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                                                                                                                                   FINE CIGARS
                                                                                                                         from sublime to nasty
                                                                                                                                                   by Shahram Shiva

                                                                                                                                               Life in the fast lane
                                                                                                                                               demands a carbon fiber
                                                                                                                                               cigar case.
                                                                                                                                               Opposite: carbon fiber

                              hen I told the good people at Drew Estate, the makers of Acid             The Griffin's also creates very smart accessories. The Griffin's is the
                              Cigars, that I wanted to review “Nasty,” they said, “Are you        only company that I have come across that makes carbon-fiber humidors and
                              sure? It's too strong and kind of mean.” I replied, “Sometimes      cigar holders. I think these carbon fiber accessories fit in nicely with a gear
            I want a cigar that kicks like a mule.” Enter “Nasty,” one of the most unusu-         head's lifestyle.
            al cigars on the market today. Then again, “unusual” is Drew Estate's middle                The Griffin's cigars are one of the highest in overall quality among the
            name.                                                                                 Dominican cigars. The heart of a Griffin's cigar maintains a blend of three
                  In this issue I'll be focusing on two great cigar companies, Drew Estate        carefully selected aged tobaccos from different crops that are harvested in the
            and The Griffin's. I'll begin with the Swiss-based, ultra-refined The Griffin's.      Cibao valley, the most fertile region in the Dominican Republic. They are
            If cigars were cars, Griffin's would be Porsche. The griffin is an ancient            rolled with Dominican binders and pristine U.S. Connecticut shade-grown
            Eastern mythical creature and since the Middle Ages, it has been widely               wrappers. The Griffin's creates primarily 3 different cigar blends, Classic,
            accepted as a royal beast. The griffin is also the heraldic beast at the “Griffin's   Maduro and Fuerte.
            Club” in Geneva, which was founded by Bernard Grobet. An important part                     The Griffin's Classic
            of the club's atmosphere was constituted by the cigars, which bear the club's               According to The Griffin's, its “Classic line offers the widest range of
            coat of arms on their cigar band.                                                     sizes and formats. This variety makes it possible for Griffin's three choice
                  Since 1984, cigar aficionado and club owner Bernard Grobet had these            Santo Domingo tobaccos to be blended and combined to produce the most
            cigars exclusively made for his club. The cigars, produced in the Dominican           diverse strengths and aromatic composition.” I have been enjoying the Classic
            Republic, were so fine that soon Grobet began to sell his cigars to specialty         for several years and it has been on my top 10 list ever since. The Classic is
            shops in Switzerland and beginning in 1989, to our shores.                            rich, yet mild, and balanced with traces of nuts and cedar on the finish.

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                                                                                          The Griffin's Fuerte
                                                                                          I have come to really enjoy Griffin's new Fuerte line. Fuerte provides a
                                                                                     stronger, more flavorful blend than the Classic. The Fuerte uses Ligero leaves
                                                                                     that benefit from the additional sunshine they get at the top of the tobacco
                                                                                     plants. It is this additional sunshine, mixed with careful curing, which brings
                                                                                     about a spicy, full-bodied flavor. For more information visit www.griffinsci-
                                                                                          Drew Estate: “Nasty”
                                                                                          Acid Cigars' “Nasty” comes with this warning: “Their fiery bands serve
                                                                                     as your warning to prepare yourself for the most intense Acid smoking expe-
                                                                                     rience of your life. Simply known as Acid Red, these potent concoctions of
                                                                                     ripe black tobaccos with unbridled infusion oil-laced recipes are not for the
                                                                                     timid.” Who can resist an invitation like that? The warning continues:
                                                                                     “Smokes like Nasty snicker at the accepted boundaries and keep pressing
                                                                                     your senses far beyond. For most, flavor and aroma overload will result, but
                                                                                     for the hardcore each smoke delivers a sliver of bliss unachievable by any
                                                                                     other cigar.” Nasty is a short pyramid cigar with a bad attitude. It maybe a
                                                                                     quick smoke, but it can't be ignored.
                                                                                          Drew Estate: Acid One
                                                                                          Acid cigars have images of motorcycles on their boxes. They are cigars
                                                                                     made by bikers for bikers. Acid lines of cigars are aromatic in nature, but
                                                                                     don't confuse them with the cheap “cappuccino” variety you might find for
                                                                                     a buck at your local stand. These are highly refined tobaccos infused with
                                                                                     natural herbs and essential oils. Acid One takes the concept further by curing
                                                                                     the tobaccos in slurry of five select red wines each from a different country.
                                                                                     One of which is a potent traditional Sangria from the foothills of Nicaragua.
                                                                                          Drew Estate: Chateau Real
           The Griffin's Maduro                                                           Chateau Real is a subtle and refined natural, non-aromatic cigar from
           Maduro stands for mature or ripe in Spanish, and Maduro cigars are rec-   the famed Drew Estate plantation. Chateau Real cigars are handmade with
     ognized by their dark wrapper. Griffin's Maduro uses special broadleaf wrap-    a blend of aged Nicaraguan and Dominican filler tobaccos, rolled in spicy
     per, which is planted in Connecticut and then left to grow in the sun. A sec-   Brazilian Mata Fina binder, and wrapped in flawless golden Ecuadorian
     ond fermentation process, which takes around 3 months, gives the wrapper        wrappers for a mellow, creamy smoke with a naturally sweet finish.
     its dark color, slightly sweet taste and pleasantly strong aroma.                    For more information visit www.drewestate.com.


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