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									                         Top 5 Money Making Schemes

If you are looking to boost your annual income and set yourself off onto the path to
real financial freedom, then there are a number of routes you can follow. For one,
money making schemes.

Available both online and offline you can easily get involved in a number of different
money making schemes that will enable you to make substantial savings AS WELL AS
profits of over $1,000 every single month.

To help get you started we have analysed 40 of the top money making schemes
around and have narrowed them down to our top 5.

   1. Reverse Auctions

One money making scheme that was incredibly popular 5 years ago, but has since
died down a little are Reverse Auctions. Essentially the idea was that people would
sell the latest in home entertainment, digital software and gift vouchers in an
auction. The twist being however is that anyone who bid had to pay upfront, and the
lowest unique bid won. Suffice to say it attracted the greedy at the promise of a
$0.25 ipod or $0.49 television.

Then on the other hand you would have the customers who would try to win items
at the lowest possible prices, and then go on to re sell the item they had won at full

Although not as popular as before, sites such as still
exist to cater for those who like this method of bidding.

   2. Penis Enlargement Affiliate Programmes

The most successful and popular way to make money is through affiliate schemes;
schemes in which you can sell products on behalf of other companies. And none are
more profitable than the penis enlargement device.

Offering you the freedom to sell their product from the comfort of your own home
and website by simply reviewing/recommending penis enlargement devices,
anybody can make a huge amount of money simply by sending potential customers
through to the merchant’s website. Should this referral turn into a sale, the
individual would earn a huge $175 per sale.

And by selling just one of their traction devices every day, in a week a person could
earn anywhere in between $1,225 – that is $4,900 a month!

To read more on this style of money making, check out SizeGenetics affiliate
program as well as their homepage SizeGenetics
   3. Money for questionnaires

Would you like to be paid to give your opinion about products and services? There
are companies out there who can cater for this.

Paid surveys, paid reviews, paid emails, prize games, competitions… by simply
spending 5-10 minutes of your time filling in these questionnaires a person could
easily earn between $25 and $100 a survey. Though to reach this amount can be
very time consuming.

The commission itself is dependant on the company. Some choose to reward you for
your opinion by offering you sweepstakes, gift certificates and freebies. However the
vast majority of paid surveys, reviews and emails will give you a cash reward once
you have successfully completed their questionnaire.

To view these questionnaires, visit

   4. Flip Selling on eBay

Notably one of the harder money making schemes to harness; the trick to this
scheme is the art of buying something on eBay and then selling it straight away for a
higher price.

This can be done on anything though it is recommended that you only invest in
products where you know there is a demand for it and that you know is guaranteed
to sell for a higher price.

After all… one mans trash is another man’s treasure, and if you can identify these
items, you can make a pretty penny via this method.

   5. The Pyramid Scheme

Now illegal in many countries, including: the UK, US, Canada, France, Germany,
Australia and Japan, the pyramid scheme has been around for at least a century.

To explain it in its most simplest terms, it is a non-sustainable business model that
involves the exchange of money for enrolling others onto a scheme where they have
been offered a product/service. Though in many instances, the service/product is
rarely delivered.

Take this scenario: Mr X makes a single payment. To start earning money he has to
recruit others onto the scheme, who each then make 1 payment. From this payment
Mr X receives a commission. Next these recruits search out more recruits who follow
the same procedure i.e. 1 payment which is split between the recruiter and Mr X.

Over the years a number of different models have been used, but the most common
were the 8 ball model and the Matrix Scheme.

To read more on this subject visit

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