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									 Proposal for:
Website Redesign

  Proposed to:
Mr. Daniel Kendal

                          Proposed by:
                    Vlad Rashkovetsky
                       March 24, 2009
                           Table of Contents

Strategy                                                                3

Scope                                                                   4

Support                                                                 5

Company and Team                                                        6

Timetable                                                              10

Budget                                                                 11

Approval                                                               11

Price List                                                             12

Extra Work Order                                                       13

Terms and Conditions                                                   14

Flowchart                                                              16

Humidor Vault                   Page# 2                     March 24, 2009
Website Redesign               Confidential                  Rubik’s Web

Reconstructing and redesigning your website for a friendly interface will increase the
number of visitors and therefore, increase your sales. The content will be organized for an
easy use allowing clients a quicker access to the products they need. This will increase
customer satisfaction. Our Information Architecture (IA) specialists will develop
Navigation for an easy use, and rearrange content according to it. Your Website will be
tested for Usability to make sure users can navigate the site without difficulties and extra

Your new Website will increase your sales by $750,000 per year since you will increase
the range of online customers. Statistic shows that the Internet usage in US will increase
to 10% from 2009 to 2014. This means you’ll expand your sales over the Internet during
this period of time.

You agreed on the new product package with broader flow of customers that will
significantly increase your profit by $280,000. We will include various types of products
along with its pictures and description, and place them according to their categories.
Product categories will include different humidifiers, accessories and gift sets. Each
product will include price, name, and customer reviews. This will result in a professional
look that will increase client’s impact.

We will make the Website capable of supporting several languages. This will include,
Russian, Chinese, Hebrew and Spanish. This way it will attract international audience as
well as local, and therefore, give you an advantage over your competition. You will gain
access to broader regions and it will allow you to have customers across the border. This
accessibility feature will result in $250,000 profit per year

New Website will allow you to reduce the number of sales people in your company.
Since you’ll have greater number of customers through the Internet, you would be able to
cut down on your sales personnel and, therefore, save money by $30,000 per person, a
$90,000 per year.


Humidor Vault                            Page# 3                             March 24, 2009
Website Redesign                        Confidential                          Rubik’s Web

Your new website will include the Home page and subpages that will be structured
according to their content. It will have promotions and special offers on the main page
and sub categories of products in sub pages.

Look and feel: The colors of the website will include the variations of brown, with an
abstract transparent illustration. This will help to achieve wooden effect that implies to
humidor products. Pages will have two columns of products with a small boundary in
between them to separate content for easy reading.

Navigation: Main navigation will be located at the top of the page. It will include Home,
Products, Accessories, About us, News, Help, and Blog. Press releases will go under
Newsletter section. Top navigation will have rollovers in each section. For example, the
Help section will have FAQ’s and return policy, product section will have rollover of
different humidor categories. The second navigation will be smaller in size and located in
the upper right of the Home page. It will include shopping cart, account, and order status.

Home: As mentioned above, your Home page will include latest products, promotions,
and special offers. That way it will be tempting for visitors to purchase them. Each
product listed there will have a review section with customer’s feedback.

Products: Products will include desktop cigar humidors, glass top humidors, travel
humidors, heirloom humidors, cabinet humidors, commercial humidors, and gift sets.
Each product listed will include customer’s review, price, brief description, shipping
time, name and add to cart button.

Accessories: This page will include humidification systems and devices along with
cartridges, hygrometer, and other digital kits. Also the Accessories section will have
additional products such as cigar ashtrays, cutters, lighters, and cigar cases. Your users
will be able to find all the necessary equipment for cigars.

About us: This section covers your company’s history, members, achievements,
reputation as well as contact information.

News: Information about press releases and enouncements will be displayed on this page.
Also, your users will be able to register for a weekly newsletter that they would receive
via email. It would require an additional fee.

Help: Help section will contain frequently asked questions (FAQ’s). For example, some
of the questions are: how to charge the humidor, device calibration, cigar restoration, how
to properly cut a cigar and how to smoke it. In addition users will be able to add their
own question to update the section.

Humidor Vault                            Page# 4                              March 24, 2009
Website Redesign                        Confidential                           Rubik’s Web
Blog: It is a separate page with its own domain that has latest stories and news related to

We strongly recommend keeping the site up to date on a monthly basis. This will increase
the number of visitors on your site since it will be often found on a search engines
because of the keywords modification and user entry.

We will summarize and report our results in a Power Point presentation on a monthly
basis. Also, since you will be able to closely monitor details about your visitors, it will
give you an opportunity to find best possible options for displaying information and
products for the best results. This maintenance will dramatically increase your sales.


      Keyword analysis to find the most search items
      Update your site to all major search engines
      Structure your web content to maximize inquiries
      Help to get consistent referrals through pay-per-click from search engines and
       social networking sites
      Receive alerts by email of any activity if the site becomes unavailable
      Snapshot of visitor activity
      Which websites send users that make purchase
      Determine the traffic hours
      Determine user demographics

This Power Point will be a standard routine for every month. We’ll make
recommendations based on those analytics. To maintain and update the website will
include Power Point presentation, recommendations and two hours of HTML at $250 per

Humidor Vault                             Page# 5                              March 24, 2009
Website Redesign                         Confidential                           Rubik’s Web
Rubik’s Web was established in 2001 in Boston, MA. It consists of organized and
experienced team members that are ready to produce maximum value for our clients. All
members are well trained in their fields of concentration and dedicated to their work. We
work in a friendly environment, and it lets us to collaborate ideas between each other.

Some of our strategic competitive advantages (SCA’s) include working on usability and
testing, advanced flash plug-ins, concentration on variety of media used and Information
Architecture. Here are the screen shots of the projects we have done in the past.

This is the Adobe Home page that we have developed. For this project, we did research
and user testing to find out what would be the best way to arrange the content on the
page. From our findings, we have developed a new navigation system and made the site
viewable for different browsers. We also included Flash plug in on the page for users
who have not yet have it installed it.

Humidor Vault                           Page# 6                            March 24, 2009
Website Redesign                       Confidential                         Rubik’s Web
This is Website. We organized content by its
classification. Each tab with the car image leads you to the page with its model. This way
it is easier for users to find what they are looking for, since they have the image instead
of the link in front of them.

Rubik’s Web has worked on maintenance of Website. We were working on the
content layout and were responsible for contrast, repetition, alignment and proximity on
main pages. This also includes font type, size, and color for easy read.
Humidor Vault                           Page# 7                             March 24, 2009
Website Redesign                       Confidential                          Rubik’s Web
Designer:          Sam Stander

                   Education: Stander is a May 2003 graduate from International
                   Academy of Design and Technology with Bachelor’s Degree of
                   Web Design and Development in Interactive Media. His
                   concentration is Web design.

                   Awards: Sam is one of the American Design Awards winners of
                   2003 for the website template.

                   Projects: The projects he worked on include UFC homepage, BU
                   website and site.

Programmer:        Nick Venter

                   Education: Nick Venter graduated Wentworth University in May
                   2001 with Bachelor’s Degree of IT & Computer in Computer
                   Science. He also was involved in continuing education at
                   Northeastern taking advanced programming courses.

                   Awards: Nick is a winner of VITTA programming 2008 award as a
                   creator of game for the iPhone.

                   Projects: Nick was working on multiple projects for the Apple
                   website, including interface for visual plug ins.

Writer:            Paul Verister

                   Education: Paul Verister graduated the University of Phoenix with
                   Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts in Creative Writing in 2004. He
                   is currently attending University of Boston and expecting to get his
                   Master’s Degree in Writing in December 2005.

                   Awards: Awarded the Aldeburgh poetry festival awards in 2005
                   for one of his poems.

                   Projects: He is currently working with O’Reilly Media that is
                   responsible for spreading the knowledge of innovators through
                   books, online services and magazines. Paul is responsible for
                   writing all the content for your website.

Humidor Vault                       Page# 8                             March 24, 2009
Website Redesign                   Confidential                          Rubik’s Web
Project Manager:   Ben Londer

                   Education: A graduate from University of Massachusetts Amherst
                   Isenberg School of Management with Bachelor’s Degree in
                   Business. He owns a Bachelors Degree in Management and
                   Associate in Communication.

                   Projects: He was working with us ever since his graduation in
                   May, 2001 and helped us to prepare and manage many projects we
                   have worked on.

CEO:               Vladimir Rashkovetsky, founder of Rubik’s Web in November,

                   Education: Vladimir Rashkovetsky graduated from The New
                   England Institute of Art in August, 2001 with Bachelors’ Degree
                   of Science in Web Design and Interactive Media. Also hold
                   Masters in Business Administration from BU.

                   Awards: Web Award for Internet Creativity in June 2, 2002 for
                   website. American Design Award in December 2, 2000 for a poster

                   Projects: Syracuse University Website in May 2003. LG 8190XT
                   mobile phone interface in April 2003.

Humidor Vault                       Page# 9                           March 24, 2009
Website Redesign                   Confidential                        Rubik’s Web

Proposal Presented                                         March 24, 2009

Proposal Approved                                          March 31, 2009

Internal Kick Off Meeting                                    April 4, 2009

Kick Off Meeting* (1/3 payment due)                          April 7, 2009

Design Concept Meeting*                                     April 14, 2009

Design Approval* (1/3 payment due)                         April 29, 2009

Programming Begins                                          April 30, 2009

Writing Begins                                                May 1, 2009

Writing Ends                                                May 13, 2009

Programming Ends                                            May 14, 2009

Testing Begins                                              May 15, 2009

Testing Ends                                                May 18, 2009

Delivery* (1/3 payment due)                                 May 19, 2009

*Mr. Daniel Kendal must be present

Humidor Vault                          Page# 10             March 24, 2009
Website Redesign                      Confidential           Rubik’s Web

    Interface                                                       $5,500
    IA                                                               1,500
    Usability                                                          750

Home page (Flash)                                                     6,250

Flash Sub Pages (5 at $2,750 each)                                   13,700

25 seconds of Flash
     1st 5 seconds                                                   2,200
     Subsequent 5 seconds (4 at $1,250 each)                         5,000

Ecommerce Package
    Package less than 500 products                                   1,500
    Products (454 at $125 each)                                     56,750
    1st year license                                                 1,500

Digital photography
    Full day shoot                                                     600
    Digital photos (250 at $25 each)                                 6,250

Total                                                              $101,500

Approval: _______________________________________ Date: ___________________
          Mr. Daniel Kendal
          President and CEO of Humidor Vault

Humidor Vault                          Page# 11               March 24, 2009
Website Redesign                      Confidential             Rubik’s Web
                                        Price list

Home Page                                                                         $5,600
   Flash home page                                                               $6,250

Sub page (each)                                                                   $2,500
    Flash sub page (each)                                                        $2,750

     1st 5 seconds                                                               $2,200
     Subsequent 5 seconds (each)                                                 $1,250

Interactive Flash
     1st 5 seconds                                                               $2,700
     Subsequent 5 seconds (each)                                                 $1,550

Ecommerce Package
    Package less than 500 products                                               $1,500
    Package more than 500 products                                               $2,250
    1st year license                                                             $1,500
    Product (each)                                                                 $125

Digital photography
    Full day shoot                                                                 $600
    Half day shoot                                                                 $400
    Digital photo used (each)                                                       $25
    Print photo used (each)                                                        $300

       Full day shoot (camera person, audio person, director, lighting)          $2,500
       Equipment (camera, tripod, tapes)                                           $500
       Editing per hour                                                            $125
       Studio rental (per hour)                                                    $400
       Talent                                                                    T.B.D.

Design (per hour)                                                                   $100

Programming (per hour)                                                               $75

Writing (per hour)                                                                   $25

Project Management (per hour)                                                        $30

Humidor Vault                            Page# 12                          March 24, 2009
Website Redesign                        Confidential                        Rubik’s Web
                             Extra Work Order
Contact: _________________
Title: ___________________
Company: _______________
Phone: __________________
Email: __________________

           Item                  Quantity                   Price


Approved: __________________________________ Date: _______________________

Humidor Vault                     Page# 13                    March 24, 2009
Website Redesign                 Confidential                  Rubik’s Web
                               Terms and Conditions

1) Definitions: for purposes of this agreement, the Client is Humidor Vault, and the
Company is Rubik’s Web.

2) Payment Terms: as we discussed in the Timetable portion of this proposal, the Client
agrees to pay the Company based upon one thirds. Those thirds are the Kickoff Meeting,
Design Approval Meeting, and Delivery. If the Client does not pay the Company, work
may cease, and there may be additional startup charges.

3) Single Point of Contact: The Client agrees to appoint a Single Point of Contact for
the Company. That Single Point of Contact will have the authority to obtain approvals on
necessary deliverables for completion for this project.

4) 24 Hour Turn Around: The Client agrees to provide the Company with 24 Hour
turnaround on all deliverables submitted.

5) Change in Design After Approval: The Company will provide up to two designs as
part of the budget for this proposal. If the Client desires more changes after the second
design is provided, then the Company will complete and Extra Work Order that the
Client will approve before any additional work is performed. Once the Client has
approved any submission by the Company, any changes after will be billed upon the
enclosed Price List.

6) Extra Work Order: If the Client desires any work beyond the scope of this proposal,
the Client and Company together will complete any desired additions to this project
based upon the enclosed Price List and completed extra work order.

7) Cancellation Charge: If the Client cancels the project, the Client agrees to pay the
Company for all work completed up to that point.

8) Rush Charges: Should the Client request a deliverable in a short time period outside
of this proposal, the Company may charge rush charges from 20-200%.

9) Travel and Entertainment Expenses: The Client agrees to reimburse the Company
for all Travel and Entertainment expenses. The expense reimbursement will be paid by
the Client upon submission.

10) Linking to the Company's Website: The Client agrees to allow a link from the
bottom of the Client's homepage to the Company for marketing purposes.

11) Marketing purposes: The Client agrees that the Company can use portions of this
project for portfolio presentation purposes.

12) Ownership: Once the project is completed and delivered and all invoices are paid in
full, the Client owns the project. This is work for hire.
Humidor Vault                           Page# 14                            March 24, 2009
Website Redesign                       Confidential                          Rubik’s Web
13) Different Use: The Client agrees that if any of this project is used for other
purposes, the Client will negotiate a licensing fee with the Company.

14) Artwork, Software, Material, Asset and Licensing Ownership: Both the Client
and Company agrees that they own all software licenses, artwork, and assets used in this

15.) Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: The Client agrees that in case of
legal dispute, the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will be utilized.

16) American Arbitration Association: The Client and Company agree to use the
American Arbitration Association to settle any dispute.

Humidor Vault                            Page# 15                            March 24, 2009
Website Redesign                        Confidential                          Rubik’s Web

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