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					                        Marshfield Youth Hockey Association
                           “ICETIMES” (Newsletter)
                                          March 2005

From the President
Hello Skaters, It’s no secret this last month Head of Coaches Doug Steines, Jeff Graves and I
met many of the coaches and team reps to talk about MYHA, their evolvement in the assoc and
their teams. In the meetings I talked briefly about my concerns of having enough qualified
coaches, dedicated volunteers, half ice practices and ice time conducive to school children.
After open discussions, many filled out a questionnaire answering questions like, “How do we
strengthen our Coaches?” Tell Us about Conflict in Your Group? “List Two Priorities that would
make MYHA Better.” “How Do You feel about MyICE?”

 These questionnaires enlightened as these folks brought forward real solutions and not just
bellyache. One coach answered his overall experience with MYHA as a parent & coach as being
“excellent” with an additional note, “I choose to make it this way.” How wonderfully simple, I
thought. Do we each have this much control or power to make things excellent? This coach who
teaches your children thinks so.

 Lack of communication, misunderstanding or reacting before having all the facts was
mentioned as something that brought on conflict whether it was with fellow coach, team rep,
board member or parent. The one coach who voiced his concern of not knowing or having a
chance to talk to his team rep as he had to Zamboni his practice ice, but had never tried to
reach her on the phone. Another coach mentioned, “Our Team Rep is awesome, she is
available, has good organization skills, and if she doesn’t know she asks.”

 Of all the coaches who answered the question of MyIce, only one questioned the goal of a
second sheet of ice. There was one who wondered if this planned MyICE building was
extravagant, “Can’t we get by with a Coverall Tent?” I explained the building was originally
designed to house ice 11 months a year. When ever one builds a building, or a bridge it is built
in measures to accommodate a percentage of growth with a foundation for its total function.

  Today we should be concerned with the first phase or $650,000 worth that will get us a
building that covers the outdoor rink & natural ice. Then we can use the second sheet for full
ice practice and use the Zamboni to condition it. If it takes 20 more years to build the last two
phases, then so be it. Think about our present rink that was built by volunteers ten years ago,
still not complete but you are skating in it. Brick by brick, we can help       ourselves. Won’t
you bring a brick?

 On another note, April 13 at the Playmaker Party, we will elect six new board members. If you
who wish to take an active part, I would encourage you to contact Dave Wunrow and the
nomination committee about the process. The Assoc needs good people who can work and act
for the whole, be open minded, constructive, can listen, and above all, want to help our
organization thrive. If you are combative or have an ax to grind, please join the group down
the road. I think our coach had the right idea, his experience has been excellent, but “he
choose to make it that way.”
                                                                                  Monte Lamer
                                                                      ad interim MYHA President

MYIce Update
We are pleased to report that that current pledged total amount to the MYIce capital
campaign is just shy of $210,000. All of our continued deliberate efforts will make this
second sheet of ice an eventual reality.

 There have been some questions regarding MYIce that have surfaced that do need to be
addressed. One question that we hear is, “Why have such a grandiose plan for a second facility
when all we need is a covered second sheet?” The answer is that many donors will not give to
a project unless they can see that there is a long-range plan and a vision for the future.
Imagine if our MYHA founding fathers made no provision for eventually having a facility with
refrigerated ice? Yes, it appears that MYHA has no need right now for anything more than some
extra ice time for practice, but how quickly that can change!

 It is important for all of us involved in the project to remind ourselves and other potential
donors that our first goal (Phase I) is for nothing more than a facility to allow natural ice-
skating with protection from the elements. Doing so adds very little to our operating costs, but
practically doubles available ice time. For those families with skaters older than the 7 th grade,
I’m sure you know firsthand how disruptive 9PM practices can be! With a second sheet, from
mid-December on, it could be possible that we would not need to have 9PM practices for any
group at MYHA for quite some time! How long we stay at Phase I is anyone’s guess. It will be
up to future boards to determine the need for Phase II and III if skating demand from Silver
Laces, Speed Skating and MYHA requires it.

We have just completed MYIce presentations to the financial organizations in Marshfield and we
are awaiting their responses. We plan to slowly continue to solicit the rest of the business
community for their support. If you have not yet made a personal contribution to MYIce, we
would ask that you please consider doing so. There are a variety of options should you wish to
commit to a planned giving program. If you are aware of a business that you believe is willing
to make a contribution, please contact Monte Lamer,

Lastly, if your team would like to host a summer brat fry to benefit MYIce, please contact Dave
Wunrow, and we will get you set up with a date(s). Last summer our
brat fry’s made nearly $2000 for MYIce.

                                                                                      Thank you,

                                                                 Monte Lamer, MYIce Fundraising
                                                          Jeff Graves, MYIce Building Committee
                                                            Dave Wunrow, MYIce Communication

Festival Foods and Pick `n Save Support MYIce Year Round!
Just because the hockey season is ending, doesn’t mean we can’t continue to earn money for
MYIce! If you shop at Pick ‘n Save, stop at the service desk to sign up for their Advantage Club
Savings Card and name MYIce as beneficiary of their charitable donation! Write down our
organization’s number, it is 528225. Every time you shop (and swipe your card which logs your
purchases), MYIce will get ~1% of your total purchase. Pick ‘n Save automatically will send us a
check each quarter! Please encourage your family and friends to support our ice facility!

Festival Foods receipts may be turned in year round to support MYIce too! After the season,
please get your receipts to any board member and we’ll be sure they get redeemed to help our

    MYHA Scholarship Information
    Marshfield Youth Hockey Association annually awards a $500 scholarship to a high school senior
    planning to continue his/her education beyond high school.

    Criteria to receive this scholarship include:

   Must be a high school senior
   Must have belonged to the Marshfield Youth Hockey Association
   Must be accepted at an accredited university, college, or technical college

Applicants should submit by April 1st:
        1. Name and address
        2. Cumulative GPA
        3. School you will be attending in the fall
        4. Planned major
        5. Years active in Marshfield Youth Hockey Association
        6. Activities they have participated in during their high school career including offices
           held and/or awards they have received.
        7. Essay stating their future goals, and how belonging to the Marshfield Youth Hockey
           Association      is going to help them reach these goals.
    Letter of recommendation from a teacher or employer.

    Applications should be submitted to:
                                    Attn: Scholarship Committee
                                 Marshfield Youth Hockey Association
                                  PO Box 943, Marshfield, WI 54449

    The Scholarship Committee will review the applications and will notify the school and winner.

    Blades Place Four Skaters on the Fox Valley JV All Star Team
    The Marshfield Blades placed four skaters on the Fox Valley JV All Star Team. Senior Taylor
    Wolfe, juniors Tracy Butler and Mike Mayeux, and sophomore Collin Smith will skate on the JV
    North All Star Team. They were selected by a vote of coaches from the Fox Valley High School
    Hockey League for their accomplishments on the ice during the league season. The All Star
    Game will be played at the Cornerstone Community Center in Aschwaubenon on Sunday,
    February 27th at 2:30pm.

    The Marshfield High School Blades are one of 29 teams that comprise the Fox Valley High
    School Hockey League. This is the 4th time that our Blades were represented on the All Star
    Team. Way to go, Blades!

    The Marshfield Blades hockey team consist of skaters from Colby, Columbus, Greenwood and
    Marshfield High Schools and they are coached by John Scheibe.

Scrip Lock Box Keys: With the success of the Thursday evening Scrip sales, there has been
little need for many members to use the Scrip lock boxes. If you wish to return your key, you
may do so by just putting it in an envelope labeled with your name and phone number and
dropping it in the Scrip drop box on the second floor. Security Manufacturing Corporation is
the name on one side of the Scrip lock box key and on the other side of the key is a code that
begins with the letter “K” followed by a 3-digit number.

Scrip Financials: The Scrip program continues strong! There is no easier way to pay for your
hockey costs and earn money for MYHA and MYIce. The following are figures from 7/1/04
through 2/12/05.

Total Scrip sales:       $187,596.75               Scrip checking balance:        $ 12,966.88
Cost of those sales:     $179,067.95               Scrip inventory (at cost):     $ 16,101.55
Gross profit:            $ 8,528.80                Member earnings YTD            ($ 5,127.30
MYHA/MYIce profit:       $ 3,401.50                Member earnings YTD            ($ 5,127.30)
Member profit:           $ 5,127.30                Member earnings previous years ($ 393.00)
                                                   Scrip program net worth        $ 23,548.13

Since inception in the 2002-2003 season, the Scrip program has grown as follows:
Member earnings 2002-2003              $ 3,359
Member earnings 2003-2004              $ 6,656
Member earnings 2004-2005              $ 5,127
Total through 2/12/05                  $15,142

Through just a little “financial planning”, our Scrip families have not had to pay for over
$15,000 in registration fees and other hockey costs from out of their own pockets! Thank you
for using Scrip and for supporting those vendors who support our Scrip program.

 Spring Scrip Sales:             February 27th         Last Sunday evening Scrip sale at Silver Laces
                                  March 10th            Last Thursday weekly Scrip sale at the rink

“Off Season” Scrip sales will be the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month (at the rink):
        April 7th               Thursday   Scrip   sale      5:00PM   to   6:00PM
        April 21st              Thursday   Scrip   sale      5:00PM   to   6:00PM
        May 5th                 Thursday   Scrip   sale      5:00PM   to   6:00PM
        May 19th                Thursday   Scrip   sale      5:00PM   to   6:00PM
        June 2nd                Thursday   Scrip   sale      5:00PM   to   6:00PM
        June 16th               Thursday   Scrip   sale      5:00PM   to   6:00PM
        July 7th                Thursday   Scrip   sale      5:00PM   to   6:00PM
        July 21st               Thursday   Scrip   sale      5:00PM   to   6:00PM
        August 4th              Thursday   Scrip   sale      5:00PM   to   6:00PM
        August 18th             Thursday   Scrip   sale      5:00PM   to   6:00PM
        September 1st           Thursday   Scrip   sale      5:00PM   to   6:00PM
        September 15th          Thursday   Scrip   sale      5:00PM   to   6:00PM

SCRIP Changes
       Weiler’s Premium Car Wash ($7.00) decreased to a cost of $5.00 for a 28.57% discount!
       Citgo, Conoco and Union 76 have chosen to leave the Scrip program.

Now available:
   Advance Auto Parts: This is a $25 card at a 7% discount. This will be stocked.
   Talbot’s:       This is a $25 card available at an 8% discount.
   Jamba Juice: This is a $10 card available at a 7% discount.

There are hundreds more businesses from around the country not listed on our MYHA Scrip
order form from which we can obtain Scrip. To see the entire lists and their rules, go to and click on retailers. For any special Scrip orders, please email me, Dave
Wunrow at and I will be glad to see how we can accommodate.

New Finance Committee
The board has recently approved the formation of a new committee to provide the Board of
Directors with additional resources and expertise to enhance the financial operations of the
Marshfield Youth Hockey Association Inc. This committee will serve in an advisory capacity to
the Board of Directors. Current members of the committee include: two board members:
Cathy Marx (Treasurer), Jeff Graves (Board member), and three members at large: John Baur,
Bob Eisberner, Doug Wendlandt.

Upon final approval of the committee’s charter by the Board, the association will have a
separate group with the following responsibilities:

     Monitor and audit the operating and capital budget on a periodic basis (budget to actual).
     Review and recommend investment and risk management strategies.
     Develop the operating and capital budget and forward same with recommendations to the
      Board of Directors.
     Review and recommend appropriate reserve funds.
     Review all financial policies and by-laws and make recommendations to the Board.
     Develop, review and monitor policies and       procedures for caretaking of MYHA assets.

A big THANK YOU goes out to the members who volunteered to develop and serve on this new
Finance Committee.
                                                                Submitted by Jeff Graves

New Marketing Committee
Something you will be hearing more of in future issues of Ice Times will be the activities and
recommendations of the new MYHA Marketing Committee. We had our kick off meeting on
Wednesday, February 23rd and spent time discussing and brainstorming ideas to market our
programs and our association. Our six committee members came up with quite a list. Our task
over the next several weeks will be to wade through and prioritize the many suggestions and

If you feel you would like to contribute an idea or have a suggestion that would benefit and
promote MYHA, call Jack Bremer at 384-8700.

             MYHA’s Year End Banquet (Playmaker Party)
     will take place at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 13, 2005
                   at the Eagle Club in Marshfield.

         Ticket information will be announced at a later date.

Board Nominees Wanted
Nominations are being accepted for a number of open board positions. There are four 3-year
positions, one 2-year position and one 1-year position. The elections will be held at our Annual
Meeting, Wednesday, April 13th at the Eagles Club.

If you are interested in running for a position, please send an email to one of the members of
the nominating committee: Ron Twardowski, Lori Remeika or David Wunrow Please include a paragraph or
two about yourself and why you want to run for the board. You must indicate which length of
position you intend to run for. For us to be able to prepare ballots and to allow for absentee
voting, you must declare your intent to run by March 31st. The information you submit will be
placed on the website and will also be available at the annual meeting.

Absentee ballots may be requested by following the instructions for the absentee ballot policy.

                    Policy for MYHA Voting by Absentee Ballot

Voting for MYHA Board members occurs at the annual banquet as per the MYHA Constitution.
However, there may be a need for a member to vote by absentee ballot. The following
guidelines will then be followed:

1. Two weeks prior to the annual meeting, a written request should be sent to the MYHA
   secretary from the member requesting an absentee ballot. A self-addressed stamped
   envelope must also be included with the request.
2. Upon receipt of a request, the MYHA secretary will send a voting ballot to the member using
   the pre-addressed stamped envelope sent with the request.
3. All ballots must be returned or postmarked at least three days prior to the annual meeting.

Ballots may be returned to the MYHA secretary in a sealed plain envelope. The voter's name
shall not appear on the envelope of the absentee ballot to ensure anonymity. All plain
envelopes will be put into the voting box and counted with the ballots at the annual meeting.

Silver Laces Ice Show: March 5th
Silver Laces Figure Skating Club will hold it's 9th Annual Ice Show on Saturday, March 5th at
7:00 p.m. This year's theme will be "Stars and Stripes on Ice". Skaters will be performing group
programs to a variety of music saluting     America. Tickets will be sold at the door the night
of the show for $5.00. Featured programs will include the Silver Laces Entertainment Team,
"Dancing Dolls". Their program earned them a 4th place finish at the Badger State Games in
Wausau this year. Guest skaters from the 6.0 International Figure Skating School in Wausau
will also perform their 1st place Badger State Programs.          Soloists will include: Lindsey
Lebrick, Olivia Larson, Hannah Olson and Alysha Burt from Marshfield, Caitlin Birrenkott from
Stevens Point, and Andrea Thompson from Wausau.

Support Those Who Support Your Sport
Have you ever looked around the rink at the signs hanging on the edge? These are all sponsors
who believe skating is good for the community. For example, our sponsors Burt Awards or
Creative Paint each give the Assoc $150 per year to advertise with a wood billboard.
Collectively these sponsors help pay for most of our utilities.

If you have a friend in business and you don’t see their sign, ask them, “Would you be
interested in advertising in the rink?” If they are, here’s what they do. Call Jack Bremmer 384-
8700 who knows what spots are open. Maybe the space is a 4X8 vertical or horizontal or maybe
an odd size, and Jack asks them if they have a sign maker and if not, suggests Marshfield Signs
or Stratford Signs (both sponsors of ours) who will make the sign up in colors or logo details of
their business. The cost of the sign is bore by the advertiser. When the sign maker drops the
new sign off at the rink, a volunteer group called the “screw gunners” hangs the sign. Every
year after, the advertiser is billed $150 a year by MYHA.

It is a good way to advertise. So if you need an attorney, a car, a boat, portraits, landscaping,
flowers, paint or gas, buy it from someone who helps pay your light bill. Support a sponsor.

Looking for a Volunteer Ice Master or Assistant
                                         Duties Include:
Monitor and Change Dehumidifier Filters; Ice Edging; Ice Maintenance; Coordinate Fall Ice
Installation; Coordinate Spring Ice Removal; Monitor and Maintain Ice Compressors; Board/Glass
Maintenance; Assist Zamboni Parts purchases & Maintenance; Maintain Zamboni Shack & Water
Heaters; Net Maintenance

          Due to the retirement of “Dr. Ice” (Mark Haferman),
                 who has given many years to MYHA,
    we are in need of someone willing to help with the above duties.
           Thanks to you Mark & Hugh, our ice has been crystal.
                   We’ll miss you, Mark. Thanks Again!
For those interested parties please contact Monte Lamer-389-1932

Marshfield Tournament Survey Results
This was my first year as MYHA Tournament Director and I enjoyed meeting teams, parents and
association board members from throughout Wisconsin and theMidwest. It has been a
rewarding experience representing MYHA and I have learned a lot and gained information from
other associations who host tournaments.

I was able to be at the rink for the PeeWee A Tournament; most of the Squirt A Tournament
and I apologize I was unable to be there as much for the U12/U14 Tournament.

I want to share some of the information and feedback I have received and will be presenting to
the MYHA Board as they evaluate the concept of hosting tournaments. I want to share this
information with all MYHA members as each of you contribute directly or indirectly to ice
making, Zamboni driving, concessions, etc… allowing MYHA to host tournaments.

Background: When I started as Tournament Director, the tournament age group hosts,
tournament entry fees, dates, number of games guaranteed, number of trophies, etc….had
already been determined.

Results: The PWA Tournament did not fill but rather we hosted a 6-team tournament. The
dates that had been chosen for the PWA Tournament competed with two other 12- team PWA
tournaments in Wisconsin (including Eagle River) and two other smaller PWA tournaments. The
Squirt A Tournament was 8 teams and filled easily and early. The Girls U12/U14 hosted 8
teams but was difficult to fill as Wisconsin Rapids, Rhinelander and Badger State were also
hosting that weekend.

Surveys: Surveys (similar to the WAHA State surveys) were sent to the coaches of each team
and the results are summarized below.

Scale: 1=poor; 2=needs improvement; 3=average; 4=very good; 5=excellent

PWA- 6 teams, 4 resp. received

Ice Quality: 3.75
Comments: Saturday the ice was in okay shape, Sunday the ice was great. Big difference
between fresh ice and 2 periods.

Ice Rink and Facilities: 4.25
Comments: Lots of pride MYHA has in their facility. Could have had heat for coaches-just

Tournament Director/Friendliness and Cooperation of Association: 5
Comments: Thank you! Great job communicating via email and at rink.          Thanks for the
medical coverage.

On-Ice Officials: 3.5
Comments: Extreme variance between penalty standards from one set of refs to next.
Championship game was called much tighter than previous games. The older ref was a little
slow. There was always an experienced ref on the ice with a younger ref-which is always a

 Timeliness of Receiving Tournament Information: 4.5
Comments: Could have been a little sooner, but still just fine.

Player/Coaches Gifts: 5
Comments: The kids loved the hats and I see them wearing them all the time. Kids liked the
hats and cooler.

Hotel AccommodationsAvailability: 4.3
Comments: We stayed at the Comfort Inn-very accommodating.

Would Recommend Marshfield Tournament to Others? 4 Yes 0 No

Additional Comments: Thanks for having us. Everyone on the team was very happy. An
apology for the poor sportsmanship by a couple of kids after the championship game. We don’t
tolerate that behavior. We liked the point scoring system for the tournament and the kids
loved the hats. Thanks for a good tournament.

SQA - 8 teams, 7 resp. received (two were from the same team)

Ice Quality: 4
Comments: Ice should have been done more often on Saturday than once per game. Two
thumbs up from coaches and players. Parents enjoyed the ice quality at the hotel too!

Ice Rink and Facilities: 3.4
Comments: We found the heater button in the stands during our 2 nd game, much warmer than
the first game. Good atmosphere. Parents loved the bathrooms. Cold-bleacher heaters should
be on a switch not a timer so you don’t have to keep turning it on. Very cold rink.

Tournament Director/Friendliness and Cooperation of Association: 5
Comments: Very Friendly. Awesome! Everyone was great, very nice, and very friendly.
Laurel was outstanding to work with-very knowledgeable. Everyone very friendly and helpful.

On-Ice Officials: 3.9
Comments: We lost our first game 3-1. The second goal scored by the opponent was scored
after a missed “icing” call and the 3 rd goal after a missed “off sides” call. Even the opposing
teams’ fans had had surprised looks on their faces when the calls weren’t made. We are not
saying that we lost the game because of those two bad calls but it obviously made a difference.
Evenly ref’d games, no complaints. Refs did an excellent job with different situations that
came     up-did a great job of explaining.

Timeliness of Receiving Tournament Information: 4.7
Comments: Very timely-emails always very friendly. Excellent! It was nice to receive the
schedule and team list so early. Excellent and efficient communication by Laurel.

Player/Coaches Gifts: 4.7 one team wrote “5 ++”
Comments: Best I have seen! Great hats-the kids (and parents) loved them!!! The treats went
over great. Kids loved the hats and won’t take them off! Hats were a great idea. Coaches’
gifts left a lot to be    desired. Very nice-I think it is important, especially with younger
skaters, that everyone gets   something to take home. The hats were very nice.

Hotel AccommodationsAvailability: 3.8
Comments: Great town! Stayed at a nice hotel which was only about a mile away-very
convenient.    Holiday Inn-nice rooms but team was split up throughout the hotel.
Restaurant had slow (very slow) service.

Would Recommend Marshfield Tournament to Others: 7 Yes 0 No

Additional Comments: Best so far this year! Great time was had by all! Good competition,
excellent run tournament. We are planning on sending our eligible teams next year! Thanks
for everything! Input was given by coaches, players and parents. (This team was from
Illinois) Was hoping to see more 1A teams. Very well run tournament-we look forward to
coming back in the future. Thanks!

   Girls U12/U14 – 8 teams,         2 responses

   Ice Quality: 4
   Ice Rink and Facility: 4
   Tournament Director/Friendliness and Cooperation of Association: 5
   Comments: Director did a great job communicating with neat ideas.
   On-Ice Officials: 3
   Timeliness of Receiving Tournament Information: 4.5
   Player/Coaches Gifts: 4
   Comments: Hats were great!
    Hotel Accommodations/Availability: 4
   Would Recommend Marshfield Tournament: 2 Yes 0 No
   Additional Comments: Very nice. Great job!

   I will presenting some of my ideas as to how we can continue to improve MYHA tournaments
   and make them easier to fill at an upcoming Board meeting. If anyone has additional
   ideas/thoughts, please share your ideas with either myself or the Board.

   GRATITUDE: The MYHA Tournaments would not have occurred or been successful without the
   following people’s hard work, and I wish to personally thank them, and I apologize in advance
   if I failed to thank you.

   Greg Miller-Game Scheduler
   Larry Burt-Referee Scheduler
   Tony Melchiori-Announcing
   Cathy Marx-Treasurer
   Team Reps from PWA, SQA and Girls U14
   Concession Managers and Workers
   Zamboni Drivers
   Hugh Nikolai, Jim Kniech,   Dan Copet-Ice Masters
   Heinzen Printing
   Local Businesses who contributed to the Tourn. Brochure
   P&P Apparel
   VIP Action Photography
   Victory Apparel
   Olympic Awards
   Parents and Players of PWA, SQA, and Girls U14

A complete financial statement will be submitted after final income from photos and apparel are
received. Thank you for allowing me to represent MYHA as Tournament Director.

                                                                          Respectfully Submitted:

                                                                           Laurel Rudolph-Kniech
                                                                        MYHA Tournament Director
                                                                                  2004-05 Season

                                             - End of Newsletter -