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					Remember Lynden’s annual picnic                               LYNDEN
                                                                July 2002 • Vol. 20, No. 3

at Henry Jansen’s Whatcom County

farm starts at 11 a.m. with kids’
games Saturday, August 3.

Bethel hovercraft featured in exhibit
   Visitors to the Smithsonian        to eight landlocked villages in          than a year of work on the part of     replica of the hovercraft operat-
Institute’s National Postal           the Kuskokwim River region of            Dave Haugen, Alaska Hovercraft         ing in Bethel. He also located
Museum in Washington, D.C.            Western Alaska. A video with             board chairman. “I thought the         and supplied the museum with
are learning about Alaska             introductory remarks by Alaska           museum would be the perfect            photos for the exhibit.
Hovercraft’s unique Alaska mail       Senator Ted Stevens runs con-            place to exhibit our mail-toting          “I think our Bethel operation
delivery in an exhibit titled         tinuously. The video and a dis-          hovercraft,” says Dave. “Glen          may be the longest running
simply, “Hovercraft.”                 play of large photographs de-            Van Valin, our Bethel manager,         hovercraft mail service in the
   Central to the exhibit is a        scribe how the vessel operates           gets much of the credit for mak-       U.S.,” Dave continues.
three-foot scale model of the         despite difficult terrain and hos-       ing this exhibit happen. He ar-           “Not only is it the longest run-
AP 1-88 hovercraft that delivers      tile weather to carry the mail year      ranged to get the model from the       ning hovercraft mail service, it is
non-priority mail from Bethel for     around.                                  United Kingdom manufacturer            currently the only hovercraft mail
the U.S. Postal Service (USPS)            The exhibit comes after more         and had it detailed as an exact                       Continued on page 2

          Alaska West hauls missile defense loads
                                                                                                                          Alaska West carried the drills
                                                                                                                      in three separate loads from
                                                                                                                      Federal Way, Washington and
                                                                                                                      San Leandro, California on a
                                                                                                                      new six-axle Aspen lowboy
                                                                                                                      trailer to Tacoma. Driver Phillip
                                                                                                                      Jensen was at the wheel. TOTE
                                                                                                                      cargo ships carried the trailer
                                                                                                                      loads from Tacoma to Anchor-
                                                                                                                      age. Alaska West’s Anchorage
                                                                                                                      terminal handled the highway
                                                                                                                      transport to Fort Greely.
                                                                                                                          Michele Skavlem, senior dis-
                                                                                                                      patcher in Tacoma, coordinated
          This large-diameter drill for the missile defense project in Fort Greely, Alaska traveled north from        the moves and arranged for per-
          Tacoma on Alaska West’s new six axle Aspen lowboy trailer in June. The trailer’s 5-foot long deck           mitting. A “top priority” letter from
          extension offers the company greater flexibility for carrying oversize loads often required by oil field
                                                                                                                      the Department of Defense cir-
          customers on Alaska’s North Slope.
                                                                                                                      cumvented highway and ship-
                                         Alaska West Express in                Italy and attached to a tracked        board restrictions.
                                      Tacoma, Washington star ted              Caterpillar chassis. The first drill       “We’re hoping this is the be-
                                      hauling heavy equipment to Fort          weighs 125,000 pounds and is           ginning of some steady activity
                                      Greely, Alaska in June for the           capable of excavating 14-foot          for the missile defense project,
                                      national missile defense project.        diameter holes in the earth.           and that the project will gener-
                                         The equipment comprises               Several additional trailer loads       ate a lot of work for multiple
                                      the drilling components built in         of parts and supplies also went        Lynden companies,” says termi-
                                                                               north.                                 nal manager Jim Earl.
                                               Bethel hovercraft                                               continued from page 1

                                                                                    and Lynden—for their innova-           pounds of bypass mail per year.
loan from Hovertravel Limited through Alaska
Smithsonian National Postal Museum, on
                                                                                    tive efforts to help Alaska                The hovercraft also provides
Hovercraft. Photo credit: Siobhan Creem
                                                                                    become less dependent on air           transportation for villagers and
                                                                                    transportation.                        can carry as many as 24
                                                                                        Says Nawrot, “We’re satis-         passengers.
                                                                                    fied with the service.” And, he            Lynden Air Freight’s Alaska
                                                                                    remarks, Alaska Hovercraft and         district manager, Jim Myren,
                                                                                    Lynden have been good about            took personal attention to new
                                                                                    working out the kinks that go          heights by arranging air trans-
                                                                                    with any startup to provide a          port of the model from Anchor-
                                               service anywhere in the U.S.,”       dependable service.                    age to D.C. prior to the exhibit.
                                               confirms Jim Nawrot, transpor-           Alaska Hovercraft has                  “Hovercraft” runs June 14,
                                               tation specialist with the logis-    worked with the U.S. Postal Ser-       2002 – January 13, 2003 con-
                                               tics department of USPS.             vice for more than five years to       current with “As Precious as
                                                   Senator Stevens attended the     deliver non-priority mail to the       Gold,” an exhibit focused on
                                               exhibit’s opening celebration        villages surrounding Bethel.           communications and mail deliv-
                                               June 27. He lauded both opera-       The 70-foot-long hovercraft            ery to Alaska and the Yukon Ter-
                                               tions—the U.S. Postal Service        carries up to 6 tons of freight        ritory during the Gold Rush.
                                                                                    and handles about 4,000,000

No more alarm clock for this guy
                                                                                        “It will be fun not to have to     he says optimistically, “I can still
                                                                                    set an alarm clock—I can throw         go have coffee to see people.
                                                                                    that thing out,” says Walt Tolle,      It’s not like I’m running off the
                                                                                    Milky Way driver supervisor in         cliff.”
                                                                                    Lynden, Washington. Walt said              Walt and his wife, Jena, have
                                                                                    farewell to co-workers and area        three grown children and six
                                                                                    farmers after 36 years with Milky      grandchildren. The couple plans
                                                                                    Way during a retirement party          to continue doing what they
                                                                                    June 28.                               enjoy: annual trips to Mexico and
                                                                                        Reflecting, Walt says, “Driv-      around the western states in the
                                                                                    ers do PR work in a round about        RV. And, Walt looks forward to
                                                                                    way because they visit with farm-      more time for lake fishing and
                                                                                    ers so frequently.” And, he knows      hunting for deer and elk in
                                                                                    it will be the farmers on his route,   Eastern Washington, Idaho and
                                                                                    fellow drivers and the office staff    Montana.
Walt Tolle poses with a milk moustache for a Milky Way ad.                          that he will miss the most. Then,

                                               Alaska Marine Lines awarded
                                                  Juneau’s Rotary presented         much time and money to its pro-           “Not only is Juneau depen-
                                               Alaska Marine Lines with its vo-     grams and charities,” says Don.        dent on AML, but we’re privi-
                                               cational service business award         Key elements in selecting           leged to have them as a com-
                                               June 11. Alaska Marine Lines         Alaska Marine Lines for the            munity partner setting an ex-
                                               vice president Don Reid and          award include: employees’ per-         ample and building character
                                               Kathleen Gamble with Lynden          sonal development; scholar-            among employees, associates
                                               Inc. accepted the award.             ships; job opportunities and in-       and the community in general,”
                                                  “The award is a credit to our     ternships for young people;            praised Marsha Riley, vocational
                                               company. But, I think it is also a   encouraging employees to go            service chair, during the awards
                                               credit to our people, many of        beyond the expected; support of        ceremony.
                                               whom are totally dedicated to        local youth programs and chari-
                                               our community and contribute         table organizations.
New accounts boost business
    Lynden International Logis-     new niche market of tobacco          VanNelle supplies pipe and ciga-
tics Co. landed three new ac-       products for the company. Na-        rette tobaccos in Canada, and
counts to significantly increase    tional Tobacco markets cigars        the company’s products are of-
business at its warehouse           and smokeless tobacco prod-          ten available in duty-free stores.
operation in Vaughan, Ontario,      ucts in Canada. Lynden Interna-         The new bounty comes after
Canada.                             tional Logistics Co. built a large   a six-month concerted effort to
    The first customer, Sangstat    temperature and humidity con-        get new business since hiring
Canada Ltd., is a pharmaceuti-      trolled humidor within the ware-     business development manager
cal company specializing in the     house to protect and handle          Danny Sugimoto early this year.
manufacture of anti-rejection       the product. Forklifts enter the        “He has been out beating
drugs used for organ transplants.   humidor with loads of incoming       a lot of bushes and is gener-
The products require refriger-      cigars.                              ating significant interest for
ated storage, and ice packs are         The company just obtained a      LILCO,” says Mike Short, branch
used for shipping.                  bond to warehouse another spe-       manager.
    Two other customers open a      cialty tobacco line for VanNelle.

Barbeque celebrates safety month
    Lynden Air Freight paid trib-   the trimmings accompanied by
ute to National Safety Month        a salad potluck, ice cream and
June 14 by hosting a “Safety        cookies.
Awareness” barbeque for em-             Safety prizes went to winners
ployees in the parking lot of the   of the safety quiz with Bob
Kilroy Center at SeaTac. Ameri-     Gehrke getting a safety kit for
can flags decorated the tables      first place; Robin Moser won the
and employees wore red, white       second place prize, a fire extin-
and blue outfits to also com-       guisher. An American flag went
memorate Flag Day.                  to Donna Watson for the most
    Randy Jackson, vice presi-      patriotic outfit.
dent, donned a chef’s hat and           “The event went smashingly.
contributed his own “killer”        Most everyone attended,” says
barbeque sauce for the 95           Dyan Vaught chairperson for
burgers he grilled for the hungry   Lynden Air Freight’s safety com-
lunchtime group. A completed        mittee. The safety and employee
safety questionnaire entitled       committees teamed up to orga-        Near the grill, from left, Christine Ranes, Joanne Kelly, Dyan Vaught,
each person to a burger and all     nize the barbeque.                   Cecille St. Clair and Randy Jackson.

Lynden hits the streets for breast cancer
                                                                             A Lynden group that partici-        Elisabeth Wittenberg, Nancy
                                                                         pated in The Komen Race for             Wittenberg, Gayle Adams,
                                                                         the Cure® Sunday, June 2 raised         Debbie Montgomery and Kitty
                                                                         more than $4,500 to help wipe           Samuel. Lynden Air Freight walk-
                                                                         out breast cancer as a life-threat-     ers included Pat Price, Joanne
                                                                         ening disease. Participating in         Kelly, Christine Ranes and
                                                                         the Seattle event were employ-          Debbi Crain. Angela Kuzior and
                                                                         ees from several Lynden com-            her husband, Matt, represented
                                                                         panies. Walking from Lynden,            Alaska Marine Lines. Many other
                                                                         Inc. were Bob Strong and his            family members and friends also
                                                                         wife, Jan, Lan Pham, Laura Fos-         walked with the group.
                                                                         ter, Geralyn Reiser, Pam Lunder,
             Lynden golfers compete in Calgary
                                                                         weighed 3 pounds, 2
                                                                         ounces and is the son
                                                                         of proud parents Tammi
                                                                         and Carlos Verduzco.
                                                                         Tammi works in interna-
                                                                         tional exports. Sammy
                                                                         and Maria Cervantes
                                                                         welcomed their fourth
                                                                         child, a girl named
                                                                         Marie Ann, born June
                                                                         8 weighing 7 pounds,
                                                                         1 ounce. Sammy works
                                       Lynden International Logis-       in the LAX warehouse.
                                   tics, Calgary, held its annual golf   John and Julie Ward’s third
                                   tournament at McCall Lake Golf        child is a baby girl born
                                   Course June 15. Forty golfers         May 7. Kathrine Grace weighed
                                   (employees, spouses, friends          7 pounds, 15 ounces. Dad is
                                              and suppliers) hit the     operations manager. In Denver,
                                              greens that day. Prizes    Lynden Air Freight’s Skytrack
                  NOTEWORTHY                  went to everyone,          operations supervisor Amber
                                              thanks to the gener-       Schmitz and Kendal Garrison
                                              ous support of suppli-     welcomed a 7 pound, 3 ounce
                                   ers. The winning team came in         baby boy June 7. They named
                                   at five under par. Meet the team      their son Dade Thaniel.
                                   above, from left: Steve Harder,           Wedding bells rang for Jen-
                                   Lynden International Logistics        nifer Tawa and Michael Cerna
                                   Co. warehouse supervisor, and         May 25. Jennifer is an adminis-
                                   Scott Daley, Trevor Beck and          trative assistant for Lynden Air
                                   Barry MacDonald, suppliers.           Freight, Los Angeles.
                                       Ayten Bullock joined the              Lynden people bagged trash
                                   benefits department of Lynden         during the Ted Stevens Anchor-
                                   Inc. in Seattle, as senior benefits   age International Airport’s spring
                                   administrator May 20, 2002.           “Airport Cleanup Day” May 10.        around Lynden’s airport facility
                                   Lynden Air Freight, Seattle, hired    “Lynden Air Cargo has made it        in spring by the snowmelt.
                                   Donna Watson as domestic air-         an annual event by putting on a      Jamie Bell (photo above),
                                   lines payable specialist June 10.     barbeque along with the work         Lynden Air Freight international
                                       Lynden families have four         gloves,” says Judy McKenzie,         agent, sets out to fill a huge plas-
                                   newborns to introduce. Lynden         vice president, controller. Sales    tic bag. Many other willing hands
                                   Air Freight’s Los Angeles station     manager Bob Barndt (photo            from Lynden company offices
                                   reports that Lucas Robert             above right) manned the grill to     helped in the clean up.
                                   Verduzco arrived earlier than         feed hungry volunteers who
                                   expected, May 11. The baby            picked up trash left behind

          Lynden Ink is a
          monthly publication of   Driver succumbs to heart attack
6441 South Airpark Place
                                      A massive heart attack took        remembers Vern as an excellent       and stepsons, Brian and Terry
                                   the life of longtime Milky Way        employee who loved fishing,          Carlson. He also leaves three
Anchorage, AK 99502-1809
                                   driver Vernon Lee Martinson           golfing, hot-rod cars and ‘60s       sisters and two stepbrothers.
P Box 3757                         June 16. He was 56. Vern started      music. His pride and joy—a ‘64       Memorials may be made to the
Seattle, WA 98124-3757
1-800-426-3201                     driving to Alaska for Lynden          GTO show car.                        American Heart Association,
E-mail:          Transpor t in 1970 and later             Vern is survived by his mother    Northwest Affiliate, 4414 Wood-
Lynden Ink is produced by          switched to farm pick up for Milky    and stepfather, Maxine and Brad      land Park Avenue North, Se-
AshenbrennerMarketing              Way. Driver supervisor Walt Tolle     Bishop; daughter, Jody Watkins;      attle, WA 98103.
Coupeville, WA (360) 678-8872
E-mail:                                               sons, Gary and Rod Soderquist;