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					                                    Warm Market Script

Hi ______, this is ________; how are ya? I just wanted to give you a call, and have a
quick question for you:

Do you keep your options open for making additional income?
Have you ever thought about making money in real estate investing?
   What’s held you back?

The reason I ask is I found a company that actually teaches people just like us how to
invest in real estate.

We're getting together (day and time) and you can get a brief overview of the company,
and I can introduce you to some of the people in the community & what they’ve done
with it. (if they're not local, invite them to attend a webinar or a live briefing in their area)
(go to www.nruniversity.com, click on "Check on Local Briefings" on the right, choose
their area or state, and find webinar/live briefing info there).

See you soon~!

Another way to start off a conversation is to say "I called for two reasons: one is personal
and the other is business. Which would you like first?" Whichever they choose, for
personal say: "I haven't talked to you in a while--how are you?" For business say: "Have
you ever thought about investing in real estate?"


If you are 3-way’ing with your Mentor and they start asking questions… Just say:

I KNEW you’d have questions, so I went ahead and got my mentor on the other line to
talk to you about them. ______[mentor name]___, are you there? <and let your mentor
handle it from there>

If you have questions with this script, call your mentor.

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