internet-based business by reducing one of your costs, and bring some
more especially if you are doing a home based businesses. I am offering
some very affordable, reasonable, inexpensive packages for you to be
consider in order to reducing your web hosting cost, with professional
In my opinion, before we choose our hosting provider, there are some
points need to be considered:
Customer Satisfaction Level
We definitely need as much supports as possible from the seller of any
products we buy from, the ability to give a precise responses in timely
manner, the friendliness in accepting questions and complaints, the
professionalism level in answering any questions or complaints, and many
more aspect of customer satisfaction services.
The quicker their response time to answering our question or complaints
the better, be aware of this point because you may need a lot of
assistance from your web hosting provider.
Disk Space Size
As an internet business entrepreneur, I'm sure that you are aware that
you need as much space as possible to provide downloadable products for
your visitors and customers, and of course with as low as possible cost
you can get. The bigger the better....as long as the price is
Monthly Data Transfer Size
If you provide downloadable products from your website, you definitely
need monthly data transfer as big as you can get, because you don't want
to disappointing your visitors, members, or customers by running out of
monthly data transfer availability, do you?
Have you ever experienced this "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded" problem with
your website? Well, I hope you have...at least once...because it means
that you have a lot of visitors, or members, or hopefully customers who
buy from you.
We can see that "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded" problem as a good thing as it
means that we have a lot of visitors visiting our website, or alot of
members or customers downloading our products. But in the other hand, it
is embarrassing, don't you think?
Anyway, my suggestion is try to look for web hosting provider that can
provide as high monthly data transfer as possible.
Content Packages
As an internet-based entrepreneur who use website to presenting the
product, you should want to as many content packages as you can get, in
order to fulfill your business processes requirements. The more useful
content package you get, the more easiest you manage your internet-based
business, or do what you want to do with your website.
Some of the most popular package in the internet, those you might also
want and need to have in your website, are Content Management System
(CMS), such as Joomla, Mambo Open Source, PHP-Nuke, etc.; Blogging
Scripts, such as Wordpress, b2evolution, and nucleus; Discussion Board,
such as SMF and phpBB2; E-Commerce, such as Os Commerce, Zen Cart, etc.;
Image/Photo Galleries, such as Coppermine Photo Gallery, 4Images Gallery;
Mailing List, such as phpList which will be very useful to build your own
mailing list/newsletter distribution; Form Generator, phpFormGenerator
script will be very helpful to create any kind of forms you want and need
to, Website Monitoring Tools, such as Webalizer will be very useful to
monitoring your website hits, and many other useful script packages you
can use. Those scripts are packed in Fantastico Package.
Quality of Service (QoS)
Quality of Service (QoS) is a commitment from the hosting provider to
guarantee their servers' minimum down-time to their customers, the number
usually presenting provider's server up-time, and in percent (%). Most of
hosting provider this day would claim their ability to give you a 99.9%
server up-time guarantee, this is good because you don't want your
website to disappear from the internet too long or too often.
Web hosting service is a very competitive business, you will be able to
find a big spread of web hosting prices in the internet, most of web
hosting service providers will give you a very affordable price in order
for them to be able to survive in this field of business. But a lot of
them still promoting a high price, claiming that their system is the best
in the world....well, we wouldn't know exactly about that, would we?

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