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                               How To Drive A Golf Ball Far And Accurately Consistently
                                                            By Marla Paulsone

   There are few things more satisfying than launching a jaw dropping drive with explosive distance
right down the middle of the fairway. There is no doubt that hitting the driver well makes the game a lot
easier as many courses are quite long. It is almost a necessity to have that 300 yard drive if you want
to succeed as a professional golfer since most tour courses are long and require good driving distance
in order to be competitive. Here are a few tips that may help you to gain those extra yards in driving

Tip 1: Strengthen your wrists

 While golf does not require significant muscle strength, it certainly does not hurt to be physically fit and
strong. The wrists play a key factor in being able to generate and support high club head speeds so be
sure to do exercises that make the wrist stronger. These will usually involve doing some sort of
resistance training like wrist curls with a dumbbell or on a machine at the gym. It cannot hurt to also do
weight training exercises for the upper and lower body also since they all help to support the golf

Tip 2: Develop greater lag

 Lag is one the secrets to hitting the ball far almost effortlessly. It is defined as the angle formed
between the shaft and the right hand if you are a right handed player and the smaller this angle is
before impact the greater the club head speed will be through impact. One way to build greater lag is to
start the downswing with a slight shift of your body weight to the left while keeping the club still at the
top, this helps to load the club with energy and will help to create more club head speed.

Tip 3: Use proper equipment

 If you generate a club head speed over 120 mph then you need to use a stiff flex driver with 7 to 8
degrees of loft for maximum distance. If your club head speed is lower than 100 mph then you need a
regular flex driver with a loft around 11 to 12 degrees for maximum distance. Also be sure to get a
driver that is not too long otherwise this will affect the accuracy of your shots and inaccurate drives are
not usually very long.

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Tip 4: Factor the wind

 The wind can have a huge impact on the length of your drives. If the wind is blowing hard into your
face then you need to launch your drives at a lower trajectory for maximum carry and roll. In order to hit
your drives lower, tee the ball slightly lower and put the ball a little further back in your stance. If the
wind is helping you then go ahead and launch the ball high or the normal trajectory you are used to.
The ideal drive downwind is a high trajectory as this will ride the wind for maximum carry. To hit your
drives higher tee the ball higher and put the ball a little further up in your stance towards your left feet.
Try some of these golf driving tips to help you hit better drives and shoot lower golf scores.

Marla is an author and webmaster. Learn how to lower your handicap with great golf swing tips, putting
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                                             Learning Good Golf Swing Mechanics
                                                                  By D Fraser

 We all want to have more power in our golf swing. Want to see that ball go sailing off the tee straight
down the fairway a couple of hundred yards. Now of course we've all also seen someone consistently
do that at a course on Sunday afternoon, so effortlessly, just like the club was slicing through butter.
What do these people with the perfect golf swing and a perfect drive every time have that we don't
have. Is it speed, strength, or a better driver? Chances are none of the above, what they have
mastered is their golf swing mechanics.

Of course a better driver made of the latest and greatest material will help add a few yards to your
drive, also having strength in the right muscles will help out. How ever all of these things aren't worth a
dime if you're not using them correctly. And to use them correctly you need to have the right swing
mechanics down. Until you understand exactly what happens when you swing a golf club, how the
weight is transferred and how mechanics come into play rather then brute force and strength you'll
continue to either duff the ball or be plagued by that evil hook or slice.

So is this to say that you should just purchase an inexpensive club, and any out of shape bum can
learn to drive a winning ball? No not at all, your equipment and physical fitness level are very
important, how ever you need to learn to use it right. A bad swing will only produce one thing, bad
results. Whether it's a good club or a bad club, or your strong or weak.

If you're over the top with your golf swing, or to far on the inside it will come out in the direction of the
ball. Being able to correct this error through your swing mechanics is when you've really learned to
master the controllable par of this crazy game.

Working consistently to tweak your swing through mechanics is how you'll slowly but surely shave
those strokes off of your handicap. The key is know the right way to do it in the first place so you have
a base to work from. It is a lot more difficult for us to unlearn bad habits in our swing sequence then it
is to take the time to learn the correct movements and technique the first time around. Remember bad
habits are difficult to break, and this is no different in golf then it is in any other area of life.

Take advantage of Golf Instruction

One big let down with amateur golfers is that they get discouraged when they don't see improvement
after practicing and practicing at the driving range. All they're learning to do is slice that ball further and
further rather then discovering how to correct it and drive it straighter and straighter. This can all be
corrected by introducing the correct instruction to your practicing regime. Whether it's a quality
instructional video or book, or you register for lessons from the local pro you need a solid foundation to
understand why a golf ball will tend to slice or hook. Or where the correction can be made in your
swing to stop topping the ball. Without proper instruction you can't fully understand correct golf swing
mechanics, and will continue to be frustrated.

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