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                 TRADE SHOW


1. How many vendors would be selling at the EF trade show?

  Anywhere from 35 and above, depending on the location

2. Why do I need to submit samples or images of my work?

To participate in EF TRADE SHOW, we ensure that vendors exhibiting bring
out the best of our tradeshow and it is also an avenue to showcase their
products on our blog.

3. What are the criteria to participate in EF trade show?

   1. Good/quality products
   2. Reasonably priced products
   3. Fashion product and technological products e.g computers,
      electronics, etc and other reasonable products.
 4. Who gets rejected?
   Anyone who doesn't meet the criteria.
5. If I get rejected, can I re-apply?
6. Can I reserve without submitting samples or images of my

7. How do I apply?

Fill and submit a vendor form through one of our agents or at our office
or call any of these numbers.
07033680596, 07041131884, 08060447781
Check out our blog for more info: www.eftradeshownaija.blogspot.com

8. How do I make a reservation?
Select the date(s) for which you would like to participate, and select your
choice of stand. We'll send you a confirmation through your preferred
medium (e-mail, phone or sms) of your type of stand, your requested date,
and let you know your position on the floor plan once we have received
your payment.


You can be waitlisted and in the event of a cancellation you will be
10. What type of stand can I rent?

   1. Single Stand – includes 1 table and 1 chair – N30000.

   2. Double (Shared) Stand – includes 1 large table or 2 small tables, 2
      chairs – N42000. Extra table – N1000, Rack – N2000.

11. Can I share a stand with another vendor?

Yes. Provided your products are complementary. If you want to share, you
only need to send one form, and mention the name of the vendor you are
sharing with.

Important to remember: each stand includes 1 chair only, so if you want an
extra chair for the other vendor, please book it.

12. Do I to pay in advance?

Yes. Once we confirm that we have space for you, you need to remit
payment at least 15 days before the market date, bear in mind that your
spot on the floor plan depends on how early you pay. If 5 days before the
market your payment doesn't show up, we will give your place to the next
person on the waiting list.
13. To which bank do I make the payment?

The confirmation email or text will contain the payment account
information. Please remember to include the following when making the

   1. Your name
   2. Label name
   3. Market date
   4. Phone number
   5. Form reference number

14. What happens if I make a last minute reservation and I miss the
payment deadline?

Contact us on phone.

15. When do I need to be there?
Be there at 12.00pm. The market opens at 1.00 pm.

16. What do I do when I get there?

One of the EF TRADE SHOW coordinators will usually be on hand to show
you your place on the floor plan.
17. What time does the market close? Can I leave before this time?
The market closes at 7pm (19:00). We prefer everyone stays until the end.
Provided and when you want to leave before closing time, you need to
bring in any extra items you rented at opening time (e.g. racks, etc.)

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