Sense Title I + Sylvan Learning = Success

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					Sense Title I + Sylvan Learning = Success

During the 2007-2008 school year, Sense Charter School and Sylvan
partnered in a pilot program that offered qualifying students in grades
3-6 the Sylvan Method of Learning during the regular school day—at
no cost to the students.

In previous years, the Title I reading program had consisted of re-
teaching concepts where students were struggling; reviewing reading
lessons being taught by teachers; and providing additional daily
remediation work for groups of 10 students during a specified block of

While this assistance resulted in overall improvement in student
achievement, students were not making the kinds of gains that were
needed for them to succeed in reaching and staying on grade level.
Something different had to be done.

Of all of the students who participated in the Sylvan pilot program, 60
percent improved at least one grade level on the NWEA test. Forty-
nine percent improved one grade level, and 11 percent improved two
grade levels. Prior to the Sylvan pilot program, only 22 percent of
students who received Title I services improved at least one level on
NWEA scores from the beginning of the year to the end of the year.
This represents a 273 percent improvement in Title I student
achievement in reading. Needless to say, this program will be
expanded in the coming years.

Sylvan is the leading provider of supplemental education in the
United States. For further information about this pilot program, to
create a program at your school, or to join this educational effort in
any way, please contact Susan Stretchberry at 317-888-0438
October 2008 issue of Indy’s Child

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