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Appendix F


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									Appendix F
Here are some commonly used terms on the internet, or within e-Commerce, that may make your
storebuilding experience easier:

Browser                  The program used for accessing World Wide Web sites, such as PSICommerce
Search Engine            Directories holding details of World Wide Web sites, including your store
e-Commerce               The means and methods by which businesses can trade online
PSP                      Payment Service Providers, who provide card payment facilities to businesses
SSL                      Secure Sockets Layer, method by which your browser acts in liaison with a
                         secure server in order to provide a secure link for card payments online
Multicurrency            Provision of prices and payments online in a customers local currency
Micropayments            Provision of payment facilities for very low transaction values, typically sub £2
WorldAccount             New acquisition method that allows any merchant, providing they are not
                         trading in illegal goods, to take payments online.
Hosting                  Term traditionally associated with the server space where your site resides
Connectivity             Term traditionally associated with your means of accessing the Web
Domain Name/URL          A Web address (e.g. www.clickandbuild.com)
MOTO                     Acronym associated with ‘cardholder not present’ transactions, such as those
                         taken from PSICommerce stores. Stands for ‘Mail Order/Telephone Order’.
SOHO                     Acronym associated with small businesses. Stands for ‘Sole Office/Home
SME                      Acronym associated with small businesses. Stands for ‘Small to Medium size
Verisign/Thawte          Secure certificate issuing authorities. PSICommerce (via WorldPay) use a
                         certificate issued by Thawte.
PGP                      Acronym associated with one of the security facilities utilised by WorldPay.
                         Stands for ‘Pretty Good Privacy’.
Firewall                 Means by which only authorised parties have access to online servers.
VPN                      Stands for ‘Virtual Private Network’. These are used by WorldPay to link to
                         processing banks.
Checkout                 Term generally applied to the payment page displayed by a PSP at the end of an
                         online shopping session
Basket                   Term generally applied to the screen displayed at the end of a shopping sessions,
                         but prior to the checkout, that allows customers to review their purchases prior
                         to payment.
Verification             Process purchasers cards has to go through prior to funds transfer
Authorisation            Confirmation sent to purchaser and merchant if card passes the verification
24/7                     Term applied to service provision if it is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Risk Assessment          Process all applicants for card processing online have to go through. Involves in
                         part checks on the applicant through credit reference agencies such as Dun and
Transaction Currency     Currency customer sees prices in, and purchases with. Note that the former is
                         unique to PSICommerce … other e-Commerce applications only present local
                         currency at the checkout.
Settlement Currency      Currency merchant prices their goods at, and has settled into their account
                         following card verification and authorisation
FOREX                    Foreign Exchange. PSICommerce accesses WorldPay’s Foreign Exchange
                         tables in order to display prices in currencies local to customers worldwide.
Wallet                   Term generally applied to hardware restrictive micropayment systems, but
                         which does not apply to WorldPay’s, which can be accessed from any computer
SET                 Secure Electronic Transactions. A protocol mooted by Visa and Mastercard,
                    championed by IBM, but is not used by the majority of electronic companies
                    (who use the more common SSL instead) as it is restrictive.
IDD                 International Direct Debit. Used in place of card payments in WorldPay’s
                    business to business solution, BusinessPay.
MMS                 Acronym applied to WorldPay’s Merchant Management System, where
                    PSICommerce merchants can extract information on the transactions that have
                    passed through their account (as opposed to orders, which area accessed via
                    ‘Order Administration’ within PSICommerce itself)
Extranet            Password protected internet site, such as WorldPay’s MMS
Intranet            Websites only available within companies
HTML                Hyper Text Markup Language, the design language used to create Web pages
‘Soft’ Goods        Any downloadable goods, such as software, CAD files, images etc
‘Key Event’ Email   Any email produced by PSICommerce as a result of changing status within your
                    site, i.e. item purchased, low stock, goods shipped etc.
Bandwidth           A measure of the speed of a data transmission line
Baud                The baud rate is a measure of the speed of a data transmission line
Dial-Up             A connection to an ISP over the normal public switched telephone network
ISP                 Internet Service Provider. Company who provides Internet services
Email               Method by which messages are sent to other Internet users
Encryption          A means of changing information so that only the intended recipient can read it
FAQ                 Frequently Asked Questions. List generally provided at Web sites.
Home Page           The first page you usually see when entering a Web site
Internet            Interconnected Networks of computers working collectively as one network
ISDN                Integrated Services Digital Network. Fast method of accessing the Internet.
Java                Programming language in extensive use on the Internet
Javascript          Scripting language used to extend the functionality of HTML
CGI                 Programming language in extensive use on the Internet
Hyperlink           A piece of text or graphic in a web page that, when clicked, transfers a user to a
                    different location
Modem               Modulator/Demodulator. A device used to connect a computer to an Internet
                    Service Provider via the telephone network.
Netiquette          An informal set of conventions for use of the Internet
Netscape            Creators of one of the most used browsers of the Web
Network             Means by which computers can be connected together for communications
Net                 Shortened term for Internet
Web                 Shortened term for World Wide Web
Mall                A Website with hyperlinks to a number of online stores
POP                 Point Of Presence. A location from which the Internet can be accessed via dial
                    up. An ISP could have a number of POPs.
Search Engine       A directory of Web sites, usually categorised for ease of use. Examples are
                    Yahoo and Alta Vista.
Shareware           Software that can be used for a short period before payment of a small fee is due
Freeware            Software that can be used for no fee
‘Soft’ Goods        Items that can be purchased, then downloaded from the Web
Spam                Unsolicited, or ‘junk’ email
URL                 Uniform (sometimes called Universal) Resource Locator. A Web address.
World Wide Web      Also known as WWW. The World Wide Web is a set of electronic pages of
                    mainly text and graphics available over the Internet. Pages can contain links to
                    many other pages, which can be followed by clicking them. These pages and
                    links are known as hypertext.

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