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					The Humid-EZE worry free humidification system is perfect for cigar humidors, pipe tobacco, travel humi-
dors and cigar jars. With a suggested retail price of only $0.99, this all natural water based, chemical-free
system will maintain a container’s humidity at 70% without any complicated setup or monitoring. Now
any sealed container becomes an instant humidor.
The Humid-EZE system uses chemical-free water protected by a unique patented membrane. This highly
advanced technology allows the proper amount of moisture without allowing any liquid to escape. Each
unit will humidify approximately 25 cigars for 30 days. When the reservoir is empty, simply discard and
replace with a new one.

                              Slowly peel away the clear            Patented membrane
                              protective layer to start the       releases moisture into
                              humidification process              air to control humidity

                               Sturdy outer casing
                               contains specially treated water

       Throw Away the Sponge and Solution Forever!

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