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  Fall ‘09 Bottling List
              Issue 92
Dear Member,
One of the personal benefits I treasure as we travel around the country
hosting the 16th Annual Single Malt & Scotch Whisky Extravaganza is
experiencing the changing colours of the leaves as the fall season pro-
gresses. For those of you who have not yet attended an Extravaganza
event, it’s the perfect opportunity to meet other members in your area,
sample over 100 expressions of the world’s finest single malts and
Scotch whiskies, enjoy a fabulous dinner buffet and receive a selec-
tion of three premium imported cigars from the humidors of Romeo y
Julieta and Siglo for your enjoyment after the tasting.
In this issue of Outturn we are delighted to offer you five terrific malts!
The first new whisky from Islay’s South Shore is Society Cask No.
29.78 which has spent only 8 years in a refill hoggie. Its been said that
an Islay’s flavour is most intense in its youth, which is why this offer-
ing is all and more of what you’d expect from an expression from this
distillery. The second new Society whisky is from the Speyside region.
Society Cask No. 54.28 has spent 13 years in a refill Sherry butt and is
an excellent example of this type of maturation.
Our third new whisky is Society Cask No. 55.19, also from Speyside.
Ten years in a refill hogshead has given this whisky the flavours of
coconut, honey and vanilla. One of the tasting panel members com-
mented, “Deep-fried Mars bars!” The fourth whisky to be offered in
this Outturn is Society Cask No. 122.20, hailing from the Isle of Arran
where the distillery gets its name. Sixteen years in a refill bourbon
barrel has given this whisky an Islay-like character, with smoke and
barbecue aplenty!
The President’s Choice of this Outturn is Society Cask No. 76.65, for
our members who are fans of older whiskies. It comes from the village
of Banffshire in the Speyside region. The tasting panel described this
whisky as “hot stuff” for its age and is the perfect ending to a crisp
fall evening. A “WOW!” awaits you. Although I’m a huge Islay fan,
the caramel and orange flavours present in this bottling are delicious.
Keep in mind that the President’s Choice is purely subjective, so be
sure to review your tasting notes when choosing a whisky that best
suits you.
Enjoy your Society whiskies in good health and moderation.

Best regards,

Alan F. Shayne

President, SMWSA

                         Void Where Prohibited By Law
                             President’s Choice!

Cask No. 76.65                                                Price: $145.00
Highlands, Speyside (Dufftown)
A stake through the heart of despair
An angel with painted nails flew from the glass – we then found polished wood, car-
amel, saffron and lemon risotto and rich orange liqueur. Old English marmalade on
toast, tea caddies and peppermint pan-drops provided a tannic twist. One panellist
aptly described the taste – “Wow!” – A lively, velvety, bitter orange, wood and pep-
per dram – hot stuff for its age. The angel re-appeared briefly with water – her wings
catching the orange glow of heavenly sunsets – orange blossom perfume, orange
jelly – heady stuff. The reduced palate – penetrating, sweetly perfumed wood –
driven by the angel into the heart of despair. From Dufftown’s earliest distillery.

Drinking tip: For summer nights on the porch watching the sun go down.

Colour : Amber                 Alcohol : 58.5%
Cask : Refill hogshead         Date distilled : April 1986
Age : 23 years                 USA allocation : 112   bottles

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                   Cask No. 29.78                           Price: $85.00
      re   notes   Islay, South Shore
Compa              After a disaster
                   The nose had a raw ferocity in which Germolene, bandag-
                   es and brown chippie sauce wrestled with honey, lemon,
                   sweet malt and vanilla panna cotta. The palate was tongue-
                   roasting at full strength, with intense smoke and over-done
                   coffee. The Livet-lass imagined toasting marshmallows
                   over a peat fire. The reduced nose had a rock-like, mineral
                   aspect, burnt custard, swimming pools and autumn gar-
                   den bonfires. The palate, even in reduction, was still hot and
                   lively; meaty and smoky with charred wood, cordite and an
                   earthy finish, like the aftermath of some disaster. The distill-
                   ery is the first encountered on the pilgrims’ way to Kildalton.
                   Drinking tip: For days walking or shooting in the mountains.

                   Colour : White gold       Alcohol : 58.2%
                   Cask : Refill hogshead    Date distilled : February 2001
                   Age : 8 years             USA allocation : 210    bottles

                   Cask No. 54.28          Price: $105.00
                   Highlands, Speyside (Strathspey)
                   Biting a nurse
                   Typical sherry cask characteristics immediately paraded
                   before our noses; curried pot noodles, soy sauce, cara-
                   melised Demerara, treacle toffee, marmite, egg custard,
                   matchboxes and flambéed bananas. The unreduced pal-
                   ate was definitely sweet (crème caramel, parma violets)
                   but also very savoury (curry, onion omelette) with traces
                   of rubber (“like biting a nurse wearing rubber gloves and
                   apron”). Water led our noses up a savoury path (by a creo-
                   sote fence) to the barbecue where we found smoked sausage
                   and burnt ribs. The palate developed barbecued bananas
                   with dark chocolate wedges and corn fritters, both slightly
                   over-done. The distillery has connections with St. Drostan.
                   Drinking tip: A barbecue dram.

                   Colour : Golden brown         Alcohol : 60.3%
                   Cask : Refill butt            Date distilled : July 1996
                   Age : 13 years                USA allocation : 240   bottles

     To place orders, call 800.990.1991 •
Cask No. 55.19           Price: $90.00
Highlands, Speyside (Findhorn Valley)                                      re notes
Lip-puckering and eye-watering                                       Compa
Sweetly enticing (Toffifees, honey-crunch, vanilla, coconut) the
nose slowly developed more enigmatic, earthy notes (earthen
floors and wooden beams in an old barn) and an oiliness which
suggested garages to the Malt-meister and deep-fried Mars bars to
the others. The mustard and wasabi palate was lip-puckering
and eye-watering but also had pleasant coconut sweetness. The re-
duced nose introduced beeswax polish, dubbin and lavender;
also bouquet garni and singed sage, with smoke emerging
later. The palate retained its zing and though we found lardons
and a salty aftertaste the sweetness (chilli chocolate) floated
highest. The Cawdor-based distillery has a royal warrant.

Drinking tip: In the evening, outdoors or coming in from the cold.

Colour : Reflected buttercup Alcohol : 60.0%
Cask : Refill hogshead         Date distilled : September 1998
Age : 10 years                 USA allocation : 108    bottles

Cask No. 122.20       Price: $115.00
Highlands, Western Highlands
Sweet marinade over charred barbecued ribs
Cries of ‘peanut brittle’ and ‘melted toffee’ greeted this
sample, but in a few moments these scents were joined by
puffs of smoke – first a charcoal brickette, then an extin-
guished barbecue, and finally faded creosote in a garden
shed – and raw sausages. The taste is very smoky, after a
sweet start, with green chillis and flat-leafed parsley. Water
cooks the sausages – actually, chars them - along with sweet-
marinated pork ribs, roasting tin and a hint of sulphur. The
taste is sweet then smoky, with some salt and vinegar – could
be mistaken for an Islay, but comes from Loch Lomond-side.

Drinking tip: On the beach, waiting for the barbecue to warm.

Colour : Runny honey          Alcohol : 55.1%
Cask : Refill barrel          Date distilled : September 1992
Age : 16 years                USA allocation : 70   bottles

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Cask No. 49.10                            Price: $160.00
Lowlands                                                                    re notes
A Royal Aperitif                                                      Compa
There can’t be many casks of this malt left, the distillery closed
twenty five years ago. The buildings (now converted to apart-
ments) stand in the Royal Burgh of Linlithgow, near the palace
of the same name, where Mary, Queen of Scots was born. Mid
gold in color (it has been drawn from a from a Fino sherry butt),
the nose is delicately fruity - white grapes and lychees with faded
orange blossoms in the background. The taste at full strength is
sweet and warming with honey, vanilla and the lingering taste of
honeycomb. A dash of water opens the bouquet and brings up
wine-cellar notes, but the whisky remains remarkably fresh and the
scent of white lilies emerges. The reduced taste is sweet and the
mouthfeel slightly effervescent with citrus and lychee continu-
ing. It finishes smooth, spicy and astringent. A royal aperitif!

Colour : Mid gold              Alcohol : 59.1%
Cask : Fino sherry butt        Date distilled : September 1982
Age : 26 years                 USA allocation : 76    bottles

Cask No. 19.44                            Price: $130.00
Old Granddad Whisky
The nose had fruit (raspberries, plums) and rum and raisin
ice-cream, but the Angel was comforted by the manly scent
of “someone’s granddad – pipe tobacco and a cardigan with
leather patches.” The palate had dandelions, geraniums,
caramel and plums; treacle, smoke and eucalyptus. “Very
complex,” the Whisky-creator said, “it just keeps on giv-
ing.” We were in no hurry to add water – but we did – and
the nose had vanilla, mint, chocolate, sandalwood and men-
thol cigarettes; rich and euphoria-inducing. The palate lived
up to the promise, with iced coffee, chocolate and loads of
tobacco. This Old Meldrum distillery once had greenhouses.

Drinking tip: For contemplative moments.

Colour : Grubby copper        Alcohol : 53.4%
Cask : Refill hogshead        Date distilled : October 1988
Age : 20 years                USA allocation : 24    bottles

        To place orders, call 800.990.1991 •
                   Cask No. 26.58                          Price: $190.00
      re   notes   Highlands
Compa              Pink Peppercorns and Liquorice Allsorts
                   This distillery is one of the two (the working one) that stand
                   at Brora, rare as a single malt and highly regarded in the
                   trade. The colour of this bottling is pale straw, the result of
                   25 years maturation in a refill hogshead. The nose is green,
                   mild and pleasant. There is also a hint of smoke. With wa-
                   ter there is grass in a windswept park. The taste is com-
                   plex, starting sweet then becomes warm and slightly salty.
                   Flavours of pink peppercorns and Liquorice Allsorts are
                   apparent. Water softens the whisky delightfully. This is a
                   subtle whisky that does not dominate in one dimension but
                   comes together in a subtle, beautifully integrated whole.

                   Colour : Pale straw          Alcohol : 51.2%
                   Cask : Refill hogshead       Date distilled : May 1983
                   Age : 25 years               USA allocation : 24   bottles

                   Cask No. 123.03                          Price: $85.00
                   A strawberry ballerina
                   The men became outrageous when this arrived. “Look at
                   the legs!” exclaimed Seamus. We sniffed – “She’s an ele-
                   gant dame; who smokes” said someone. “No! A strawberry
                   ballerina” Seamus retorted. The nose had toffee and plum
                   jam; “Whoever she is, I’m in love!” the Whisky-bard cried.
                   The palate had toffee, jam tarts, peppercorns, chocolate
                   and ripe cherries – “a full-bodied, high-kicking, sexy diva”
                   declared anonymous. The reduced nose had kirsch, cinder
                   toffee, sandalwood and chocolate-coated strawberries.
                   The reduced palate was gorgeously juicy, like pink cham-
                   pagne or sangria – even the Geordie-blender was eventually
                   seduced. The distillery is close to the West Highland Way.
                   Drinking tip: A seduction whisky.

                   Colour : Copper-tinted rose Alcohol : 59.5%
                   Cask : Refill port pipe     Date distilled : April 2001
                   Age : 8 years               USA allocation : 79    bottles

     To place orders, call 800.990.1991 •
Cask No. 1.145                              Price: $150.00
Speyside                                                                  re notes
In a fresh forest glade                                             Compa
A brief impression of solvents lifted quickly revealing fresh,
floral, slightly astringent lemony fragrances. The dominant
nose character was sweetness; heather honey, fruit syrup,
HobNobs and coconut macaroons. Behind that, lay intriguing
impressions of forest glades, with wood bark and leaf-mould.
The taste had the milky, honey sweetness of gulab jamins and
lots of spice – cinnamon, nutmeg, liquorice allsorts and sug-
ared fennel seeds. Water changed the nose significantly; pine
air freshener, laundry, freshly peeled twigs and cola cubes.
The reduced palate was citric, sappy, and spicy with hints of
Body Shop soap. The distillery is owned by J & G Grant.
Drinking tip: An aperitif or the first dram of the evening.

Colour : Pale amber             Alcohol : 50.8%
Cask : Refill hogshead          Date distilled : October 1985
Age : 23 years                  USA allocation :   47 bottles

Cask No. 9.47                               Price: $155.00
Nigella nibbling Pata Negra
First we were transported by the appearance. No so much
the colour but the texture (heavy, oily, with pearly, linger-
ing beads). The first word on nosing was ‘voluptuous’, and
the first sniff rushed us to an expensive deli: olives in brine
stuffed with pimento, Bath Oliver biscuits, thickly buttered
and then – bliss! – Pata Negra ham (the very expensive Span-
ish stuff, from acorn-gorged pigs). The taste at natural strength
was sweet and smooth, with Camembert cheese. Water raises
poached pears with tinned Carnation milk, and the taste is of
“creamy rice pudding, dusted with gold leaf and ground gin-
ger”. Well done Major Grant!

Drinking tip: A pre-theatre dram, with expensive canapés.

Colour : Mid-gold               Alcohol : 51.4%
Cask : Refill hogshead          Date distilled : November 1984
Age : 24 years                  USA allocation : 141    bottles

        To place orders, call 800.990.1991 •
                   Cask No. 39.57                            Price: $145.00
      re   notes   Speyside
Compa              Urbane and Demure
                   This Elgin distillery was built in 1821. In 1873 it had speak-
                   ing tubes installed so that the staff operating the malt mill
                   (who were locked in) could communicate with the outside in
                   an emergency. The initial nose of this greeny gold dram from
                   a refill hoggie ranges from muscovado sugar to roasted veg-
                   etables and new books. The addition of water brings malt loaf
                   and cinnamon bagels. The taste is big and sweetly warming,
                   with sticky toffee pudding and spiced honey cake. With water
                   it resembles pears in syrup or honey. An urbane and demure
                   dram of complex fruits and spices.
                                                                       G  ulp! La
                                                                       f ew bottl

                   Colour : Greeny gold           Alcohol : 55.5%

                   Cask : Refill hogshead         Date distilled : October 1982

                   Age : 23 years                 USA allocation : 17     bottles

                   Cask No. 44.41                           Price: $115.00
                   Bountiful fruits – counts as one of your 5 a day!
                   A rich, generous dram offering an abundance of carame-
                   lised blood oranges, rhubarb and grilled bananas drizzled
                   in golden syrup. Baked apples with vanilla custard sprinkled
                   with chocolate. Tasting it neat, the panel declared it was
                   a “chunky mouthful” – it delivered charred scented wood
                   with toasted cardamom and hot allspice. Water opened
                   more delicious fruits – white peaches, pears and exotic
                   orange blossom. Taking a big sip gave creamy fudge fol-
                   lowed by Macadamia nuts and ginger biscuits on the fin-
                   ish. The whisky traveller admitted she had many a late
                   night at the famous local hotel neighbouring this distillery.

                   Drinking tip: Gutsy aperitif or fruity digestive.

                   Colour : Ochre                Alcohol : 58.0%
                   Cask : Refill barrel          Date distilled : August 1993
                   Age : 15 years                USA allocation :   37 bottles

     To place orders, call 800.990.1991 •
Cask No. 46.16                             Price: $120.00
Speyside                                                                     re notes
Ginger and Spice                                                       Compa
This relatively large distillery stands just outside Elgin, close to
the River Lossie with which its name is associated. The sweet
nose has pink fondant, sherbet and icing sugar. The flavour is
a lovely combination of ginger and spice, it’s quite peppery
with a beautiful cinnamon finish. Water sees the sweetie notes
remain reminiscent of a birthday cake. The flavour is still quite
peppery then drying, with a medium length finish and a linger-
ing warming finish. The panel preferred this without water and
thought it would make a great aperitif dram.

Colour : Pale gold              Alcohol : 52.2%
Cask : Hogshead                 Date distilled : September 1992
Age : 15 years                  USA allocation :   36 bottles

Cask No. 23.62                               Price: $80.00
A feisty tongue-fizzer
Evidence of the quality of whisky since this distillery re-opened
in 2001; the nose was not vastly complex, but pleasant, with
lemon puffs and green apple freshness sitting along-side
buttery fudge and jam doughnuts. The unreduced palate had
feisty, tongue-zapping fizz, with apple snow, buttery notes and
subtle smoke. The reduced nose had the lovely sweetness of
apple pie and custard; later suggesting eucalyptus. The pal-
ate retained all that vanilla sweetness, balanced by hints of
smoke and some light bitterness (green wood, lemon zest and
sherbet). We thought this spritzy, aperitif dram from the Rinns
was stunning for its age.

Drinking tip: First garden dram of the year.      Only 16t!  f
                                                  botlles le

Colour : Angel hair            Alcohol : 63.5%
                                                              _ __

Cask : Refill barrel           Date distilled : July 2002

Age : 6 years                  USA allocation : 16    bottles

        To place orders, call 800.990.1991 •

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