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                                             How To Plan Your Own Golf Vacation
                                                           By Julie Robertson

   Playing golf is one of the passionate hobbies of the upper echelons of the society. Sometimes
these people take a few days off their busy schedule and visit Golf courses or villas elsewhere in the
country to enjoy the pleasures of playing Golf over there. They hardly mind packing off and traveling
hundreds of miles just to play Golf; because they love Golf Vacation.

There are many places in US, which offer exotic Golf vacation, the list seems to be endless. From
Palm Springs in California, Austin and Barton creek in Texas, Biloxi in Mississippi, Las Vegas in
Nevada, Brooksville, Dayton Beach, Orlando, Miami and a dozen more in Florida there are several
others located in different States of US.

There are clubs and organizations that specialize in offering Golf package tours and vacations. They
take care to provide everything right from lodging, fixing tee times and arranging car rentals. Infact, you
can select from over 600 Golf courses at over 250 different resorts and hotels. All you have to do is just
get an online quote after you decide.

Plan your entire trip, in four easy steps:

1. Select your destination 2. Select your hotel 3. Select your golf course 4. Optionally select your car

You can compare the prices of different packages and choose that which suits you best.

Of course, some would love to play Golf built on seaside shores as in Vero Beach, Florida which is a
most charming coastal town. Here, Grand Harbor is a private, gated community golf course offering a
wide variety of world-class amenities.

It’s not only professionals who go on golf vacations, but even beginners who want to learn the game go
one vacations to America's favorite Golf Schools, offering two, three and five day packages at over 50
locations across the United States. Every year, thousands of student graduates over 20 years passing
out, these students return season after season to refine their playing skills, relax and enjoy the
amenities that many of these locations have to offer. These clubs have dedicated teaching staff who
sincerely care to teach and improve your golf playing skills. Their relaxed teaching structure lets you

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work and also have fun at your own pace, whatever your age or level of ability be Beginners and
intermediates are just as welcome as low handicappers. Some of these clubs even offer discounts for
senior citizens (60+) and military personnel. They can offer specialized private lessons and have golf
schools for women, beginners and juniors.

In general, a Golf vacation could be as exciting and thrilling as any other vacation say to the sea-shore
or mountains or water falls.

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                                  Planning The Perfect Golf Ireland Ultimate Vacation
                                                         By Vance Kardasian

So you already know where you want to go on your vacation, not a Hawaii golf vacation but a golf
Ireland ultimate vacation, but you are just not sure how to start planning. It can definitely be
overwhelming, especially if this is your first time planning and taking a trip, but with a little help you
should have no problems at all.

If you want to start planning your golf Ireland ultimate vacation, here are the steps that you are going to
want to take to make sure that this all goes smoothly and you have the most enjoyable time while you
are there.

Get a Feel for the Area

So you know that you want to go on the perfect golf Ireland ultimate vacation, well then first you are
going to want to get a feel on the area. Take a look at an atlas, read about Ireland in the newspaper
and online, and find out different things about it and where the most popular tourist destinations are. Or
maybe you would rather go somewhere remote in Ireland, that is completely up to you but the point
here is that you are going to have to learn a bit more about where you are traveling to before you will
be able to plan the perfect golf Ireland ultimate vacation.

Do Your Research

Then you are going to want to continue on doing your research, and now include looking around at the
different travel companies that are out there and seeing where you are going to be able to get the best
deal. As long as you are dealing with legit business only, you are really not going to have to worry
about getting too cheap a deal, because you will still be getting all the same things included with your
inclusive package.

Talk to a Travel Agent

Of course one of the best tips of all that you can get when trying to plan a golf Ireland ultimate vacation
is to talk to a professional in this field, someone who is going to be able to offer you the best advice, a
travel agent. This is someone who is going to sit down with you and discuss with you just what you
want to get out of this vacation and what sort of things you are looking for.

Their whole goal is to take the load off your shoulders, take care of all the details for you and make
sure that you are going to have the most enjoyable time on your trip.

Please feel free to visit my Golf Vacation website for more free tips and resources.

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