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									Blue Badge Guide Training

  Tourism in Scotland
    24th   October 2008
        Tourism in Scotland
By the end of the session you will:-
 appreciate the multitude and importance of
  tourism in Scotland
 be aware of the key players
 have been signposted to key statistics and resources
 be aware of future strategy and expected trends
 feel more confident about your place in tourism in

                                  Learning Outcomes
   Tourism in Scotland
     … the jargon …
STF              SE & HIE
VS               TFFC
VS BTU           TIC
STGA             GCMB
         See how much you already know
       Tourism in Scotland
Why is it important?
• 16 mill tourists/visitors a year
• it generated £4.1 billion pounds in 2006
• it employs over 218,000 people (9.2% of workforce)
• it comprises 20,000 businesses – the majority SMEs
• it is larger than oil, fishing and whisky combined
• tourism cannot be exported
                               [source: 100k Welcomes and]

           The importance of Tourism in Scotland
                                        Tourism in Scotland
   Tourism Components – Who is involved?
   … appreciate the multitude of tourism
                                                                                             Visitor Attractions
      Catering                Carriers               Accommodation Providers
                                                                                                  (in doors)
 Cafes                 Airlines                     Hotels & Guest Houses
                                                                                          Historic Buildings
 Restaurants           Shipping companies           Bed & Breakfast
                                                                                          Museums & Galleries
 Pubs                  Coach companies              Self-catering
                                                                                          Libraries
 Tearooms              Railways                     Camping & caravan sites
                                                                                          Theatres & cinemas
 Snack bars            Car rental                   Youth hostels and hostels
                                                                                          Sports & leisure centres
 Fast food outlets     Taxis                        University halls of residence
                                                                                          Golf courses
        and others …             and others …                           and others ...
                                                                                          Zoo/safari & theme parks
                                                                                         and others …
   Support Services
    Retail/Shops                                            combine to form the
    Information Services                                  VISITOR EXPERIENCE                      Attractions
    Guiding Services & Language Services                                                          (out doors)
    Insurance companies, Finance & Banking                     distributed through            Scenery
    Foreign exchange bureaux                                     Tour Operators               Lochs and rivers
    Printing & publishing                                         Travel Agents               Mountains & glens
    Marketing & advertising companies                                 Internet                Beaches, the sea
    Training providers                                    The Tourist, Visitor, Guest,        Parks and Gardens
    Local authorities, local enterprise companies                Client etc.                  Climate
                                       and many others …                                               and others …
      Tourism in Scotland
    What does Scotland have to offer?
              Freedom of Scotland                 Active                                          Cities & Culture
   Wildlife          Touring               Golf   Adventure                  City Breaks                   Culture
                           Castles/Heritage                Mountain Biking           Shopping                        TV/Film
                           Gardens                         Walking                   Night Life                      Performing Arts
                           Island Hopping                  Climbing                  Food and Drink                  Visual Arts
                           Hub Touring                     Cycling                   Sport                           Literary
                                                           Watersports                                               Events/Festivals
                                                           Adventure Sports                                          Heritage/Genealogy
[Source: ‘Tourism Framework for Change’]

                                     The VisitScotland Product Portfolio
      Tourism in Scotland
Some Statistics
       = VisitScotland’s website for the Tourism Trade

       Handout: Tourism in Scotland 2007

                                     Tourism Statistics
       Tourism in Scotland
Key Players:
   VisitScotland = national tourism organisation for Scotland
 VisitScotland – one team for tourism working in
partnership to exceed visitor expectations
 To contribute significantly to the advancement of
Scottish tourism by giving it a real presence in the global
marketplace and benefitting the whole of Scotland
• to attract visitors to Scotland  building the BRAND
• to engage with partners within the industry
• to add value to the visitor experience
        Tourism in Scotland
Key Players: VisitScotland
• new structure since 01/04/08
    • 6 regions/3 island areas  each several local offices
    • 100+ Tourist Information Centres (TICs)
    • 4 Directorates
    • Sustainable Tourism Unit
                • initiatives for the industry to ‘buy in’ –
                account management
• main events: VisitScotland Expo, Tartan Day  Week
• core funded by Scottish Government
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     … watch out of VS adverts  White Winter Campaign
       Tourism in Scotland
Key Players:
           VisitScotland – Business Tourism Unit

• Unit of VisitScotland with 16 staff
• main event ‘Scotland means Business’
• conferences, incentives, corporate hospitality, press
trips, educational tours, ‘fam trips’ etc.
• www.
• brochures for reference
       Tourism in Scotland
• website for visitors
• in 15 languages
• service providers pay to be listed on website
• national call/contact centre near Livingstone runs
National Booking & Information Service 0845 22 55 121

        Tourism in Scotland
The Scottish Tourism Forum (STF)
= the voice of the industry
The Forum brings public and private players together, to encourage
the voicing of opinion about problems, priorities and solutions and
to lobby on industry's behalf - to improve political and public
commitment to tourism.
• organises Scottish Tourism week – next: 02 to 09/03/09
• open meetings – AGM
• linked to Tourism Innovation Group (TIG)
• become a member  special subscription discount for STGA Guides
                                  Scottish Tourism Forum
          Tourism in Scotland
 Pride & Passion – join the movement!
   Excellent Customer Service            Pass it on … shout about
                                                    good examples
            delight and surprise your
                                        Take action and improve
It’s a bunch of passionate              things
people within the tourism
industry who want things
to change – and kick start
a movement that will take
Scotland from being great
to even greater.
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0800 028 0588
           Tourism in Scotland
Other Players:
Activity Scotland, Association of Scotland’s Self-Caterers, Association of Scottish Visitor
     Attractions (ASVA), British Hospitality Association, Confederation of Passenger
      Transport UK, Connoisseurs Scotland, Farm Stay UK Ltd, Federation of Small
     Businesses, Forestry Commission, Hotel and Catering International Management
   Association (HCIMA), Highland Hotels Ltd, Historic Houses Association, Historic
   Scotland, Hospitality Training Foundation, National Caravan Council Ltd, National
Galleries of Scotland, National Museums of Scotland, National Parks, Pride and Passion,
   Sail Scotland, Scottish Arts Council, Scotland’s Best B&Bs, Scottish Association of
   Country Sports, Scottish Countryside Alliance, Scottish Destination Management
 Association (SDMA), ScotEvents, Scottish Incoming Golf Tour Operators Association,
  Scottish Independent Hostels, Scottish Museums Council, Scottish Natural Heritage,
Scottish Tourism Forum (STF), Scottish Tourist Guides Association (STGA), Scottish
 Youth Hostel Association, SportScotland, The National Trust for Scotland, The Scottish
 Licensed Trade Association, The Tourism Society Scotland, Tourism Innovation Group,
               Tourism and Environment Forum and possibly many more …

                                   www. contains
                                     links to all these organisations
     Tourism in Scotland

The Scottish Government
and Tourism

• Minister for Enterprise, Energy and
Tourism = Jim Mather MSP


                           The Scottish Government
         Tourism in Scotland
The Future … the strategy
• March 2006 saw the publication of Scottish Tourism: The next
  Decade – A Tourism Framework for Change (TFFC)
• It followed 2002's "Tourism Framework for Action 2002-2005".
  and the "New Strategy for Scottish Tourism" in 2000.
• It is regarded as an action plan
• pdf file of 53 pages

              download at www.

                       Scottish Tourism: The next Decade –
                         A Tourism Framework for Change
          Tourism in Scotland
Key Messages
• 50% revenue growth by 2015
• increase of visitor numbers of perhaps 20% by 2015
• ‘We want to be Europe’s most sustainable tourism destination.’
• central themes: business entrepreneurship and innovation,
business leadership, focus on customer, public sector strongly
supporting business and industry bodies
• key product areas: golf, outdoor activities, history and culture,
food and drink, natural environment, genealogy
• new media: internet, pod casting, handheld technology etc.
• 14 targets …

             Scottish Tourism: The next Decade – A Tourism Framework
                      for Change - download at www.
         Tourism in Scotland
Measuring Success:
The Scottish Thistle Award
(Tourism Oscars)
Mission Statement:
• Encouraging professionalism, innovation and creative thinking
   within the industry
• Promoting quality service and products which reflect all that is
   best in Scotland’s world reputed and foremost industry
• Rewarding excellence in Scotland’s tourism industry in all areas
  and at all levels
Annual Ceremonies with various categories – next: TODAY!

                             The Scottish Thistle Award
           Tourism in Scotland
Visitors seek a unique and authentic experience
                                                   Genealogy       Religion
    Short Breaks/              Extended
    City Breaks   Cruise ships education
          Health and                     Events                      Golf
          well-being            Future         extreme
                                Trends      sports/activities
      India     retail
                                                  Cultural, environmental
China    Russia                fun                and historical experiences
               Latin America
              Central Europe
                                                  Future Trends
     Tourism in Scotland
 The next BIG thing …

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birth with a year-long programme of events across the country. We’re also
celebrating some of Scotland’s great contributions to the world: golf, whisky,
great minds and innovations and Scotland’s rich culture and heritage.

                         Homecoming Scotland 2009
     Tourism in Scotland
                Thank you
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 … btw … why do I need to know all this?
 Because this is the environment we all will
      be running our businesses in.

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